Written by mikewills

4 Jan 2015

I met my wife at a young age but from a shy girl I noticed the change as she become a confident young woman while she was at Full Time College. I don’t suppose I gave it much thought when she first started wearing tops without a bra but as she got older the tops become more daring until I realised she might be an exhibitionist. From her late teens she was a size 10, she had perfect breasts, just a pert 34B, but nicely shaped and sitting high on her chest, she looked so sexy. She also had prominent nipples, so I often felt embarrassed when I first noticed other men staring at her tits. I guess I soon got used to the idea, and felt proud knowing most men found her attractive. By the time we got married, aged 20, I discovered that I found it horny watching other men drooling over my wife.

I always imagined I’d feel too embarrassed to tell her, until the following spring, when I first dared her to sunbathe topless on the beach. What a transformation. That’s when we established that she was an exhibitionist, and I admitted that I liked to show her off to other men. From that encouragement she soon had the confidence to flash her tits almost anywhere, not just topless on the beach. That first summer we’d often go on shopping expeditions to a distant town, where no one was likely to recognise us, or take a Sunday afternoon drive, looking for opportunities where she might dare to strip topless. More often it was just the thrill that she might be caught, seen topless in public, but sometimes she could be quite brazen, and that’s what excited her the most, actually flashing her tits to a stranger. That happened a few times, she always picked her moment, where she could stand next to a stranger, knowing he might see her tits as she browsed the bottom shelf. Not always successful but watching from a safe distance, I observed most men would pretend not to notice, but some might follow her for another discreet look. Others looked embarrassed and walked away but some men guessed that she was doing it on purpose. For sure, she sometimes shared a little banter, and twice, when circumstances allowed, she lifted her top to expose her tits. In contrast, I stood in the background embarrassed, pretending that I’ve never seen her before in my life. I guess she was always more adventurous than me, and she sometimes teased, just to embarrass me, but I had my moments.

I’m sure, that’s what prepared me for later that summer, when we left the beach late one evening and stopped at a quiet pub. She was wearing a short skirt over her bikini bottoms but she also wore a thin, tight fitting vest top that left very little to the imagination. I ordered a round of soft drinks in the bar then followed her through to the lounge, where a scruffy old gent kept staring at her. It felt a little unnerving at first, but as we giggled to ourselves the strap of her top fell to expose her nipple. That was no accident and I had the shock horrors, worried how he might react, but I soon relaxed as he sat opposite us with a big toothless grin. From his reaction, I surprised myself, when I fully exposed her breast and started tweaking her nipple as he watched. I guess it didn’t last so long, before we both lost our nerve, but that experience left me wondering just how far she might be prepared to go.

By the following summer we often went away for the weekend, looking for new adventures, but of course you can’t always rely on the British weather. For such an afternoon we were browsing the gift shops, then an Indian shop, selling junk jewellery and cheap clothes. As we entered, there was a much older man sitting at the till, think I was switched off, bored, until she decided to try on a see-through top. That got my attention and I dared her to give me a sneak look from the changing cubicle that was obscured, at the back of the store. What a sight when she opened the curtain, she had stripped down to her knickers and was wearing this see-through top like a dress that fell around her legs, mid thigh. She brushed past me to select a belt from the rack to complete her outfit but that’s when the shop assistant came and stood beside me. Think we all froze for a moment, until she squeezed past us both to return to the cubicle, but then as bold as you like she lifted the top up over her head. I can still picture her now, there was a wisp of pubic hair sticking out of the top of her knickers and her tits were stretched upwards as she lifted her arms above her head. Of course, by now he knew exactly where we were coming from and smiled, complimenting that she had very nice breasts. Normally, that would have freaked me but instead, I guess with nowhere to hide, I just agreed. Although she appeared calm, she admitted later that she had been nervous when she next stepped outside the cubicle, just wearing her knickers, to hand him back the top and belt. There followed a little banter and innuendo, where she refused to strip naked but let him fondle her tits. That is, she did refuse, but when he reached out she let him have a quick feel, pretending to be shocked before pulling away. So I guess for his part, he did respect her boundaries but couldn’t resist trying. Reluctantly, she finally got dressed, but as we left the shop he called us to one side and warned us to be more careful. CCTV cameras were not so common in small shops as we entered the 1980s and he demonstrated what he had seen on his monitor by rewinding the tape.

She had previously walked naked around a secluded picnic site, and although she had sunbathed nude on the beach, hidden amongst the sand dunes, she was always worried about flashing herself naked should young parents or older people discover us by accident.

We both agreed later, the shop had been a missed opportunity but thereafter, we imagined all kinds of scenarios where she might flash her pussy, for the most part, just wild fantasies. Although, she often told me, that her fantasy was to just strip totally naked in front of a stranger. From autumn into winter I couldn’t wait for the following spring, when I often wondered that if that right opportunity came along, would she have the nerve to flash her pussy? After all, she did refuse to strip naked for the Indian guy, although, she did let him feel her tits. I did feel excited as I watched but I did have mixed feelings, that she basically invited him to touch. Confused I guess, but I didn’t tell her about my reservations, just told her that I found it horny.

By chance, it was during the winter when I browsed the contact section in a sex magazine. Until then, I always imagined that it was just swinging couples, but was surprised to see much more, including men offering their wives for sex. Not something that I’d considered, but it did give me an idea. I suggested to my wife that we could place an ad where she could offer to strip naked in front of another man. She wasn’t so keen, said it felt seedy, but just for curiosity I still placed the ad. I had around a dozen replies; they came all at once in a brown envelope, and I couldn’t resist telling her. I waited until after we’d been out for a drink that weekend, and was pleased when she read the replies with some enthusiasm. Okay, most of the letters were crude, often drifting from the subject, but some were genuine replies. From those, some asked if they would be allowed to touch or even wank themselves. Now that was something that did appeal to me, watching another man wank over my wife as she stripped naked. Those letters fuelled our fantasies for weeks, where again we imagined all kinds of scenarios, some of which were pretty hot. Following some of the crude letters, she ‘agreed’ to wank or suck other men and let them cum over her tits and face. That was something she let me demonstrate for the first time, up to a point, since she still refused to suck my cock. Whatever, those letters helped us to explore our boundaries and inhibitions and allowed us to talk more openly about our fantasies.

We were away for a spring bank holiday weekend, a damp Sunday morning when we called into the newsagents and invested in a small selection of sex magazines. Browsing the mags later that day, my wife suggested we place another ad in the contact section, since she loved reading the replies. We wrote the ad from her perspective, where she was already an exhibitionist but was looking for a first time experience of stripping naked in front of another man. We had many more replies but as before, most letters were crude and often drifting from the subject. There were several impressive photos, some offered to pay for a hotel room, but most were prepared to travel, suggesting they all might be married themselves. I remember first browsing those replies on a Saturday morning, but I was surprised when I awoke on Sunday morning. Sat next to me, my wife was already sifting through the letters and was placing each in different groups. When she noticed I was awake, she picked out a letter and read aloud. This was totally different to any other reply, where he was polite, and simply invited us to visit him at his place where we might have a pleasant conversation without any obligations. After much debate, she agreed to phone him later that afternoon. I only listened to her side of the conversation, they talked for a while, just idle chat, but eventually, she agreed to meet him, the following Friday. From the moment they agreed to meet, I had an erection, but I also had a feeling of dread, from all those fantasies something real might be happening and I was worried how I might react. I had those same mixed feelings for the rest of the week, there were no wild fantasies, just trepidation, where even she confessed that she was unsure of herself, where it all just felt too clinical. Neither of us wanted to cancel the evening, we both seen it as the ideal opportunity, where we might explore our boundaries but without any pressure or obligation.

However, I watched her get dressed for that evening, for the first time she had bought stockings and suspenders, with matching knickers. She chose her sexy black dress, nothing outrageous, was knee length but with a low cleavage and backless. We travelled some distance, and the conversation faded as we neared his place, nervous hesitation as we knocked his door. As expected, he was middle aged, divorced, a little overweight but otherwise, I guess women might have found him attractive when he was younger. As we sat on the settee, drinking coffee, he sat opposite and directed most of the conversation around her career and giving advice on her ambitions. His occupation was management, he well spoken and obviously educated, while my wife, who was still at Part Time College, was forging her own career. All this just made me feel a little inadequate and embarrassed, wondering what he thought of me. As I relaxed, I noticed she was warming to him, feeling much less nervous in her conversation. So I already had an erection, convinced, that she would at least strip topless for him that night, but as the clock struck 9pm I began to have doubts. Then finally, he asked us both, what inspired us to place the ad in the magazine? She began to tell the story that she was already an exhibitionist, and of how excited she felt when she first flashed her tits on the beach. That was the magic moment, when he interrupted and asked if she would pose topless for him? When she looked to me, I just shrugged, and that’s when she just took off.

She explained later that she had been feeling extremely horny, and for ages, she knew she wanted to do more than strip naked for him.

She stood in the middle of the room and pulled at the strap around her neck and gave us a little twirl as she posed topless. Next, she let her dress fall to the floor, just wearing heels, stockings, suspenders, skimpy black knickers, she danced around the room, posing, her pert tits swaying from the movement, her nipples erect. She continued to tease, exposing her hairy bush several times before peeling her knickers off. She stood in front of our host, but from sitting on the settee I wanted to see what he could see, so I knelt beside his sofa, and she held that pose for a short while, hands on hips, legs apart.

She later argued, that was her inspiration, she thought I was encouraging her to go further.

So she knelt down in front of him, thrusting her tits forward, inviting him to touch. For a brief moment I think he wasn’t sure how to react, so I nodded approval, but as he gently squeezed her tits she gave a wicked smile and offered her nipple to his mouth. That’s when the mood changed, dramatically, and as they kissed passionately I realised this was forming into something totally different than anything we’d imagined. I was thrilled to watch him playing with her tits and sucking her nipples but strange to think, I had been completely thrown when they started kissing, I felt jealous. I had no time to reflect, while they were kissing, his hands began exploring her pussy until she traded places with him.

From our fantasies, she always said that posing with her legs wide open would be far too crude.

Tonight she had no such inhibitions, she was laying back into the sofa with her legs stretched wide open, draped over the arms of the chair, wanting very much to display her pussy to this man. She looked up at him, fascinated, as he began to explore her pussy, just touching, then inserting two fingers, finger fucking her, and the more she responded the faster he worked his fingers. She tasted so nice, so who could resist, she loved having her pussy licked, and I wanted to watch. While his tongue explored her pussy, she was laying back into the chair with her eyes closed. Fucking had never been an option from our fantasies so I feared not when he pulled down his trousers as he continued to lick her pussy. I’d never seen another man with an erection before, around 6 ½ inches, I was impressed, and wanted to watch him wank over my wife and wondered if she would let him cum over her tits. So naïve, when suddenly, he straightened up and pressed his cock against her pussy. That was a surprise, there seemed to be a moment frozen in time, when she looked up at me and asked if it was okay? Again, I just shrugged, had we stopped for a moment and considered, I’m sure I would have lost my nerve and said no, but the moment passed so quickly. However, that still remains the most exciting sexual moment of my life as I watched another man’s cock slowly enter my wife’s pussy. Strange feelings, I was already feeling guilty that I found it exciting, jealous that she wanted him, but forever the voyeur I was fascinated watching him fuck my wife. I even felt pleasure, that I didn’t under the time, when he cum inside her pussy. Shame he didn’t last so long before he cum but he kept his cock inside her pussy as he continued to work her clitoris with his fingers.

She told me later that it all felt so surreal. While she was dancing, she knew she was going to strip naked for him, and wanted so much more, but she swore, even from fingering her pussy, she never imagined or expected to let him fuck her until the moment she almost pleaded with me. I saw it in her eyes.

Now she felt strange, just ten minutes before, while talking to our host she wondered if anything might happen this night. Now she was laying almost naked on his sofa, feeling totally liberated that she had the nerve to spread her legs wide open, to feel his cock still inside her, then feeling so comfortable as she watched him gently stroke her clitoris. All this for a man we’d only just met and to cap it off, there I was, kneeling beside her, playing with her tits. Felt strange that she wanted to kiss me, passionately, wanting to thank me, while another man had his cock, and his cum, inside her pussy. Gradually she began to stir, close to an orgasm, and she squeezed my hand tight as she cum.

We stopped the night, the first time she slept in another man’s bed, while I slept in the spare room. We never met him again but there were some men that she agreed to meet several times, depending on the sex. For the most part, she still loved the thrill of stripping naked in front of strangers, sex was not always an option, but she turned down few men, having already vetted beforehand.