Written by Rob_Consort

30 Aug 2012

My wife’s recollection of her relationship with Jan’s husband, Will, has been far more detailed than I originally would have envisioned. After all, nearly 22 years ago, why would I have assumed so much clarity…except for a simple observation…Ali enjoyed her extra-marital affair with Will…!!

I recently storied my involvement with Will’s wife here on SH pages…my retell reflected early swing and swap activities Ali and I engaged prior to becoming members in our local swing club. In quick summary, when Ali and I were out with Jan & Will, we swapped ride partners home…Jan with me and Ali with Will. It was a Winter’s eve…Jan & I reached home and subsequently learned that Will’s car had mechanical issues…required AAA services. Ali & Will would be delayed a few hours getting up to the suburbs.

Jan and I…to the point…engaged in a passionate fuck session…simple as that! Several hours later, Ali showed up with Will…no one being wiser with what Jan and I had done. BUT, a lingering question remained…was our ‘split time’ orchestrated by Will & Jan… As Jan and I fucked…did Will sexually engage my wife…? Several SH members communicated with me… suggesting I must be dense to not presume that Will clearly fucked Ali while Jan and I were screwing in their home…

The SH members are correct!! I decided to churn up the history with Ali…with some surprise. My wife confirmed the ‘passions’ of that evening long ago…quite clearly! Seems Jan was the ‘mover and shaker’…instructing her husband to take on my wife, while Jan and I would return to their home and fuck. The ‘flat tire/mechanical’ issue was the cover-up. Will had been playing up to my wife for some time…simple foreplay stuff…not heavy engagement. BUT, it all changed that night. Will invited Ali back to his nearby office.

As my wife guided me through the evening…if only I could hear Will’s desk and couch reflect my wife’s seduction…Will had some time with Ali…;) The foreplay was brief…but effective. Will made his objectives clear…he wanted Ali’s sexual favors… No spirits…no ‘chemical’ inducements…simply undressing Ali…from top to bottom…and at each level of undress, Will caressed and savoured Ali’s assets. First, heavy kissing and tongue engagement…then to holding, squeezing and biting on Ali’s nipples…BUT always quick, modest bites…never to prolong pain…but designed to heighten Ali’s sexual submission.

Propping Ali on his desk, Will went down on my wife...slowly opening her legs as he probed her pussy with his tongue and free hand...ever opening and penetrating my wife's clit. Ali told me that she at the time felt almost powerless to refuse at that stage… She and Will had apparently gotten together for lunch a few times over earlier months…and clearly their dialogue was getting more and more sensual. At one luncheon, Ali expressed concern that it was her friend’s and co-worker’s husband she getting involved… Will discarded the concern…even suggesting I was already in the ‘driver’s seat’ getting into his wife Jan's pants on my time… BUT, never farther from the truth…until that winter evening. Rather, it was Will’s way to have his way with my wife’s body.

Ali said her pussy was aflame…Will feasted on her cunny…eating her with no let-up until Ali exploded with her first orgasm. With virtually no respite, Will dropped his slacks and briefs…his shirt already off. Ali said she was shocked…Will’s cock was probably close to 8”…perhaps more. Will was tall, but slight…I never realized his cock so long…at least an inch or two more than mine. However, description didn’t end there…Will’s cock had a hefty girth…clearly thicker than mine.

Within a few minutes of sex play, Will slammed his cock deep into my wife’s cunt…no condom…my wife was on the pill. As Ali related, Will fucked her for at least a half hour…she could hardly believe the amount of time drilling… bringing her to 2nd orgasm. It didn’t end there…!

Will wanted to spring back to life quickly… As Ali was recouping from her satisfaction, Will moved his cock near her face. Ali wasn’t sure of next step…(YES, I laughed at that myself…even then my wife knew ALL about handling great BJ’s…practicing on me as well…;)…as Will guided his cock near her mouth…she tasted his tip…gradually sucking his cock into her mouth…and accordingly arousing him pronto… This, all within minutes of Will fucking her…! Ali claimed she squirmed a bit…his cock going deeper and deeper into her mouth…however just before gagging, he pulled out and instructed my wife to turn around and face the desk with her palms down on top. Ali, for the first time that evening, objected…believing Will wanted to fuck her ass….a sex act she rarely allowed me back then…and even more rarely today. HOWEVER, aside, I also know Greg fucks my wife’s ass on numerous occasions…that for another chapter!

No…Will wanted to bang my wife’s cunny again…only this time in doggy style. As Ali leaned over the desk, Will guided his stiffened rod into her cunt…one more time. I sensed Ali’s reluctance to detail what happened…but she came to admit that Will was almost frenetic and strident in his pounding. Clearly, Will wanted to get his rocks off AND in my wife. Ali left no question…for about 5 to 7 minutes Will pumped and punished away…satiating his cock and coming deep into my wife.

To this day I recall later that evening when we all came together, I wasn’t in any form to hit on my wife when we got home…I had been just fucking Jan and had no opportunity to fully clean up. I didn’t realize or think any significance that my wife neither wanted to fuck when we got home… In fact, neither of us was ready to fuck anyone…and we never recognized the reasons…!!!!

In my SH retell a few weeks ago, I indicated that I fucked Jan only once…that night. I never had an opportunity to play with her again…OR didn’t think I could safely MAKE that opportunity repeat…lord, was I mistaken…;) Subsequently, Will & Jan moved to France months later…Will accepting a nice job offer in Paris.

BUT, Ali admitted it didn’t all end that night…she and Will met on several more occasions. As she put it, she felt we were fast approaching a decision to officially engage with a swing and swap group…she was comfortable and felt “safe” allowing her extra-marital relationship with Will. My interpretation varies a bit…I say she enjoyed Will’s hard fucking variety compared to my more subtle cunnilingus and ‘gentlemanly’ fuck sessions. Wish I knew ALL about this years and years ago…I would have handily nurtured, eaten out and fucked Jan many more times before their Euro transfer...all in my 'gentlemanly' style...