Written by randy andy

17 Jun 2015

memories of worsley woods 1995,in those days whatever you wanted was on a plate me and my partner sue had just started to play and she had only had a mild touch of her pussy in a quick fumble ,it was a Saturday night had been to the pub and decided to walk the canal towpath ,sue had on a very short mini skirt and white top and looked very very horny ,as we where walking I noticed several men going into a little forest and as I was feeling horny decided to push my luck and said to sue ,would she like to fuck outside,i thought you would never ask she said ,but where can we go ,into here I said,ok help me over the fence then as I helped her over I noticed she had taken off her knickers and touched her wet cunt ,we walked in a little way and come to a huge tree that had fallen down in the winds and sshe stopped and said ,ok here will do fuck me over the tree ,I didn't need to be asked twice and as she turned round and lay over the tree I noticed we had an audience of 5 or 6 men all had there cocks out and rock hard ,I started to finger fuck sue and she got very wet ,I said sue what would you do if we where being watched ,and she said fuck all as she was to turned on to care ,I beckoned one of the guys to come over and a guy about 30 slim fit body with a solid 8 incher came and I motioned for him to slip inside her as he pushed he slid all the way up and sue said fuckin hell your big tonight ,fuck me hard with that the guy started to pump sues cunt the other guys came over and I got one to go in front of her and told her to suck him she was a little startled but said ok just keep fucking me ,and then took him in her mouth ,this went on for about 3 mins,then I stood at the side of the guy getting sucked off ,sue looked up and saw me and said who the fuck is shagging me I said I don't know his name but when hes come yo have plenty more to come ,with that she started to suck him again bringing him off down her throat to be replaced by another and another all in all sue was fucked by 5 guys and swallowed 5 loads of spunk ,if you want theres more to come