Written by JK Lovers

12 Feb 2017

Well this night starts at our house in our bedroom as K's outfit needs to be explained to be visualised as she puts on her brand new thigh high boots bought from the Trafford Centre that very afternoon.

Her buttoned down the front dress and bra on underneath and that is it ... yes ... no panties! If you know K and how shy and reserved she is then you will know that this was a massive thing for her and yes I took full advantage throughout the night!

The shortest time between events as only 2 weeks had passed since we ventured DPraved so it was going to be interesting to see if the atmosphere would still be the same as the anticipation for the night was in such a short time however thanks to the Xtasia Forum we knew we would be meeting Kerry and Dave tonight and say hello which is what we were really looking forward to.

The night was Urban Swing and the music was right down my alley. Love R n B and love to slow grind on the dance floor but unfortunately the night was not that busy so the dancefloor was empty most of the night ... quite disappointing.

So we arrive with no more than 60 people in but the music was good and the visual aspect always pleasant to see and we spot Kerry and Dave with another couple and they look very engaged with this couple so we didn't want to interrupt and left them to it.

Kerry definitely was enjoying herself with the Female of the couple on the dancefloor and it wasn't long before they disappeared into the side rooms of the club. Of course we followed to see and listen.

We found that both couples were in a room right next to the glory hole booth and they were definitely enjoying each other! As we viewed in the mirrors on top of the rooms and then realised we could view through the glory holes we certainly enjoyed what we were seeing and hearing so much so that K locked herself in the glory hole booth and I put my hands in to have a good grope on her tits and carrassed her pussy as her knickerless outfit was used to full effect.

Listening to the 4 of them enjoying each other whilst I was getting my cock sucked through one of the holes was an incredible experience but then the corridor started to fill up and K came out and we continued to view and when we heard "stiletto and fuck me" we had to look where we saw Kerry using her shoe on the Male of the couple!!!

That girl is very happy to please and that lad was loving having his ass fucked by her shoe ... I think she would be a very good Dom!!!

After a visit to the dungeon where K sat on a piece of equipment and I licked away to her instructions we came back into the club and got another drink as the music was really good. The middle curtain came down to which the most obvious question gets asked of what happens on the dance floor with the curtains around you and the most obvious answer Go in and find out!

So we did and had a little dance and feel as my hands were instantly in betweeen her legs and on her tits with nobody else knowing that K's pussy was on show dripping as I touched her.

On the dance floor we met Kerry and Dave fresh from their sexual experience and went into a room off the night club with a pole in there. We chatted and it was nice to finally meet the people that we had chatted to on the forum for the last couple of weeks and a pleasure watching Kerry give us a private showing of how to use that pole.

After getting to know them and having a good laugh Kerry decided that it was time for the ultimate show as she took Dave into the CCTV room for our entertainment! We rushed upstairs to the chill out room and watched as Dave pounded her in every position they wanted and the little glances into the camera were awesome as we knew they were for our benefit and especially the two thumbs up to the camera as she grinded him on top!

It was all too much for us as we wanted the audio as well and went outside the room as some words of encouragement were appreciated by both Kerry and Dave - we decided to go into our usual orgy room as 2 x couples were enjoying each other in all different chains and we sat down next to them.

Being close enough to almost be involved but far enough away so as not to touch was so very tempting but I took my frustrations out on K as I licked and rubbed her She then wanted me to watch as she sucked my hard cock as I watched a lady lick and finger the other lady whilst getting pounded fro behind by her fella ... amazing.

We both then played with each other whilst we watched and listened until everyone had gone and it was just us so I entered K over and over again as she spoke dirty thoughts into my ear I produced a river inside her! What an orgasm!

The night was slowly getting quieter as we said our goodbyes to Kerry and Dave who had made the night so enjoyable for us and looked forward to seeing them in the club again soon.

The next time we visit on the 25th we will be bringing a couple with us for their first time and so can't wait to be the "experienced" couple after only 3 visits! Vibrant Bun you are going to love it!!

Roll on the 25th for our next exploit into the Swinging world!! Hope you enjoyed the read!