Written by J & K

30 Jan 2017

Our 2nd live night at Xtasia and it was NOT a disappointment but didn't start off well!

After filling up with petrol at the Esso down the road I decided to get some more money out where I found the cash machine failed on me and swallowed my card!

After wasting half an hour on the phone cancelling my card we pulled up to get out to shit loads of rain and K's shoe meeting a puddle and getting filled with water! You just start to think it's going to be one of those nights!

So in we go and to our delight the clientele was a lot younger than we visited in November and the music was tremendous Thanks to this forum we spotted some people we recognised like kinkymonkey79 and LadyRnMasterB who I had a quick chat in the toilet with - a really nice guy who had convinced me to put a face pic up as our profile so you guys will now know who we are and can come and say Hi to us when you see us in there next!

After watching LadyRnMasterB tear up the dance floor we lost them to the hot tub room for the next couple of hours we couldn't fight the temptation any more and hit the dance floor!

Old school tune after old school tune came on the decks with my own personal gripes being they didn't play enough of the songs and mixed them into others very very quickly and there was just no need for the electronic drum person and saxophone player playing over the top of the music

Some people will have liked it but I just found them out of time and killed some of the songs as an annoying noise

After dotting around from dancefloor to chill out room to other rooms we noticed they were quite quiet apart from the couples room where 2 x couples were clearly enjoying each other's partners a lot and was tremendous to watch

Another lady on the dancefloor was clearly enjoying herself as she kissed lady, male, lady all through the night - definitely had the art of pulling down to a T!!! Fair play to her!

Another lovely little lady in a white dress was having fun and came over to say Hello and pinched K's bum! That put a smile on my face lol!

Then after midnight we went for another look in the rooms and 3 x Couples were enjoying themselves We decided to sit down and watch as the environment was clearly one we were enjoying as I asked K to suck my now very hard cock As she did more and more couples came into the room and before we knew it there were 10 x Couples in there fucking away and enjoying watching and listening to the pleasure being created.

As K lied down and unbuttoned her dress she took her bra off and got her amazing big tits out and allowed another couple next to us to watch them bounce as he got his dick sucked by his partner

She rolled up her dress and moved her panties to the side as I entered her and started to push in deep over and over again as we were being intently watched up close and hearing all these women in this room be pleasured! After half an hour I exploded not being able to take anymore as we both orgasmed at the same time!

We departed the room to clean up leaving everyone to it hoping everyone enjoyed our part of the amazing experience all of us had just created.

After a few more dances it was time for us to return home - another tremendous night at Xtasia and will be coming back again very soon

Really want to meet some couples and start some friendships so we can share drinks and laughs when we go to the club so feel free to drop us a message and say hello as we love this lifestyle and want to create friends from it!

Look forward to hearing from you and hopefully seeing you all again soon! xx