7 Apr 2017

The very last cock to unload into my willing cunt before I married was that of Martin, the Best Man. He was enjoying sloppy seconds. The sloppy seconds were created by David, my husband-to-be whose cock was in my mouth being licked and sucked clean at the time.

It had all started nearly a year earlier when David and I had managed to convince our parents that we were sensible enough to go on a camping holiday together, after all we were engaged, sort of. It was on that holiday that we discovered two very important truths about ourselves. 1. I'm a sexhibitionist which David very much enjoyed. 2. David loves to watch me having sex with other guys which I very much appreciated. Martin was one of the first that David enjoyed watching me having extra pre-marital sex with. After that David enjoyed me enjoying Martin's cock on a reasonably regular basis. Search 'Shirley Travels' for earlier chapters.

David asked Martin to be his Best Man. He agreed and asked if he could have one last fuck beforehand. Implying that after the marriage he wouldn't be able to fuck with me any more. David quickly put him right on that score and said he could also have the very first fuck afterwards if he wanted. At the end of the previous chapter I was kneeling on the side of the bed with my bridal gown up around my waist and Martin gently siding his cock back and forth in my cunt while we waited for my new husband to join us and put his cock in my mouth.

David was bone hard when he laid in front of me having removed his trousers and pants. It was impossible to lift his cock up to my mouth. It was so hard that I had to make do with sucking on the head while my own head was resting on his tummy. It was such a satisfying difficulty to over cum. My task was made easier by knowing that sucking my husband off was not required. All I had to do was show him I loved him while Martin fucked me. After that David's bone would fuck me before we set off on our honeymoon.

Ralph and Jilly had invited us to take our honeymoon down on the farm. We set off about 3 o'clock in Maisy. David suggested that I took my wedding outfit as he called it. I didn't mind. It was a very nice dress but not so bridal that it couldn't ever be worn again but was very inappropriately white. Jilly had said we could arrive anytime as long as it was before 7:30 in the evening. We'd been on the road less than half an hour when I had a fit of the giggles.

“What?” asked My New Husband.

“I'm a married woman!” I told him.

“You are,” he said stating the obvious, “and you've already had two different cocks!” he continued voicing my very own thoughts.

“Ummmm,” I responded dreamily and instantly worried that I shouldn't have. “How do you feel about that? I asked tentatively.

“Was my cock bone hard or was it just bone hard?” he responded instantly. “How was it for you?”

I didn't have to take any time to answer either.

“Fantastic! Wonderful! How many times have I fucked with Martin? A couple of dozen at least and every time a good fuck but that one felt so totally different. I got a tremendous buzz. I'm a married woman and I was getting fucked by another man AND My New Husband, the man I love, was with me all the way!” I leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Thank you My Darling!”

“My pleasure,” he responded, “I suspect you will be getting more cock tonight, My Bride.” he said happily.

“But we shall sleep together, won't we?” It was a heartfelt plea.

“We shall.” he stated.



We got to the farm before 7pm and were warmly greeted by Ralph and Jilly. They fed and watered us then Ralph took me upstairs. I went willingly. He undressed me carefully then laid me on the bed. He disappeared, maybe to fetch Jilly? He returned with a bowl of hot water then started to shave my cunt and surrounding area perfectly smooth. He checked it carefully with his tongue and I was fully expecting to receive his fat cock any second.

“How's it going, Sweetheart?” came Jilly's voice from downstairs.

“Just finished checking it, on our way down!” he replied helping me off the bed.

He didn't stop to allow me to dress. I would have been very surprised if he had. The stairs led straight down into the big farm-house kitchen. The first thing I noticed was David, naked and with a smooth cock and surrounding equipment. We grinned at each other. We knew that Jilly had a smooth cunt and Ralph a smooth cock and that they shaved each other but it hadn't ever been suggested that we should also be smooth. We'd talked about it between ourselves and had trimmed each other but I'd been particularly wary about getting a razor or anything very sharp even close to David's cock. David hadn't been happy to experiment with my cunt either. Now Jilly and Ralph had done the deed for us. I have to say David looked beautiful!

“Did you bring your wedding outfits with you?” asked Jilly.

“We did,” said David, “they're in the long cupboard behind the driver's seat,” he said pointing at the keys on the table.

Ralph was back with my outfit and David's suit in no time.

“We're going to a party,” admitted Jilly, “We'd like you to wear your complete outfit and David, your suit if you wouldn't mind?”

We used their big shower together to wash away the travel grime and dried spunk on my thighs then returned to the warm kitchen. Jilly had suggested that I might like to leave some of David's and Martin's spunk inside to act as a lubricunt. That idea had made me cum immediately. I put on my tiny, red, David designed panties followed by the suspender belt and stockings. I capped off the 'underwear' with my surviving garter, David's, then slipped the dress over my head, put on my shoes and was ready. My bridal mini-dress did cover the tops of my stockings, just. Jilly adjusted the position of the garter so that it was more prominent and Ralph pronounced me ' a very fuckable Bride'. David put on trousers, jacket, socks and shoes. His manly chest looked very attractive under his unfastened dinner jacket. He obviously knew more about something than I did and looked very pleased with himself. While we had been dressing Ralph and Jilly also dressed. Jilly was wearing very little and Ralph not much more. I'm sure that I looked surprised.

“We're going to a sex party.” explained Jilly.

“Well, more of an orgy really.” admitted Ralph.

“You two only qualified today because our club is only open to married couples,” added Jilly, “whilst it is great fun fucking another girls boyfriend it is so much more fun fucking her husband, especially if she is watching.”

“It goes without saying,” interjected Ralph, “that fucking a guys girlfriend is great, make no mistake but fucking his wife? Now that's in a different league. It's also great just watching your own wife enjoying another married man's cock.”

“Tell me about it!” said David, “The first cock to fuck my new wife was Martin. I walked into the room and he was already deep inside her! My cock was like a rod of iron instantly.”

Jilly smiled a sort of 'I told you so' smile at Ralph. “You up for it then?”

Ralph suggested we sit in the back with Jilly who could then explain things as he drove us west for nearly an hour. First she gave us some background then went through the protocol and how we were likely to be welcumed. Being new members, a brand new husband and wife, younger than the children of most of the other members AND on our wedding night we should expect a great deal of attention from all the other members. I was looking forward to it and reached over to surreptitiously stroke my hand along my new Husband's cock. Jilly had beaten me to it so I reached a little further and stroked my fingers up her thigh and teased her wet cunt.

We arrived at a big house on the edge of a sleepy village. There were five other cars parked in the wide driveway. I took Ralph's arm, Jilly looked after David. The front door opened to our touch which Jilly closed and latched after us. We walked across the large hallway to an impressive oak door. I heard indistinct party like chatter as we approached the partly open door.

Ralph pushed it open wide. The room was instantly silent.

“Ladies, Gentlemen,” Ralph announced, “I have, for you a Bride of only ten short hours.” There was a delightful round of applause. “Please make sure her Wedding night is the most memorable ever.”

“Gentlemen, Ladies,” said Jilly with no less pomp, “I have the Bride's Groom, a most accomplished lover despite his youth. Tonight the Bride and Groom shall sleep together but until then, please ensure they have a wonderful introduction to the joys of our way of married life.” More applause.

I looked around the room. We were clearly the youngest present but our hosts were clearly not old and passed it. All were dressed but, like Jilly and Ralph, what they wore enhanced their sexual appeal rather than covered their bodies. I counted seven men plus Ralph and David. I found none that would not interest me sexually. OK, I'd take them all on, no problem. Which was fortunate because before the night was done, I did, Plus quite a few of their wives!

One man wove his way through the group skilfully balancing a tray of drinks on one hand. Two glasses of red and two of white. As he held out the tray for me to take my glass of red his other hand lifted the hem of my bridal dress, swiftly discovered the bare flesh beneath and slipped a finger into my wet cunt. No problem! My legs were already parted following Jilly's advice. As he fingered my cunt Jilly passed the remaining glass of red to David, took a white for herself and passed the tray to Ralph.

All this I observed in a very detached way as the new man's finger was doing the most delightful things with my cunt. My shaking glass was rescued by a lady with a knowing look just as the finger found my start button and his thumb rubbed my clitty.

“Enjoy! I'll look after this for you.” said the lady.

I put my arms around the man's neck and hung on as the first orgasm of the night quickly swept over me.

“Oh! Joy,” exclaimed a male voice somewhere behind me, “she cums fast and hard!”

And I did, again, just to prove him right.

For the next hour or so I was on cloud seven enjoying all of the seven new cocks in the room using both cunt and mouth. Now I know that sounds positively greedy but I should explain. Jilly had said that the protocol of the club was that the men could fuck as many of the women they wished BUT they were not allowed to 'unload' in any of them until the gong sounded. Failure to control the urge automatically led to loosing further access until after the third gone sounded. The women, on the other hand, could cum as often as they were able.

So, in effect I was introduced to each cock for long enough to make me climax then another would take the place while my mouth or cunt did it's work. The cock would then move on, to another cunt or mouth. Frequently the men would stand aside and watch as a lady paid loving attention to my cunt and I to hers, which met with great approval.

To be brutally honest no thought of my New Husband so much as crossed my mind. It wasn't that he was at the bottom of the list, he wasn't even on it! I'm sure I didn't get too sore to fuck due some of the men spreading KY Jelly (other brands were not available) on their cocks and I know that the ladies applied some to my cunt after they had kissed it better. Either way I was rather hoping that the gong would sound, I needed a damn good, hard fucking right through to the bittersweet end.

Ron's cock came back. He'd fingered me to my first orgasm of the evening and had formally introduced his cock to my cunt a little later. Now, buried deep inside me again, he started a slow, steady fuck. He was waiting for something! The gong finally sounded. I knew it was Ron because the watching group urged him on with cries of “C'mon Ron, empty your balls inside the Bride so we can all add to the sloppy seconds in preparation for her Groom.”

A lady, whom I quickly discovered to be Edith, laid beside me. Earlier she had laid over me offering her cunt and taking mine. She smiled at me and lifted her legs high and wide. David got between them and fed his cock into her cunt. While Ron fucked me beautifully to his eventual completion his wife did her utmost and successfully milked my New Husband's balls of spunk.

We were privileged. Jilly had hinted that the first to properly fuck us would be the club founders but she also suggested that such was the prize that others might try to sneak in first. Club lore said that when Ron had asked her father for her hand he had replied “You can have her hand with great pleasure but she's such a slut you'll have to join the queue for her cunt!” The prospect had delighted Ron so much that he arranged for his Bride to have six squaddies instead of Bridesmaids to dance attendance on her. They had married on the day war ended. The squaddies had helped Ron meet his new wife's needs on their wedding night and on a good few thereafter. When they inherited the big house they started the 'VJ club'.

I'd had four loads of fresh spunk in my cunt and one in my mouth before the second gong sounded the beginning of the rest period. A time to recover and socialise. David, Ralph and Jilly found me, all three were naked and smiling. I looked at myself, my white stockings were totally ruined. I'd lost my little red, David designed, panties long since. My dress was a disgrace! The hem had been around my waist from the start but somehow I'd also managed to get my arms out so that the top was also around my waist, it was all spattered with spunky stains as were my tits. I hadn't noticed any of it. The only thing that had stayed in place was my garter and that had been regularly returned to it's proper position after each fucking!

Some Brides keep their wedding dress as a memento of their big day. I keep mine as a memento of my big night!

My wedding night was a long time ago .....

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