Written by polo6120

25 Jan 2010

It took place about 10 months ago, I was closing in on my 25th birthday. I received a message on here from a couple from up north, who were traveling down to the south on holiday. After a few days of swapping emails, explaining to each other what we liked and wanted to do we swapped mobile numbers. F liked younger guys and M was bi and also like young guys and wanted to take my anal V plates. We arranged to meet at there hotel and they would call me when they arrived. I am normally quite a relaxed person but this was my first hotel meet and a little nervous. Around 6 my phone rang F told me they had arrived and gave me the room number. I jumped in the shower, got dressed and set off on the 30 minute drive. When I finally parked I quickly walked through reception and into the lift to the 4th floor. When I found there room my heart was racing! I knocked on the door and F opened it with a very welcoming smile. I walked in and M was siting in a chair by the window, we said our hello's and sat by the window chatting. F was in her early 50's but looked great and about a size 12 and M was in his mid 50's but also in great shape. (i prefer older couples) We sat, chatted and drank for about 30mins about our swinging history etc. M suddenly turned to me and said strip! How could I refuse! As I took off my clother but M and F just stared at me! I stood there naked for a few mintues letting then admire me. M was the first to make a move by walking up to me and running his hands over my tight bum. He started to kiss my neck and I couldn't resist grabbing his cock through his trousers to feel what I would be sucking! F went straight for my cock and started to wank me. I lent in for a kiss and she pushed her tongue down my throat, I started to unbutton her top and release a great pair of tits. As I started to fondle her tits and big nipples M was stripping behind me and F started to suck my cock. M then grabbed my hips and pushed me to the bed. As we both laid on the bed F started to strip and I took the chance to suck M's hard cock. It was about 5 inches long but very thick, as soon as I started sucking I could taste his pre cum. F joined us on the bed and I moved to lick her pussy! As I licked her clit and pushed my tongue into her wet hole, M moved behind me and started to probe my tight arse hole with his tongue. M stopped licking my arse so I moved my cock next to F's head and she started to suck my cock as I explored her pussy with my fingers. M had gone to his bag and got condoms and for lube out. He pasted me a condom and told me to fuck F. I fucked her as hard and fast I could until M asked me to slow down because we was making to much noise! I pulled out of F for her to climb onto M, I watched F ride M for a while when he asked me to give F, DP. F grabbed my cock and placed it at her pussy and asked me to push slowly, after a few attempts she had mine and M's cock in her pussy. By the noise she was making she loved it. After about 10 minutes of frantic hard fucking we all collapsed on the bed. After catching my breathe I pulled off my condom and M's and started to suck his cock again, he told me to stop, rolled me over parted my legs and went back to licking my hole. F sat there watching! M came away from my arse and asked if I was ready, I knew what he wanted! He wanted to fuck me! i was still an anal virgin and wanted this so much and with M's cock not being to big I thought this was a great chance! He put a condom on and luded it up and also put some around my arse! He laid me on my side with me facing F playing with herself! I asked him to be gentle, and to be fair he was! I could feel the head of his cock pushing against my hole, I relaxed as much as posibile and pushed back on his cock. We tried for a while but I was just to tight. F come over and started to finger fuck me to loosen me! She laid back on the bed, I started to lick her pussy again with my arse in the air so M could try to enter me doggy stlye. M started to push quite hard now and it started to hurt but we both where getting frasrated! I turned around pulled M's condom off and sucked him for all I was worth taking as much of his cock as I could while playing with his balls. He told me he was getting close and pulled his cock out of my mouth and jumped onto F and fucked till he came inside her. As he pulled out I put on a condom and took his place, I fucked F for about 20 minutes as hard as i could while M watched standing next to the bed. His soft cock next to my head was to much just to look at so again I started to suck. I could taste F's juices and some of M's cum and fucking F and sucking M at the same time was to much and came was a massive orgasm! We all sat down exhausted from our session! We all got dressed and had a drink before I left. Driving home I felt very satisified but a little disappointed I still had my anal v-plates. We have stayed in touch since but not met again and I still have my v-plates!