Written by jsjohnstone

9 Jul 2010

This is a continuation of our sex life after the greatest day of my life - see The day it all began .. young wife fucking other men! From 27th March 2009

Sarah fully embraced our new lifestyle choice and was, in a word, insatiable. I of course love this as I don’t think there is a better sight than watching your beautiful wife get pleasured, fucked, nailed and abused by someone else while you watch, wank and savour the moment (by taking photos and video for use later!).

Our most recent exploit was whilst we were on holiday in Corfu; we both really needed a break as we were working really hard. I trawled the internet for some last minute September deals and I found a really nice 5 star resort which looked quiet and suitable for rest and relaxation.

The hotel was quiet, it was probably about half full, mostly other couples. About 4 days in I noticed another couple in the restaurant at the evening meal, about our age (late 20’s); the woman was about five foot eight and the man was about five foot eleven. They were both very attractive and seemed to be very much in love.

Sarah saw me looking at them and said ‘Pretty, isn’t she?’ Luckily, Sarah is not a jealous girl otherwise I would have been in trouble, as she was very pretty.

‘You’re looking then,’ I smiled back.

Just at that moment they looked over and did the typically British thing of smiling and looking away as soon as possible.

I kept watching them and noticed that they must be talking about us, as they kept stealing glances in our direction. The rest of the meal passed without incident and we returned to the bar area. About half an hour later they joined us in the bar and sat a few tables away. Sarah and I were just reading our books with a glass of wine each, when I noticed out the corner of my eye, the girl got up and came over to our table.

‘Hi,’ she said, looking at Sarah. ‘I couldn’t help noticing the book you’re reading (Twilight!), is it any good?’ she asked.

She had a lovely Irish accent and a soft voice to go with it. ‘It is really good actually, I’ve nearly finished if you want to borrow it. We’re here for another 6 days, how long are you here for?’ Sarah asked.

‘We’ve got another week’, she replied. ‘I’m Linda’, she said holding out her hand, ‘and thanks, I’d love to borrow it.’

‘I’m Sarah and this is Tom,’ Sarah replied. Just then her husband came over and introduced himself ‘David,’ he said and held out his hand.

I shook it and they sat down at our table and we all began to discuss life, liberty and everything else. After a few hours we were all getting on really well and were all nicely oiled from the G&T’s David was so keen to keep ordering.

The waiter came over and said that the bar was closing and that we could continue to get drinks but we would have to alert the front desk because it was the end of the holiday season and they didn’t have the bar staff. We were all pretty disappointed because this was meant to be a five star hotel, so we complained and they relented and gave us a bottle of Gin and loads of tonic and ice.

I suggested we go back to our room and continue the party. Up until that point this was pretty normal, but we had a hot tub on our balcony and as soon as we got back, Linda was really excited and wanted to get in. Sarah said she would lend Linda a bikini, so they disappeared to change. David and I say on the balcony and chatted for a few minutes until the girls reemerged.

I was shocked, Linda had a fantastic figure, hidden beneath one of those horrific maxi dresses women insist on wearing on holiday that hide their figures. She was a size 10 with fantastic legs, shapely and curvy, leading up to a beautifully toned stomach. Sarah’s bikini was a little tight around her breasts, they must have been about 36dd and they looked really firm.

‘Stop staring!’ Sarah exclaimed. And with that they jumped in the hot tub. David and I exchanged glances as if to say ‘Nice one sport!’

He obviously liked the look of Sarah as he had a rather large bulge in his trousers. I smiled and said ‘Shall we join them?’

He needed no further invitation and was stripped down to his boxers in a matter of seconds. I wasn’t far behind, thinking of Linda’s body was motivation enough for me!

We ran over to the hot tub and jumped in, the girls were already in there at opposite ends. David and I planted ourselves in between the pair of them so it was boy-girl-boy-girl.

Evidently the topic of conversation turned to sex and it went downhill from there. The girls were discussing length vs girth and we were just happy to be there.

‘Well the biggest I’ve ever had was Jake,’ Sarah said, shooting me a naughty glance. My eyes widened as I couldn't believe she’d brought that up, here, now.

‘Who is Jake?’ asked Linda, inquisitively.

“A fuck buddy of mine, about 8 or 9 inches but really thick!’ Sarah laughed out.

David nearly spat his G&T all over the place but Linda looked intrigued. ‘You have a fuck buddy?’ she asked.

‘Yeah, it is our thing really,’ Sarah said, almost matter-of-factly, ‘Tom likes to watch and I like to get a bit on the side.’

David and Linda exchanged glances and then looked back at us. ‘We often talk about swinging when we’re having sex as a bit of dirty talk, but we’ve never done it.’ David said, ‘What is it like?’ he asked looking at me.

‘Pretty fucking good,’ I replied, now feeling a lot more comfortable as I thought they would have run for the hills at Sarah’s initial remark!

We began to discuss in depth what it was like to swing and watch Sarah get fucked silly by other men. Linda started to get flushed and began shooting furtive glances at me every now and then. After about 10 minutes of talking, I asked if anybody wanted a top up as I noticed everyone’s glasses were empty. Everybody nodded so I went to stand up. It was just before I broke water I realised I had a huge hard on. The others knew this, as no doubt David was nursing one too. I threw caution to the wind and stood up, letting my cock, restrained by my boxers, demonstrate to everyone just how turned on I was by the proceedings so far.

‘I’ll join you,’ said Linda. She looked at David, then Sarah who both seemed ok with the whole idea.

As she stood up, my cock must have wiggled a bit and Sarah noticed - she just looked up at me and winked. I jumped out and gave Linda a hand down from the hot tub. I held her hand and I felt a pulse run through me as I once again looked at her fantastic body. We meandered over to the drinks table in silence, still holding hands. When we reached the table, I turned to her and immediately she kissed me full on the lips.

It wasn’t long before my boxers were off, joined swiftly by her bikini top and then the bottoms. She was slowly wanking my cock from the front, rubbing her breasts against me with every passionate kiss.

I was so hard I could have come right there and then, but she had other ideas, she stepped back and sat down on the little outdoor sofa and spread her legs. This was the first time I had seen her fully naked and it was amazing. She had a fully shaven pussy, juicy lips that hung open slightly at the bottom almost tempting you in to her tiny little cunt.

I dropped to my knees and began to inhale the beautiful scent that greeted me, albeit with a bit of chlorine! I stuck my tongue out and began to lap at her opening, slowly working my way up to her clit. She clasped her hands around my ears and pulled my face deeper into her snatch. I licked and licked for all I was worth for about 5 minutes until I had to come up for air.

When I did, she put two fingers down to he pussy and spread her lips wide open, and looked at me deep into my eyes, ‘Please fuck me,’ she said, in that beautiful Irish accent. I needed no further introduction and inched my cock closer to the entrance to her pussy.

‘Ahem,’ I heard from behind me. I turned to look, and then I saw a sight that nearly made me spunk all over Linda’s cunt right there and then; Sarah was facing me, with David behind her, they were standing up and I could see his erect cock nuzzling between her arse cheeks. ‘What’s all this then?’ David asked. Sarah reached round and started wanking David’s cock; it looked big, maybe bigger than mine. At that moment she led David by his cock over to the sofa next to where Linda was lying on her back, legs in the air ready to receive my cock. Sarah mimicked Linda’s pose and David assumed the same position as me.

‘1,2,3 go!’ Sarah said, and with that David and I plunged our cock’s into each other’s wife. Linda was fantastic, maintaining eye contact with me and then quickly darting over to look at David fucking Sarah. David was really into it, moaning and leaning forward to passionately kiss Sarah and nibble on her nipples. The sight of my wife fucking someone else so close to me, and clearly loving every stroke of his cock was mesmerising to me. I loved this, and evidently so did David.

He began to quicken his breathing and speed up his strokes until he let out a cry and his hips stayed lodged close to Sarah’s open legs. He had cum, very obviously in Sarah.

Sarah looked over at me, clearly satisfied with this new cock and smiled. I was still fucking Linda’s cunt, I could have come there and then, but instead, I watched David dislodge his cock from my wife’s now sticky pussy and saw the cum begin to leak out. Sarah cupped her hand around her pussy to prevent the escape and stood up and then straddled Linda’s stomach. I was kneeling in front of Linda, she was lying back against the sofa, her legs wrapped around me. Then, Sarah moved her hand away from her cunt and forced David’s fresh cum out of her twat and onto Linda’s stomach and pussy. She then moved the cum down so it was by Linda’s clit. I looked down and I could see that the cum was starting to flow around my cock and into Linda’s hole.

I began to slowly fuck Linda, forcing the cum from her husband’s cock into her cunt. Even though it was really wet already, David’s cum loosened her up even more. Sarah’s cunt was still open over Linda’s tummy, and I could’t help myself. I began to lick at her clit, smelling her well fucked and cum filled pussy. Sarah grabbed my head and forced me to eat her out. This really turned me on as not only was I fucking a pussy filled with spunk, I was also licking my wife’s spunky cunt too!

I couldn’t hold on any longer and I came deep into Linda, who moaned loudly as she felt my seed join her husband’s in her tiny little fuck hole. Sarah wasn’t finished with me and made me lick her to orgasm which was about another 5 minutes.

During that time, Linda was recovering and my cock had begun to shrivel up. David, on the other hand having witnessed these events was hard again. As soon as Sarah had come, she stood up and left Linda lying there, still in a state of post orgasmic shock.

David motioned for me to move out of the way and knelt down in front of his wife. I looked down and saw my cum, now leaking out of her snatch and watched David lean in and place his cock at the entrance to her sloppy pussy. With absolutely no effort, he slid in and I watched him fuck her fanny as hard as he could, possibly trying to get some friction going in what could only be a very loose pussy indeed.

He didn’t last long and came once again. He withdrew quickly and I was greeted by the sight of Linda’s beautiful, swollen pussy leaking David and my semen all the way down her legs. We all lay there for a while, in shock and tired after the fucking.

We slowly retired into our apartment and we all sat around on the sofas in a state of undress, Sarah and I together, David and Linda opposite us on the other sofa.

None of us really spoke for a while until Linda asked for another drink. I got up and went outside and began pouring everyone another drink. A few seconds later I felt Sarah’s arm wrap around my waist, her head resting on my shoulder.

‘Well that was nice,’ she cooed with a smirk on her face. I smiled back at her, god she was sexy, everything I would want in a woman.

As she turned, naked to go back into the apartment, I couldn’t help thanking god for giving me such a sexy little slut. Slowly but surely, my cock began to grow again...

To be continued.