Cross Dressing leads to something unplanned TV

My first blowjob!…

I have crossdressed since my childhood and my wife knows but doesn't like it, which I understand. Up till very recently I haven't felt any attraction towards men and had never had any sexual contact with another man. Well that's all changed a bit...

I don't crossdress at home very often, I work in a small office in a provincial town and wait till everyone else has gone home for the night, get changed there and then have a half hour to an hour … Read more

The Club, part 4 TV

Driven the club I am guest of honour.…

He drove, I just sat there, silence, i knew better than to speak, a sub should only speak when spoken too. Bumps in the road, caused my breasts to bounce and my earings to tug at my ear lobes. it also caused the heavy steel cock cage to bunce in my lace panties,

All were either diffrent or new sensations for me, my false silcon filled breasts bigger than my usual size at the request of the guy sat beside me driving me to meet his fellow c… Read more

Turning to a Tranny TV

Frustration opened up another world to me…

I was married at 23 to an older lady (33) who had been divorced with 2 kids. I'd had plenty of fun before meeting her and she was a sexy as hell brunette who was a tight size 10 and always up for sex. Life was great and always fun until last year when she started the menopause and went totally off sex. A couple of handjobs in 6 months was all I got from her and she wouldn't let me touch her. I'd never cheated on her and never wanted to but I was … Read more

My 1st time with a cross dresser TV

It was one of the most intense orgasms ive ever had…

Im a bit of a shit house really , i complain im not getting enough and when im getting it , it should be better.
I went to my fav sex sauna , it was fun , i was sucked off , took a unexpected load in my mouth , i got chatting to a guy in the coffee area , he was in his late 30s , stocky , we got on well , i was about to leave and he said do you fancy a drink some time , i sad yes we swapped numbers and that was that,
A few days later , we met u… Read more

The Club part 3 TV

Leaving the house dressed as a slut.…

"Get up" his instruction came just as I got the last drop of cum from the floor.

"Yes sir" how many times had I said that in the past 20 minuets or so, it was ritual for a submissive like me, though if a request was shocking enough, I was still capable of forgetting.

I stood, again towering over my new master by a good few inches, being unsteady on my heels meant I in no way felt anything but in his control.

"Lift your skirt up" he i… Read more

Coliford lake puts on a show TV

Sexy cd slave…

After our recent activities my fb arranged a sexy evening of fun at his place, I arrived early and got myself ready, I was instructed to wear my white basque and thong, white stockings and my 5in white stilettos and wait in the bedroom until I was called, as always I did as I was told, after a couple of hours I was called into the lounge where I was greeted by 6 men all naked watching porn, I had to dance in front of them and show my body off, th… Read more

Coliford slut living the dream TV

Slut cd please fb…

My fb and I arranged an evening out in Bristol, I met him at his place, took a bath and got ready, he had bought me a sexy basque with matching thong so I put it all on along with a choker, stockings and high heels, did my make up, hair etc and slipped a butt plug in, i was about to put a sexy mini dress on when he told me just to wear my knee length black mac over the top and he will take my dress with us, as we drove he was feeling my thighs, r… Read more

The Club part 2 TV

the man takes me for his…

The door bell rang a second time, about 30 seconds later as agreed, it was either him or coincidence.

I now had a couple of minutes to get on all fours with a towel draped over my head, the front door was unlocked so he could come in and inspect me. The towel was so I could not see him, if he liked what he saw he would remove it and we would take things further.

The two minutes went quickly, not that I was watching the clock, but after … Read more

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milestones, mistakes TV

Being to confident…

Hello again,I am Cathy from Cambridge,I have already told of a couple of milestones i have reached in my chosen life,They are true events and local people may know the locations i mention,I have no reservations in revealing them as it happened a long time ago,One of my earlier milestones was going out dressed but so far it had only got as far as going cruising in my little van,and visiting the odd charity shop,but tonight i had agreed to meet an… Read more

On my way to slutdom TV

First time crossdressing…

I’ve long thought that I would look good as a crossdresser, a few times in the past when I attended a fancy dress I would take the opportunity to girl up and nearly always got propositioned, which I declined but then went hone and then wanked myself off to idea of being railed in the toilets.

I convinced my wife (who took no convincing really) that we should see how I looked all slutted up. We purchased some latex tits, a gorgeous black skir… Read more

another milestone,Love, TV

it doesn't happen to a girl like me,…

I have described a couple of milestones in my life and with each one i feel that i have learned a bit about myself but this one came as quite a shock,previous ones have been sexual experiences that i had orchestrated by intention,But not this time,It was a good few years ago, i had given up my job lorry driving for a while due to problems at home,I had taken a job in a wharehouse working nights,due to a drop in wages money was a bit tight,One af… Read more

Coliford lake gangbang slut TV

Sexy cd used…

After our trip to London and the sexy fun we had I arranged to visit my fb at his place, I got there and freshened up before getting dressed, it was about 4pm so I dressed in a sexy bra, thong and suspender belt, I rolled up my stockings and clipped them in place, i then applied my make up and do my hair, I then slipped into my stilettos, put on a tight choker and inserted my butt plug, feeling aroused as I was drinking wine I decided to lay on t… Read more

knowing what you are, TV

missed oppertunity,…

Oh dear, you really should have contacted me,I was free on Thursday, and feeling very sexual,Things are so much quieter when the weather is wet and i can't get out so much,It seems ages since i sucked a man off in his car, The last was a lovely man i met on cottaging uk,We met in a layby just outside Madingley, he had a large van, with the seat pushed right back there was just enough room to crouch in the footwell, after a little stroking he beca… Read more

another milestone TV

a first for me…

As i have pointed out in my other experiences my chosen life has been a generally happy time wiith different milestones along the way,I see no point in fabricating about these as i am sure they have happened to others as well as me,These incidents are never planned,The time in the woods where i dropped to my knees to suck a young man off, i never thought for one moment that it was to be my first time to deepthroat, This particular mile stone came… Read more

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I could never give her what she wants . seventy and still learning TV

first but not the last,…

Yes, I am now in my seventies, How time has flown since that day shortly after i was married when my young wife and i stopped at the wooden toilets on the A1 at Hatfield when she innocently dicovered a hole in the wall,Due to the excitement it gave her we became regular visiters and lost count of the men she sucked off, The tales she told me gave me the thrill of dressing and visiting them alone,Our lives moved on in seperate ways, her sexual ex… Read more

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Still having fun x TV

Never too old…

Although I'm now 61 I still love to dress up . I'm not the slim crossdresser I used to be . I was really slim and enjoyed the attention of older well built men. I'm not overweight but obviously I've added a few pounds !!
I still love men older than me and I love them to be " cuddly ".
I love those lovely cocks covered by a substantial belly .
I want to dress up for my man and get his cock inside me . Maybe it isn't rock hard anymore but I w… Read more

Coliford lake slut, London night out TV

Sexy cd used…

I had arranged a couple of nights away in London with my fb, we had booked separate rooms in the same hotel, anyway we arrived about 4pm and checked in, he suggested I go and get ready for the night ahead and that he had planned to take me out and show me a good time so I went to my room and had a bath, i shaved my legs etc, he asked me to wear my little lace skater dress and high heels with stockings, I know that dress doesn't quite cover stocki… Read more

Coliford lake slut, 1 step further TV

Sexy CD slut bride…

I have been seeing a fb for a while now when dressed, we have lots of sexy fun together whether its outdoors/dogging sites or at his place, I have always had a fantasy like most cd's about being dressed as a bride so I set out to get everything I needed to complete the look, a sexy white choker, white basque and thong set, lace top white stockings, white stilettos and a sexy wedding style dress, once I had everything delivered I arranged a meet a… Read more

when your body betrays you TV

going with the flow…

I am Cathy a mature transvestite,even at my age i still crave the dangers and excitement of cruising,meeting strangers never knowing what to expect,I was feeling horny but i knew i had a busy day ahead,i had agreed to take a friend to a physio appointment at half four but it still left me three hours spare to satisfy my desires,I had hastily dressed and made up and gone to my favorite spot in norfolk,I parked in the large layby and walked into th… Read more

Sex Addiction TV

judging others.…

I am Cathy, A mature transvestite,Looking back over the years i realise that i was born to live the life i have chosen,I started dressing young,maybe i was curious, I was never coerced,or forced,it seemed natural,With the dressing came the sexual feelings,for me it was for boys, These were the days when being queer was an illness or even a crime, but luckily for me there were still plenty of older men who were more than happy to let a pretty boy … Read more

Memories TV

Happy Times…

I'm 61 and still have fun occasionally. This is more about my times in my teens and twenties.
I think we all had those times when the testosterone was coursing through us .
I had two older sisters so their was always panties and stockings drying in the house. It started with wanking in the stockings. Then progressed to wearing them . The next move was discovering public toilets then drawings of men in stockings . Its all a line of discovery !… Read more

Changing cubicle TV

This is about buying a skirt…

Like a lot of towns these days there are lots of charity shops. I wanted to buy a skirt and a top and had no idea of how to go about it. So I went to a charity shop. I browsed for awhile. An elderly lady came up to me and asked if i needed help. Yes, I said.I told her what I wanted. Are they for you, yes I said its for a retro "Tarts and Vicars" party ( I had the excuse ready).
She picked a skirt for me that was very short and asked me to try i… Read more

The Club TV

A visit to a a local club and what happeed…

I had been chatting to *removed* on the site for a few days, talking about going to a local club with him. He was already a regular, for me it would be my first time and if honest I was a a little fearful as to what would happen, not because of lack of meeting men, more just knowing what a greedy girl I can be.

He had told me about a number of his fellow club members and how having discussed it, they were looking forward to playing with me.… Read more

Caught by Sister in law part2 TV

Humilaited Trapped and Dominated.…

I had moved in with My Sister in Law Mary,just over two years ago. We had both been married but lost our partners. She had been left a big four bedroom house. It made sense at the time when she asked me to move in with her. I had my own small lounge and bedroom. All the upstairs rooms had locks on the doors not sure why but came in handy for hiding my fem wardrobe.
I had never had any sexual desires for Mary she was 56, a size 10 but always dre… Read more

Sissy Being Humiliated ( Part 3 ) TV

You will put your Nylons on !!…

Sat on the sofa completley naked my ex came in the room, she was wearing the suspender belt and matching panties and the f.f. seamed barely black nylons l bought her. In her hands she had my chocolate f.f. reinforced heel nylons, my 6 suspender white girdle , big white lacy bra, pink sissy panties, my fav pink neck scarfe....come on Sissy get dressed in these she ordered !!
Of course l objected, no chance l said only sissys wear pantys and nylo… Read more

Caught by sister in law. TV


I had not heard from the man in the van (Who can you trust story)for almost 2 months. I had not really dressed since but I had the irrisistable urge to dress. I was living with my sister in law who had to go on business trip to London for two days. Giving me lots of time to shave shower and perfect my makeup. I chose a matching pink uplift bra, panties and underbust corset, attaching the six suspenders to black stockings. A very soft shiny black … Read more

Sissy Kim being humiliated.( part 2 ) TV

Little stiffy in frilly pantys…

When me and ex first started having sex she enjoyed more us two grinding together with my little sissy cock rubbing against her clitty ..she used to get so very wet and we use to come together. It took her bit of time to get use to my love for girly sissy pantys, tights, nylons....when l came home one day after a visit to a sex shop and showed her the 8" vibrator l had bought her l will never forget the look on her face !! Big smile and blushing … Read more

Sissy Kim being humiliated. TV

At her mercy…

My ex took great pleasure in dressing me in nylons, suspenders, frilly sissy panties, baby doll nighty, laughing at my little sissycock getting very stiff as she rolled the nylons up my shaved legs and attaching the nylon tops to my girdle..and pulling my sissy pantys up which easily covered my wee sissy nob, she would verbally abuse me especially my pathetic little dick, calling me a sissy she would have me in tears as l tried to deny it.
She l… Read more

Layby Suprise TV

Being watched…

Lay-by Surprise
By andreacdxxxx

18 months ago I was down south; I'd finished a seminar and was heading home up the M5. After half hour into the journey, my mind started thinking of sexy things, so I made the decision that to help the journey go quicker - I would pull off at next junction and find a lay-by and have a change. It was about 8.45, so dusk to dark.

The next one was the Bridgewater junction. I pulled off and turned right, and a… Read more

Who Can you Trust. part 3 TV

Is this what I have always wanted?…

I sat on the black leather sofa my knees slightly upwards exposing my stocking tops . I smoothed my skirt down feeling strangely calm. I looked around the inside of the van it was very clean, Dark grey bedroom shag plie carpet and black quilted padding around the sides. I heard a noise from the headboard and noticed a small hole around 6" square with wire mesh covering the hole. He said " stand up and look at this very carefully". I could see a … Read more

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