Sissy in sheer hose. TV

Love my Pantyhose.…

When l told my ex l loved wearing tights with frilly pantys she certainly embraced it and would regularly make me wear them and riddicule my stiff little sissy cock while telling me how much she loved Big Cocks which made me even harder and wetter !!
She would very often pleasure herself with Big Boy vibrator while l watched and rubbed my little dick through my hose and silky sissy pantys...she would say " why can't you have a Big Cock like a re… Read more

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Thanks to the photographer Trucker TV


Would love to find this trucker pls as he ended up being a very good photographer, but wasn’t free xx 💋
I managed to get out last Tuesday night eeeeeeeexxxxiiicccctttttiinnnng

I changed in a Layby it was early evening, got a few looks but just carried on, even got out and took a few selfies, I wore black stockings with a basque, French cream knickers, leather kneed boots, leather mini skirt, white blouse, bobbed black wig, full make up i… Read more

Changing cubicle TV

This is about buying a skirt…

Like a lot of towns these days there are lots of charity shops. I wanted to buy a skirt and a top and had no idea of how to go about it. So I went to a charity shop. I browsed for awhile. An elderly lady came up to me and asked if i needed help. Yes, I said.I told her what I wanted. Are they for you, yes I said its for a retro "Tarts and Vicars" party ( I had the excuse ready).
She picked a skirt for me that was very short and asked me to try i… Read more

The Club TV

A visit to a a local club and what happeed…

I had been chatting to *removed* on the site for a few days, talking about going to a local club with him. He was already a regular, for me it would be my first time and if honest I was a a little fearful as to what would happen, not because of lack of meeting men, just knowing what a greedy girl I can be.

He had told me about a number of his fellow club members and how having discussed it, they were looking forward to playing with me. Somet… Read more

Caught by Sister in law part2 TV

Humilaited Trapped and Dominated.…

I had moved in with My Sister in Law Mary,just over two years ago. We had both been married but lost our partners. She had been left a big four bedroom house. It made sense at the time when she asked me to move in with her. I had my own small lounge and bedroom. All the upstairs rooms had locks on the doors not sure why but came in handy for hiding my fem wardrobe.
I had never had any sexual desires for Mary she was 56, a size 10 but always dre… Read more

Sissy Being Humiliated ( Part 3 ) TV

You will put your Nylons on !!…

Sat on the sofa completley naked my ex came in the room, she was wearing the suspender belt and matching panties and the f.f. seamed barely black nylons l bought her. In her hands she had my chocolate f.f. reinforced heel nylons, my 6 suspender white girdle , big white lacy bra, pink sissy panties, my fav pink neck scarfe....come on Sissy get dressed in these she ordered !!
Of course l objected, no chance l said only sissys wear pantys and nylo… Read more

Caught by sister in law. TV


I had not heard from the man in the van (Who can you trust story)for almost 2 months. I had not really dressed since but I had the irrisistable urge to dress. I was living with my sister in law who had to go on business trip to London for two days. Giving me lots of time to shave shower and perfect my makeup. I chose a matching pink uplift bra, panties and underbust corset, attaching the six suspenders to black stockings. A very soft shiny black … Read more

Sissy Kim being humiliated.( part 2 ) TV

Little stiffy in frilly pantys…

When me and ex first started having sex she enjoyed more us two grinding together with my little sissy cock rubbing against her clitty ..she used to get so very wet and we use to come together. It took her bit of time to get use to my love for girly sissy pantys, tights, nylons....when l came home one day after a visit to a sex shop and showed her the 8" vibrator l had bought her l will never forget the look on her face !! Big smile and blushing … Read more

Sissy Kim being humiliated. TV

At her mercy…

My ex took great pleasure in dressing me in nylons, suspenders, frilly sissy panties, baby doll nighty, laughing at my little sissycock getting very stiff as she rolled the nylons up my shaved legs and attaching the nylon tops to my girdle..and pulling my sissy pantys up which easily covered my wee sissy nob, she would verbally abuse me especially my pathetic little dick, calling me a sissy she would have me in tears as l tried to deny it.
She l… Read more

Layby Suprise TV

Being watched…

Lay-by Surprise
By andreacdxxxx

18 months ago I was down south; I'd finished a seminar and was heading home up the M5. After half hour into the journey, my mind started thinking of sexy things, so I made the decision that to help the journey go quicker - I would pull off at next junction and find a lay-by and have a change. It was about 8.45, so dusk to dark.

The next one was the Bridgewater junction. I pulled off and turned right, and a… Read more

Who Can you Trust. part 3 TV

Is this what I have always wanted?…

I sat on the black leather sofa my knees slightly upwards exposing my stocking tops . I smoothed my skirt down feeling strangely calm. I looked around the inside of the van it was very clean, Dark grey bedroom shag plie carpet and black quilted padding around the sides. I heard a noise from the headboard and noticed a small hole around 6" square with wire mesh covering the hole. He said " stand up and look at this very carefully". I could see a … Read more

Coliford lake TV

Another fun night…

As usual I headed to my local dogging site, tonight I decided to pull over and get changed on the way, first I perfected my make up so I looked sexy, girly, convincing and feminine, then I slipped my butt plug in, put on my sexy matching underwear along with stockings and suspenders followed by my high heels, a sexy little dress, done my hair and earings then applied lippy, once I had transformed into a girly sexy little sit I got out and had a l… Read more

Who Can You Trust part 2 TV

What am I going to do.…

My mind was in turmoil. I got up and tore my lingerie off and threw it on the floor. Quickly putting jogging bottoms and a sweatshirt on. I was all over the place my thoughts turned to anger and taking some sort of violent revenge. Somehow this calmed me down and I started to reason things through. I knew that might not work and realised I might just have to do as I was told. I didn't sleep much that night ,tossing and turning for most of the ni… Read more

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WhoCan You Trust. TV

Warning from policeman.…

Hi all this is a true story apart from wishful fantasy at end of story.
Around two years ago I was on my way home from an unsuccessful meeting with a TV. We had arranged to meet at a lay-by on the main Manchester to Chester road near Hartford. I had a couple of men with their cocks out wanking by the side of my car window but showed no interest due to supposed 2200 meet. 2300 hrs came and passed so now frustrated I did notice another man by … Read more

2 Truckers 1 Night in layby TV

I Had a last minute meeting cancelled on Tues night whilst in Newport, Wales at 6pm, so my manager said I could head back up North a day early hummm what I could say,
So I headed back and decided sod it im going to enjoy this and drove dressed, so I pulled over in a Layby beteeen Monmouth and Ross, I got my clothes out of the boot and decided to go for it, so I stripped off top half first as no one in Layby, so I put on bra and then loose fitted… Read more

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Fiona Fairhaven - TV Slut TV

I have been dressing for as long as I can remember. Like most TVs you get more liberated the older you get. The environment now is much more open and the great work of LGBT groups has gone a long way to ensure we can live our lives the way we want.

I love meeting older, mature guys for fun and make a huge effort to make sure my lovers have a wonderful time and turned on until they are coming in my mouth - satisfied and spent!

I will reca… Read more

The Making of a Sissy - The Journey 6 TV

Before I continue with this account I’d like to respond to a couple of comments written in response set to story 5. This was the first comment.

“I really struggle to understand how you can love someone who has treated you with such disdain and possibly even cruelty at times. I understand the roles etc.

Maybe you can explain fully what you mean when you say deeply in love. I guess everybodies idea of love is different”

First of all… Read more

The Making of a Sissy- The Journey 5 TV

For those that have been reading this account you’ll know that I’d now become a crossdressed cuckold and, last time, I was made to clean my wife’s spunk filled pussy while she was in the ar s of Clayton, her black lover.

I mentioned how they thought I looked ridiculous dressed in undies and, to be honest, although I loved the feelings stockings etc gave me I felt a bit ridiculous too. That was to change because after I had licked and su… Read more

Adult cinema visit TV

Off to Huddersfield for a sexy afternoon at the empire x adult cinema
I dressed under my male clothes in a satin slip , lace top stockings and full back sheer panties - it felt so sexy as I climbed the stairs to the cinema entrance
I recognised the guy on the entrance counter - on a previous visit he had asked if I wanted to change into my lingerie behind a curtain in the office - before long he was wanking me off in my panties etc - so sexy
Read more

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Not such a fumble this time TV

Like my first true story this is a bit long but sets the scene.

Following on from my fist story I was sorry that the guy did not want to meet again. It was either me or he just wanted a one off...I shall never know.
Like others either on here or the former Craigslist it takes me time to get to know someone. Emails, text that sort of thing, plus the fact the feelings come and go a bit.
Anyway, having had quite a bit of cam fun, phone wanks an… Read more

Coliford lake yet again TV

Again I managed to get out for the night so I drove to my local dogging site at coliford lake, I found a quiet spot and done my make up, once finished I inserted my butt plug, put on my stockings and matching black underwear including suspender belt, I then put on my sheer chiffon blouse, done my hair and earings, I then put on my sexy short office style skirt and then my under bust corset, I then drove along the road and pulled into a layby next… Read more

Charity collections day TV

I suppose that my description that I had an unknown desire for cock was not really true, it was more that I realised that I had the unknown desire for David's cock when I met him.
I have been enjoying cock for many years since Bill had introduced me to his. However I think that during the intermittent years where I was focussed on marriage an career, the cock desire was pushed to the back of my mind and the opportunities became less frequent to… Read more

The Making of a Sissy - The Journey 4 TV

The next time Clayton visited I was, as instructed, wearing a pair of tight silky panties along with stockings and suspenders. Karen, as always, was also wearing stockings and matching sexy bra and panties under a black satin mini skirt and white silky blouse. She always dressed sexily for Clayton and called it her ‘slut gear’.

My undies were hidden by shirt and chinos but I loved the feelings they gave me as I moved. Clayton arrived and I… Read more

The Making of a Sissy - The Journey 3 TV

The next evening Karen called Clayton as requested. I was not permitted to hear their conversation but Karen was quite excited after the call and I was just told to “Wait and see”

On the Saturday, Clayton arrived and I prepared drinks for both him and my wife while while they sat on the couch kissing and caressing. When I came back from the kitchen Clayton was naked and had my wife’s blouse and bra off and was sucking on her nipples whil… Read more

First visit to an adult cinema TV

It took me a while to accept to myself but I've been bisexual all my life. My first sexual experiences were with a male friend and since then I've had more gay sex than straight. My wife and I got together when I was playing around with both men and women, so she's always understood that although I love her and have great sex with her she can't meet my need for contact with men.

Anyway, about 18 months ago I started experimenting with wearin… Read more

The Making of a Sissy - The Journey 2 TV

Clayton was a black guy, not that it was significant at the time. Karen, my wife, got on well with him and he visited regularly and they would spend hours in bed. Then things started to change. Clayton asked Karen to make sure I was home next time he visited as he wanted me to take pics of them fucking. I found it very exciting watching and recording them on, what was then, a Polaroid camera. What surprised me was the level of submission Clayton … Read more

Doing more for charity TV

It had only been 2 days since I discovered my unknown desire for cock. David had unlocked something that I never knew was inside of me and I could think of nothing else since Wednesday.
I had gone home with the clothes he selected for me to wear at the party but did not show the wife through fear that she may want to see me in them and I would get excited. I could not let her see that I felt that way about wearing women's clothing.

The past … Read more

The Making of a Sissy - The Journey 1 TV

It all started a long time ago. My wife and I had started dabbling in straight mmf threesomes. She loved the attention of two guys and I loved seeing her pleasure at the hands of myself and another guy. This was in the days of Contact Magazines so finding someone to meet was always a long drawn out process so these encounters were not overly regular, maybe two or three a year. My wife had never expressed any preference for a particular type but d… Read more

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A very helpful charity worker TV

About 20 years ago I was married to my first wife when we were invited to a fancy dress party. One of our friends thought it would be a laugh for the theme to be a role reversal event where the women would dress in male outfits and vice versa.
I was not really up for it but the wife was and said we would go in the spirit of the night. We looked at our wardrobes and tried to see what of our clothes would fit the other, She was ok as most of my st… Read more

Never say never TV

Well where to begin?
I have always thought that I could never enjoy a cock!
I live and work in Asia, in March this year I went with friends to Kuala Lumpur for a weekend to celebrate a friends birthday. We arrived around 9pm in KL and dropped our luggage at an hotel, one of the guys I was with had spent many nights in KL so knew where to go, we hit the bars and although there was lots of available girls around we were just drinking and basical… Read more

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