Written by VickyLeeds

12 Aug 2012

After my mother in law had been to visit and left me in no doubt she wanted me to continue my cross dressing with her in charge. I got a text to tell me to come round to hers the next morning at 10am sharp. I turned up as instructed and she showed me in. "Right, you now need a girls name, from now on you will be Vicky whilst in my presence and you will call me Mistress, is that clear ?" "Yes Mistress" I said straight back. "Right Vicky go upstairs to the spare room and change in to the clothes I have left for you". I went upstairs with great excitement and found on the bed some black stockings, black low heeled shoes in my size, black suspenders, black bra, blonde wig, maids dress, apron and large white cotton panties which weren't very sexy. "Well what are you waiting for !" She had followed me up stairs and wanted to watch me get ready. She explained that I would have to spend the day as her maid and had lots of chores for me to do. If I was a good girl then I could have a special reward and earn some sexier panties to wear for the rest of the day. I got dressed and looked like a sexy little maid, Mistress gave me a feather duster and told me to dust around the house at which point she slapped me on my bottom through the skirt and panties.... it still stung a little ! I got to work on the cleaning. I was in the living room when Mistress ordered me to make her some tea and bring some biscuits. Whilst in the kitchen I heard the front door go and became aware of another person in the house, my heart was pounding, here I was dressed as a girly maid and someone else will see me. "Where is the tea Vicky ? Please bring an extra cup darling" she shouted. I brought in the two teas and biscuits on a tray completely terrified, there stood another lady, " Vicky this is my friend Margaret", "wow doesn't she look sweet" Margaret said, I served the tea and biscuits. "Thankyou Vicky, now carry on with the cleaning" .... I started to clean whilst the ladies had their tea and chatted. Margaret was whispering to my mother in law and a few minutes later "Vicky there are some crumbs near Margarets feet, clean them up". I looked over and a biscuit was on the floor between Margarets feet. I got a cloth and knelt down to reach it on all fours, my little skirt on the dress was riding up showing my stocking tops. Mistress said " Stay there Vicky, show Margaret your panties". "No mistress not my panties, they aren't very nice". Mistress shouted "What!! you wicked insolent girl" and got up off the sofa came over and pulled up my skirt revealing my big cotton knickers, pulled them down then ... whack, slapped me on my bare bottom. "bad girl" she yelled. "Now you will make it up to me, pull up your panties", I was still knelt down on all fours in front of Margaret, as I looked up Margaret had opened up her legs, I could see right up her skirt, she was wearing hold ups and lacy fronted panties, my cock started to stir in my own cotton knickers. "Now Vicky, Margaret would like you to lick her cunt", "get your head up her skirt now". Without thinking I just did it, Margaret moved to the edge of the sofa so I could get in close, she pulled aside her panties which by now I could see were light blue .... I started to lick. By now my cock was rock hard and straining in my white cotton knickers, Margaret began to moan softly as my tongue ran over her clit. Mean while my mother in law had moved beside me pushing my head into her friends crotch and giving me encouragement. At the same time she began stroking my cock through the panties and a little pre-cum stain had appeared. As Margaret got near to coming I increased the licking as my mother in law rubbed my cock harder, Margaret came with a loud groan. "Well done Vicky darling, now come in your panties for me", a couple of strokes later I exploded in to my knickers. "MMMM good girl" mistress whispered in my ear. I got up and Mistress told me to go and wash the cups. "Good bye Vicky" Margaret called a few minutes later, she left. My mother in law came in the kitchen smiling at me, I was stood finishing the pots with cum in my knickers. "You did well today Vicky, now go and get changed, we can continue your training another time". I went and reluctantly got changed and went downstairs to leave. "Vicky, here is your reward for today", my mother in law handed me a paper bag, I looked inside. It was a pair of panties with lace front and nylon full bum at the back ... in light blue ... they were Margarets panties ! Mistress gave me a peck on the cheek and sent me home. All the way home I had a hard on knowing I had the new panties, as soon as I got through the door I got them out and could see Margarets cum stains on them and the aroma of her cunt. I held them to my face and wanked myself off furiously and came on the spot. Needless to say this happened a few more times that day !! What would my next training session bring ???