Written by TVNylonstouchme

15 Feb 2007

ThYes, love to be someones PA. Let my Boss watch me crossing my legs. Teasing him with my nylon stockings, perhaps 'dangle' a shoe off my toes until he gets up from his desk where I can see he has a stiff cock in his trousers. I continue to do my dictation, but now what I am told to write down has become dirty.. My Boss is telling me how he loves sexy legs and how he loves to touch them ( I have to write all this down as he tells me )He stands next to me, his leg presses against my leg and his cock is level with my face..but he continues to talk and I write down his increasingly dirtier talk. Without stopping he unzips his trousers and pulls out his cock and begins to rub it in front of me. But I just continue to write. He pushes his now very hard cock into my face. It touches my lips and he keeps pushing it until my mouth opens and in goes in. I am trying to concentrate on my dictation but cannot. His cock tastes so good and he has now stopped speaking and begins to moan, but does tell me that it feels nice and suck it a bit harder. I have uncrossed my legs and my pad and pencil has fallen to the floor off my lap. My Boss then begins to fuck my mouth, holding the back of my head so I take it all in..I can taste his precum and know he could cum soon if he wanted to, but he pulls out of my mouth and wanks it right in front of my face. He then tells me to lay down on the floor and stretch out my legs. I obey his wishes. He takes all his clothes off and stands naked over me, looking, wanking his stiff cock. He then tells me to raise my skirt, which I do. I know he likes what he sees because he wanks himself very fast. He then kneels down next to my legs and runs his hand up and down my nylons, between my legs, up to my sheer panties and touches my clit, squeezing it gently. He then bends and kisses it, then sucks on it through the panties. He wants more and pulls the panties away to suck on my clit. His naked body touching me. It grows hard in his mouth and now I moan with pleasure. He turns and we get into a 69 position over me. We suck each other. I squeeze his bottom and pull the cheeks open and slide my spit soaked finger along the crack and onto his anus. He tenses but relaxes as I gently press my finger into his anus. He sucks me harder as I finger fuck is arsehole... We both cum together, filling each others mouths with warm spunk.

Well, would you like me to be your P.A perfectstranger??? Would the above please my Boss?

Susan would love to know....detailed reply please.

is was merely a fantasy, a horny dream, but it has NOW actually happened, and will again hopefully.....