Written by fannyfitzcock

3 Sep 2007

Im older now but still enjoy a lot of cock and remember the time I really was used by a lot of young, vigorous , active men. I was in my early twenties and had already had a few years of dressing in wig, minidress, fishnets, high heels and lots of makeup. Id also been pretty active sexually, enjoyed being fucked, and could suck cocks and swallow spunk and really enjoy it. Id been fucked by many men as individuals in cars, flats, houses, cottages, and on beaches, and spitroasted a few times, but never had I been the plaything of a group.

One day I decided to do something about it as I was eager to experience a lot of cock at one session, from different people rather than one again and again. I had some idea as to how to go about it as there was a bar in the seaside town where I then lived which had a reputation for being gay, attracted some tvs, though very few, and was usually pretty full of young men.

So one evening I got all dolled up, with an extra short red mini dress, fishnets, long blonde wig, high heels, very red nail varnish and lipstick,and black bra and panties. I was a bit shy about going from the carpark to the bar as I looked such an obvious whore, but I got over it and went boldly in.

It was pretty full and going to the bar I ordered a drink, sat on a bar stool,and was careful to show lots of thigh. With bare arms, and low cut back there was a lot of flesh on sight.

My tactic worked ,as a young man, I learned his name was Jeff, came and sat beside me and began to obviously chat me up. He was there with a whole lot of friends and he said they were having a night out and would be going into The Forest for a run on their bikes. He grinned at me, patted me on the thigh, and asked if I would like to go with them. I agreed putting my hand on his hand and moving it up my thigh so he would get the message. He certainly did and the others all semed very friendly so within minutes I found myself riding pillion, showing lots of thigh, behind Jeff on his bike with, I was surprised to see, about fifteen mates, following.

It as summer late in the evening, getting dark, but still warm, and the fresh air felt nice. They roared along the main road, left it to go deep in the woods, and stopped at a deserted picnic area with tables and fixed benches. I was very willing, but not surprised, when Jeff told me to take my dress off. I did so, and stood there in the middle of them just in my undies. But that did not last long as soon they all had their cocks out, and Jeff pushed my head down to get his long thick one in my mouth. I sucked it hard and long, licking the stem and around his balls, and sensed that they were enjoying the show. However when it was nice and hard he bent me over, pulled off my panties and rammed it hard up my arse. Another man, Daren pushed his short thick cock in my mouth and I was soon being well spitroasted in front of them all. They improved things by putting me on my back on a table, so at one time I had one man up my arse, another in my mouth, another playing with my cocks, and two more each squeezing a tit. This went on for quite a while, with frequent changes of men, until I was feeling very tired, with spunk all over me. My wig was still on, and my stockings, but my panties and bra were hanging with my dress on a tree branch.

When they were all satisfied, I learned afterwards there wer 16 of them,the told me to dress, helped me to clean myself up, and went for a drink at a pub just off the main road. They made it perfectly clear that I was their girl. They even asked me if I would like to do it again! Of course i agreed. But that was some time ago.