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My night with a trans girl

"Trans women are women - so this doesn’t go against the arrangement I have with my bf… or does it?"

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I’m currently in a long term relationship, but my bf is supportive in me meeting other women. I’m hoping to get to the stage where I can tell him about my exploits, or perhaps where he can join in, but at the moment he wishes to remain blissfully ignorant. So I’ll just have to tell you lovely people instead. 

I was out a few weekends ago and staying with my pals in the city. We went to a gay bar and met up with some of their friends. One of the girls, Jane, I’d met a few times before and we’re friends on Facebook - one of those acquaintances where we like each others selfies and wish each other happy birthday but don’t actually interact. She is really pretty, a little bit taller than me (which at 5’11 is impressive), pale skin, dark eyes, plump lips and small tits. I’ve found her attractive since I first met her, but we’d only met a handful of times and when my pal mentioned her in passing, he told me she had a boyfriend. We seemed to click straight away though, and we spent the evening chatting, drinking and dancing. On the dancefloor she grabbed my hand and pulled me in so she could slide her hands around my waist and up my back. I took my shot and kissed her, she kissed me back. Her soft lips (which we’d discussed, were full of filler) kissed over my cheek to my neck on the busy dancefloor. Feeling self conscious I asked if she wanted to sit down somewhere more private - she asked if I wanted to go back to her flat for a drink, so I told my friends I’d see them later and we caught a taxi. 

We got to her flat and she poured me a glass of wine. In between kisses I told her I had a boyfriend (she responded with ‘I know but I don’t care’) and explained our situation, and then she asked whether I knew she was trans and whether that changed anything. I had no idea she was trans - she is super femme. Both my bf and I agree that trans women are women, so I reckoned that this was still within our agreement guidelines. 

We moved to her bedroom and continued to make out - she pulled my dress and bra down over my tits and sucked on them. She took off her lace top and I kissed her chest, her breasts were small but she wasn’t flat chested. I gently nibbled her nipples and she moaned softly. I moved down her body to her skirt and pulled it down, pulling her knickers down with it. I stroked her dick and put it into my mouth. She explained that it might not get fully hard straight away but she’d taken some viagra just before we left the bar so it would get harder. I turned around so she could eat me out at the same time, she slid off my tights and pushed my dress up to my waist and began to eat my cunt. 

Her dick wasn’t long, but it was girthy. I moved my hips on her face as I licked her balls and wanked her cock. It wasn’t long before she started to get properly hard, and she slipped on a condom and a cock ring. I laid back as she sloppily licked and kissed my cunt before asking if she could fuck me. She pushed my legs up so each one was resting on her shoulders and thrust herself inside of me. She pulled my hips up higher, pushing her cock deeper inside of me. The cock ring vibrated gently against my clit momentarily. She looked stunning as she fucked me - her mascara running down her cheek with sweat, lipstick stains around her lips, her tits wobbling with every thrust. I told her I wanted to move, and switched positions so I was on all fours. After a while she said she wanted to see my face and asked if I’d be on top. 

I generally avoid being on top because I’m a chubby gal and it’s not the most flattering of angles for someone to see me, but I obliged. She grabbed my thighs and my hips as I rode her, telling me I was gorgeous. She grabbed at my tits and my belly as I moved myself on her dick - I realised didn’t feel self conscious at all. She started to breathe heavily and was guiding my hips with her hands and said she was close. Sitting on top of her meant the vibration from the cock ring was solid against my clit now - I moved one of her hands to my mound and told her to make me cum as well. 

She rubbed my clit, the sensation of that plus the vibe plus bouncing around on her cock made me squirt a bit. She asked if she could finish in my mouth and I agreed - I laid back on the bed with my head draped over the side as she face fucked me. Her cock wasn’t big enough to make me gag, and she ripped off the condom just before she came. She pushed her cock as far in my mouth as she could as she came, I swallowed but there wasn’t much cum. She asked if I would squirt again, this time on her face. She’d never had sex with a woman who could squirt, so I squatted over her face and fingered myself until a steady stream of pussy juice leaked over her face. She licked her lips and pulled my pussy lips onto her lips and licked the cum out of me. 

We took a break and she explained she’d be hard for a little while longer, and asked if I wanted to shower with her. For such a small flat she had a big bathroom with a walk in shower - plenty of room for 2 people. She began to finger my arse and asked if she could fuck it. We tried but her cock was too fat for it to be comfortable for me, so she rimmed and fingered me in the shower. I came again. She asked if I wanted to stay the night but I’d already told my friends I’d go back to their house so I ordered an Uber and woke them up at 3am for them to let me in. 

I had a Facebook message from her when I woke up: “Had a lot of fun last night. Let me know next time you’re visiting, more than happy to have you stay at mine x”

Over cups of tea and toast, my friends asked me for details on what had happened. They doubted that my boyfriend would’ve ‘allowed’ me to fuck Jane if he knew she had a dick. As far as I’m concerned, she’s a woman so it doesn’t break our agreement. What do you think..?

Written by Anonymous

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