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Lisa sat opposite me with her legs over the cair arms showing off her Cameltoe

I bent her over the bed and fucked her roughly from behind while her stepson was in the next room.

I had know Mick since primary school. We were about ten when he had a change of mother. His father kicked his mother out and moved in a newer younger model. Mick's step mother insisted we call her Lisa Instead of Mrs. H... or in Mick's case Mum. Even at t...

Dave M

Happy to help out

Rosa just removed her pink panties and sat on the Sybian and wound the controlls up high.

I had coveted my mates wife from the first day I met her. Rosa was sexy, smart and really good looking. I was pretty sure that Ernie knew I wanted her. So it surprised me when he asked if I could help with a repair on a piece of electro-mechanical equipme...


Watch the birdie

I help a woman in need and then help myself

I had fancied the pants off the married woman who lived 6 doors up the road from me. She was in her early thirties and had a slightly cuddly body. I had often dreamed what it would be like to be between those tits of hers. You know the type, they appear a...