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Has anyone ever organised an SH event at a swinging club?

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Probably a question that has been asked before but being relatively new we thought we would ask anyway.

There are so many lovely couples on here that it would take years to meet even a short shortlist of the lovely people here.

Getting everyone together in one place would be a fantastic way to errrm "sample" lots of people in one go πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

We were at Liberty about ten days ago and it was a group that meet up every now and then. The place was packed, never seen it that busy before.

What does everyone think? A central location would probably be best to maximise numbers.

If held on a Saturday then it would be couples and fems only, that's the rule with most clubs. If held on a Friday you could usually have a small select number of single males (say 10% of total numbers)

Interesting to discuss.

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Thank you for sharing the link. That looks a lot of fun and quite close for us 😁 The big advantage a club has is all the facilities, like hot tubs, play rooms, fetish rooms etc that people could use (or not) and play if they want to, or just watch. We know a lot of newbie couples who have never been to a club because they feel a bit intimated. But may be tempted if they were past of a group where they may already have chatted with others.

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A good starting point would be talking to loz she knows alot about sorting the socials especially on who not to invite etc

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There are lots of different kinds of socials.

Those that are just in pubs possibly a private room or main area where discretion is needed. These are mainly for chatting and puting faces to names. I do also think it maybe best to let the pub landlord discretely know where you are from before hand as in the past it has been known that landlords have asked all to leave. We have added a friday evening to our Coventry weekend for people who prefer that sort of contact.

Then there are socials that are like our saturday night Coventry one that provides a disco and the venue is exclusively for our use. We ask for a donation toward the cost of the overheads and all left over monies goes to charity. (If you wish to make monies out of a social and charge they need to be advertised in the comercial event part of the forum.) Lots stay in hotels when they attend and we advise people to organise their ' play time' in the hotels before hand to save dissapointments. No play at all in the venue though a lot of flirting etc goes on within our safety rules.

Then there are socials in a swingers club. These are organised by making arrangements with the club before hand. Things to be taken into concideration are the club rules on entry i.e. couples night, BBW night, singles night, cost of entering and joining plus if the club will waver that fee for people on the social list who are not members. The list would probably need to be presented to the club before hand and numbers may be limited by the owners.

All this depends on how big a social you wish to hold and how much effort and time you have to communicate and keep a record of who what where and when etc. Also take into concideration that some people may not turn up for whatever reason and may not be polite enough to contact you so if you want this event to be a regular one set out some simple rules and stick to them. i e if people dont let me know they wont be attending then they are politely asked not to request a space on next social..

I do wish you luck with whatever you wish to do and you will be more than welcome to join us in Coventry to actually sound people out face to face on the interest of a swingers club social.

PS you may like to read the advice on the Coventry social post i popped up. All of it has been posted out of past experience πŸ˜‰ any other questions dont hesitate to ask xx

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Thanks for that very detailed response. I think we need to come to the Coventry social 😁

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Quote by longdogs69

Thanks for that very detailed response. I think we need to come to the Coventry social 😁

Hey do will be good to meet you and some actually nip to a club on the friday night or sat afternoon before coming to the social.