Whether you are relatively new to the swinging scene, or experienced swingers, it's always nice to be able to refer to some general tips on how to get the best out of swinging. So, we've come up with some tips to help everything go smoothly for you all. Please bear in mind that this advice is only what we've learned ourselves over the past few years and is not necessarily for everyone. Nor do we expect everyone to agree with it, but it's a starting point at least.

1. Placing an ad

When placing a photo ad it's best to think about the kind of ad you would reply to yourself. Do not use all capitals, AS IT MAKES THE TEXT DIFFICULT TO READ and comes across as if you are SHOUTING. Plus it really doesn't help it stand out. Notice that if we write this normally then we can make certain text STAND OUT by using caps, which is a better way of using capitals. Don't forget that good grammar and spelling count. If you can't be bothered to spend a little time writing your ad in plain easy to read English with few to no spelling mistakes then think what this says about you in general!

Also, include as much detail about yourselves as you can. People will want to know your age, your body type, your sexuality, your likes and your limits, your area, and if possible your picture. When you receive a reply you should always answer, even if only to say 'no thanks'. Don't forget to be honest. Honest in your description of yourselves and what you really want. Honesty is prized, and there really is nothing to gain by being dishonest.

2. Replying to an ad

When replying to ads, remember most people will want to know the details as listed above, but beware of picture collectors. Most genuine swingers are not interested in genital shots, a full-length picture showing your face should satisfy most. The only time genital or breast shots should be required is to prove endowment to advertisers seeking particular attributes. DO NOT disclose your phone number until you are satisfied that you would like to meet the advertisers.

3. First meeting

We suggest having at least made phone contact with the people you want to meet (speaking to all parties concerned), as this will drastically reduce the chance of a no meet up from a timewaster pretending to be someone they are not. Unless you are seeking a one night stand you should make sure the people you are meeting know that there are NO GUARANTEES, and that sexual contact will only happen if you are happy with the situation. Sometimes it is best to meet for drinks only the first time, and then arrange another date if all agree - after all, how many of you get a shag on the first date when you meet someone in a more usual relationship?! Always meet where there are other people, but for discretion purposes do not meet too near your own or your new friend's home - the last thing you want is to explain to Auntie Mabel why you were sitting on that strange man's knee...

4. Be honest!

One of the most annoying things we have all come across is dishonesty. If you meet someone new and find you do not like him or her, TELL THEM; do not say you will arrange to meet again if you do not want to. A simple sentence like “its been lovely meeting you, but I'm sorry, you are not my type”. This saves a lot of time and you would be surprised at how well people will take it.

5. Stay alert

If you need a bit of Dutch courage then that’s ok, but beware of going over the top. Nobody wants to swing with people who can't stand up, and you fellas know the consequences of too much alcohol.

6. Set ground rules

When all have agreed to have a swinging session it is important to sit down beforehand and explain the limits. At the very least, everyone should agree that if one person feels uncomfortable at any time during the session, they should be able to stop the action without any bad feeling in the group.

7. Privacy

Respect peoples privacy. What goes on in the company of your swinging friends is not the business of anybody else. If you really want to share your experience with others you should omit, or change, names and dates. Think about it, would you like others to tell their friends about you?

8. Have fun

Swinging is fun, giving a lot of people the time of their life. However, if anyone is not having fun, for whatever reason, then STOP!