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Hello, very new to the scene and on a voyage of discovery! 

London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

Tentatively dipping my toe back in - gonna take it slow and see where I end up

England, United Kingdom


Divorced for a few years now and at a point in my life where I really do enjoy the pleasures of another body close to me. Male or female. Yes I am looking for fun but a genuine caring and attentive person would be even better. So you could say a fun relationship that's focused not just on getting into my little I want fun and adventure but not with bedpost collectors. Would love to meet another couple but the lady must be at the very least bi-curious as its a pleasure i want to experience so much more.

My family is extremely important to me and as a lady of leisure I do spend a lot of time with them. Regardless of that I have all sorts of free time, days evenings and weekends for the right person or couple. I can travel and in time would be happy to accommodate. Drop me a line with a recent photo and we can take it from there. I will chat on the phone and [removed] prior to any meet or may even cam here. Looking forward to hearing from you


Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom

Time for an update!

I'm single but I  have a very good friend and lover who I see every couple of months because he lives a long way away, we have been lovers for over 15 years but we don't see each other regularly because of the distance and work/life pressures; so I am looking to find a guy who is happy with my situation and wants something similar, a friend and part time lover for social and sensual fun; you must be okay with my current situation as I don't wish to change that right now and hopefully you want to join us when David is here!  I am looking to form a friendship and a great sexual relationship with like a minded guy.  Then hopefully we can have fun with others together too.

I won't chat unless you have a face pic, sorry what ever your excuse you can mail one!

I'm incredibly fussy about who I'm looking for! Not looking for one offs, looking for single (or in similar situation to me and your partner is aware of the fact your looking for someone else and approves) guy local to me preferably about ten years younger than me, good looking (in my eyes), sense of humour, intelligent and has to shave from their ass to their sack! I like men who love a women to take control and love a BBW! I'm not into meeting and shagging either, take me out get to know me then let's see if the chemistry kicks in!

Don't bother with me if you don't fit the above, I am fussy I'm not on here just to get laid but to find like minded adults!

Also please don't ask me to add you as a friend without having chatted to me! A friend is someone you know so that means you have at least talked to them, even if only virtually! Same applies to chat requests, what is the point of talking to me if you don't fit my criteria! As I said I am fussy!

Bristol, UK

hi my name Denise I am disable person I  very good in bed. Big tits horny 

TN13, Kent, Sevenoaks, England, United Kingdom

Seperated and liberated. In a kind of limbo at the moment consider myself intelligent whitty and outgoing, i work hard. . too hard sometimes and as a result forget to let my hair down. I am not looking for someone to settle down with right now hence i am here. I also loiter shaghunt which pretty much says it all really, open to new experiences.

Watford, Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom

I'm samantha - a statuesque, blue-eyed brunette.

I am definitely bi, long way past the curious stage. in fact I'd probably say these days I'm more gay than straight. certainly the way I feel now if you held a gun to my head and forced me to choose I would definitely pick women over men! as that hasn't yet happened I shall continue to enjoy the best of both worlds :-))

I am really hoping to get together with other women of a similar mind, single males are going to need to be pretty exceptional to get my attention.

happy to play with men as part of a couple, provided I have their partners' consent, and if you are a couple I will want early phone contact with the female half to verify this. a first time getting together should be either at your place or on neutral ground.

if you were to ask my friends and lovers they would tell you that I'm loyal, kind, considerate and generous, but that I don't give my gifts away to just anyone.

kinks? yep, I have a few! as well as 'vanilla' sex I do very much enjoy certain aspects of bdsm, especially bondage & spanking scenarios. I am a natural born sub but that does not make me a 'carpet', as anyone who truly understands bdsm roleplay will know.

winks? please don't bother, they get deleted straightaway, as do 'friends' requests when we haven't even corresponded, never mind met!

if you are interested in me, please send me a proper message, thanks! (and not via the 'comments' section either, I'm not going to have a dialogue with you on my public profile page!)

I don't do - camming, chatrooms, interminable emails/txts, whatsapp, instagram etc etc

if we have an initial attraction to each other's profiles and are interested in taking it further I will give you my mobile number and we can have a proper chat on the phone. if you're not prepared for that, I will assume you're either not who you say you are or you're not really serious about meeting up.

thanks for reading, and hopefully there's something about me that's caught your eye. if so, why not drop me a line, and can go from there :-)

West Yorkshire

I divorced in the summer of 2013 after 2 years separation. I am living near Luton. My preference is for male company, although I am bisexual. I am less experienced with other women, but willing to learn and now have one fairly regular female friend with whom I am relaxed.

I have a bf - started seeing him again last December after a year apart - and also have other friends who help me out from time to time, mainly men I know from when I used to swing with my ex husband.  My bf is on this site too. I do not have or want an exclusive relationship but first time with someone new is usually with one of my closer friends nearby or with me for safely reasons.

Please stop sending friend requests and "I'd like to know more". I delete them unless I know someone well or have met them. Almost all of my friends on here have met me - so please ask first.



It's very clear from my profile I am not looking to meet ! Yet still get lots of messages ! 

Frequently asked questions or comments

I /we would love to meet when you free ? read above for answer

I/we would like to see your pictures - read above for answer

I/we can travel can you accommodate ? - read above for answer

Why am on here if not meeting ? - don't be nosey !!!

 Why don't I answer whispers ? - why should I ?

I get a vast amount of stupid messages as do lots of people on here but when it clearly states I'M NOT LOOKING !!! why do you bother ? you're not going to change my mind ! 

I think I've made my point clear but doubt it lol Happy swinging and try a profile that wants to meet ... best of luck xxRazx


Hi there.. i am looking for any guys who are bi curious, married men as well who have shemale fantasies. I am versatile but enjoy being top and breaking in newbies :) i am a very slim, great legs ass and always hard. i look great in stockings and suspenders babe:) I am looking for car meets or can accom if i get to know someone on a reg basis. i use shemale meets a lot too and have more pics there , or can swap once mutual interest has been established. May dig out a couple of pics once i see how it goes on here

London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

hi all looking for hot wet horny times

Essex, UK

always horny all the time will do anything very happy to be hear 

Cornwall, England, United Kingdom
London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

Enter your profile text in here... Hi lady.s Im lucy a bi fem. At this moment im only looking to meet [removed] men or even the male part of the clp. xx Lucy xx

Merseyside, L3

looking for fun and no strings sex. Looking for similar minded 

ST4, England, Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom

It's been a while since I've been on.  Let's see what's out there... 

Some of you may remember me. I had some great meets from here.

I'm Asian (Pakistani) slim, attractive (I've been told lol), and looking for some occasional fun.

Only on free version of sh so I limited to messages only. Please send a pic and some details about you. I don't need cock pics (they don't do anything for me). 

Speak to you soon. 

PS. If I don't reply please don't be offended. Ill get back to you if I'm interested :)

Blackburn, Blackburn with Darwen, England, United Kingdom