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Looking to add some excitement to my life.  Feel confident in my sexuality.  Not into anal, w/s or any form of pain/humiliation.

At some point in the future I would like to try a MFM threesome but only with people I feel very at ease with.  No clothed face photos on profile means I may not bother replying to messages as it's a major faff to extract these photos from people!  I am not interested in anonymous genitals or wanking videos - they don't do anything for me sexually.  I am initially attracted to a person's face and then how their mind works.  Genitals only come into it if I definitely fancy a person and am going to sleep with them ie they're irrelevant as an opener (to me).  (Just trying to save people wasted time here)

WV3, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England, United Kingdom

England, United Kingdom

hi I'm looking for people to help my master use me, I am new ish to this but am willing to learn and try my best to please... hope you can help us out we play as a couple  and not looking for a new master 

Can travel 

Wigan, Wigan District, Greater Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Please if you want to chat be respectful and I don't want to look at cams or listen to you on your phone. Fun intelligent people always welcome to chat.

Note that I am straight and I cannot be convinced otherwise - sorry!! Remember many more guys than females so guys you need to be extra special and the right type lol

Looking for either a straight couple for me and My Friend to play with or a single guy for my fun but must not mind being watched.

Have had a great year and looking for more fun. I know what I like and would like to experience this some more. If you're an attractive slim couple in good shape, respectful, and filthy get in touch. Especially couples / single ladies in their 30s / early 40s please. I'm very open minded so if there's anything you'd like to do let me know. Providing it's safe a legal. I love role play!!

Gainsborough, West Lindsey District, Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom

A member of Swingingheaven & currently a Moderator, I don't have magical powers, neither do I perform miracles but if there is something I can help you with around the site (and no, not your hard-on) then be sure to ask.

Happy to chat (if not busy), I do drool over the odd cam/pic & perv the occasional profile, have an healthy appetite for fun, am a bit mischievous & enjoy a laugh but be advised I am no pushover cos I'm ard me, ROCK ARD!!


I would like to meet straight men for nsa fun. I  am available in Birmingham and live in Shropshire.


Single girl looking to explore sex. 

Discretion a must 

Lincoln, Lincoln District, Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom

Seperated and liberated. In a kind of limbo at the moment consider myself intelligent whitty and outgoing, i work hard. . too hard sometimes and as a result forget to let my hair down. I am not looking for someone to settle down with right now hence i am here. I also loiter shaghunt which pretty much says it all really, open to new experiences.

Watford, Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom

*** UPDATE 04/07/16 : I think my time on this site is pretty much done now, too many flakes,  wannabees, and people without a clue, too many guys on this site who when you call their bluff simply disappear, deleting their profiles, or show up after talking a good talk and then discover they can't really perform and this was all some wild fantasy for them...Guys..why oh why do you do this when clearly it's not for you??.... so will be slipping into the ether, there are a few I will endeavour to keep in touch with an those know who you are and we can figure out how best to do so.  It's been fun! So long and thanks for all the fish! ***

I always wonder what it would be like to get inside somebody else's mind, and for them to explore mine. Does anybody really understand anyone else? I am quite a complicated little thing like most of us I guess, I have moods, I change my mind, I can be temperamental but the thought of figuring somebody out excites me, and the fact that there are people who are different makes me happy, because I like different. Different makes the world a great place.

If you put me in a room with a collection of books, and a teapot full of tea, nothing else, I would be a very happy girl. I live in a little world of my own, and that's just how I like it.

I am hard to get to know, difficult to like, and even more difficult to love. I will frustrate and infuriate you. I am always worth it. After all, what is the Devil? Simply an Angel who wanted more.....

I don't rule anything out if it feels "right" at the time, but please aside from my current friends if I don't think you're what I seek then I am sorry it's a firm "no"

I guess I describe myself as a kinky, licentious & dirty minded... I'm totally addicted to being fucked and I'm into dressing for pleasure & 'fetish fun.....,

I'm an office girl by day, lingerie, heels, and hose freak by night

A loner

A dreamer

An organized train wreck

An optimist with experience

A closet romantic

Someone who crazy people cross the street to greet

So why am I here? tough question, I guess like most, am seeking friendship, someone to share my life with, I have many moods and facets to my personality, but essentially when we cut to the chase I get off on filthy sex, edgy sex, infact any sex that isn't dull or boring.

Having said that, that also doesn't mean I'm not also looking to form friendships with those I "click" with or that I don't like to slow it all down for sensual times but like most we come here for something different to our everyday lives, out of the box, a release!

One important thing, my sexuality isn't a way of making you happy, - it's a way of getting me off. I enjoy S+M, but have no interest what so ever in D/s. I love role playing, but if the trust isn't there I'll just call an end to the scene, put my pants on and leave. And I won't come back. Over stepping my boundaries will not be tolerated in anyway, as will not treating with the utmost respect.

The "dark side" is a slippery slope and I've slid pretty far down the rabbit hole. I like to see sexuality for its endless possibilities rather than its limitations. I do love the polarity of sensuality and deviance. I can't exist in the dark all the time and ultimately strive for balance with those who are willing.

Remember guys, it's play, it's supposed to be fun. I engage in sexual act based on the quality of trust I feel between my partner and I .How far I will go or let you go in terms of role-playing, acting out my darkest fantasies depends on that level of trust.

So..I'm looking for someone who wants to hang out and doesn't mind well intentioned crazy business, controlled chaos, fine dining and a little hippie shit. I take my work seriously and my fun seriously. I have my shit mostly together and expect you to be the same. I'm open to a partner of either gender but am non negotiable on a fairly stable optimist with lots of confidence and the weight to back that shit up.

A true friend is one who sees through the act and still enjoys the show.

Oh and guys, if I say no, I mean no, please don't come back at me telling me what I want or need, because really you haven't got a clue.

What I’m doing with my life ? Spending most of it going up and down the M25/23 between London and Brighton...long story...

I’m really good at ?


Messing about in boats...

The first things people usually notice about me

My eyes...

Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food

Life on Mars, Ashes to Ashes, Dr. Who, Hustle, Spooks

The six things I could never do without?

Apart from my awesome shoe collection ? I'm good at improvising so I get by

I spend a lot of time thinking about

Why people (except me) lie about their age amongst other things on this site? Where is my Gene Hunt?

On a typical Friday night I am -

Netflix and takeout, or getting your party on — how do you let loose?

The most private thing I’m willing to admit

Hahaha... nice try, nearly got me there!

You should message me if -

So..I'm looking for someone who wants to hang out and doesn't mind well intentioned crazy business, controlled chaos, fine dining and a little hippie shit. I take my work seriously and my fun seriously. I have my shit mostly together and expect you to be the same. I'm open to a partner of either gender but am non negotiable on a fairly stable optimist with lots of confidence and the weight to back that shit up.

10 reasons why I'd make a terrific girlfriend :

1. I'm interested in many many things, architecture, art, literature, music and theatre, science, world affairs, politics, sport and getting to grips gardening...I've always got some new project for world domination on the go, however am very focused on making my little boat go fast right now.

2. I am very direct and more often than not sarcastic when it comes to my sense of humour and I'm certainly not afraid to take the p*** out of and laugh at myself

3. I read (full stop) I take time to find things out, read newspapers, books and articles, have opinions on most things and given the opportunity am not afraid to voice it. I care about the world and about other people.

4. I'm a very honest person, too much so for my own good at times, I wear my heart on my sleeve so you'll always know where you stand

5. I could probably beat you in an arm wrestle and rowing or sailing

6. I'll never drag you shopping with me unless you want to come - if you don't drag me to the football - that's a good swap in my book

7. I scrub up well and I'm good with "the parents", kids, pets, weddings and parties

8. I can spell and use punctuation :-) I also speak properly !

9. I'm not needy - I happen to love my own company...BUT

10. When I'm in a relationship I give a 110 per cent to the person I love :-)

Women of all ages, but Men, only contact me if your intention is to meet, you're able to do when you say you will and not do a no show, please don't contact me if you don't fit the criteria above, or are married, attached and playing about behind your partner's back, No pics of your dick please, it will get you deleted and blocked.. oh and total non smokers please.I tend to go for guys that look after themselves so am unlikely to be attracted to you if you're carrying "a bit extra" as a few of you put it, I do prefer taller guys, 6ft or over so no short arses LOL If you're a Gene Hunt type, even better ! Prefer hair on head and own teeth!

Finally location is quite important, South Coast / South East preferable...or anywhere in between...not much point contacting me if you're unable to meet up.


Glos based.

I've been a member of the site for a while now and currently a chatroom op.

Not Set

Revamped my profile on here as some Men seem incapable of common sense, and decency..

First of all will get the negatives out of the way.

I am a larger lady size 18,

I smoke and drink,,, passed last medical lol.

If I'm in a chat room cannot tolerate bombardment of `you up for it now` if I want spontaneity I will ask you, Politeness and respect a definite plus..

Profiles with no photos a distinct turn off, any photos I receive are treated with confidentiality so don`t be shy..

Prefer men who are UK white and straight.. Women black an white. Asian doesn't do it for Me Just a preference.

I have a boyfriend, he does not come on here, doesn't participate,He likes my lifestyle choice and is happy to watch,( how else did I get the photos lol ).

Discretion a must, always indulge in safe practices.

New friends requests will be ignored till I get to know you.

If that hasn't put you off, I do like,

Love to wear heeled boots and leggings,as well as usual stockings, mini skirts etc.

Am fully Bi,

Meet couples, singles,and groups, don't care about marital status as long as you don`t get caught lol.

Love my 38dd`s played with,nipple attention certainly gets me going..

Love same room mutual masturbation, if you like what you see then why not wank over it, especially my tits, boots, leggings,stockings..... Blushes.

To be continued..


looking for some NSA fun with straight single , non smoking males. My husband would be present and filming however not participating.

North Lanarkshire, G68

I am a very submissive female who has a dominant man. I am finding it hard to carry out tasks that he sets me as I can't find the correct people to hep me out. These tasks range from taking pictures of me to voyeurism. Also I am bi curious and am looking for a female to have my first experience with.

Dundee, Dundee City, Scotland, United Kingdom
Birmingham, West Midlands, England, United Kingdom

hi im kelly im a ssbbw shy women i have been very interested in swinging for a while just not had the confidence 

HD1, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom

I am a professional single woman recently single after a long term relationship. After the dust had settled I came to consider that perhaps excitement in life is passing me by. I have come to accept that I am very sexually inexperienced despite, or perhaps because of being with the same partner for many years. I want to explore my sexuality and experience new things but I need to do it at my own pace. I very much hope to become involved sexually with people from here but this is not going to happen until I am sure about what I want to do and with whom I want to do it with. I am very new to this and quite nervous and so to begin with I want to be able to talk to more experienced people (men) to anonymously talk about what I am doing and trying. This hopefully will lead to more. I prefer to talk via messages and I only want to talk to intelligent men. I will not respond to one-line queries and certainly not to “dick-pics”. P.S. After 3 days of this I am amazed to find that my last two sentences were ambiguous (look it up if you don't know what that means) so please don't make a fool of yourself.

Glasgow City, Scotland, United Kingdom

Just wondered if anyone is interested in an older lady up for anything

I have led a very sheltered life and need some fun times icon_redface


Hi. Looking for fun times with couples and selected single guys. Like the lifestyle - nsa  fun with like minded people. No drama llamas or pushy peeps  please 

Colchester, Essex, CO1

Hello! Im an attractive lady who enjoys meets with my f/b and have done so for 12 years. We make the most of our playtime together and now would love to meet others who could enjoy with us. Unfortunately no couples but a lovely female or bicurious/bisexual male would be mmmm.

Lakenham, Norfolk, NR1


I had a profile on here before (meemzes) but cannot seem to get into that account. I am not an extra member so can only send 3 messages per day. So if i cannot see any pics at all i am unlikely to message you.I cannot access 18plus as not upgraded

I am a straight woman who loves kissing, sensuality,eroticism and passion. Lots of foreplay and safe sex a must I am very tactile, Genuine and single.. i love sexy lingerie( even if only worn for a short time  

 I would prefer to find a couple of select men to be regular playmates, but some 1 offs from time to time, if you are sexy enough/

I do not drive but can accommodate. I do have a dog and live in a small gossipy village in LE9 area.

Not into anal, bdsm or any toilet stuff

My personal preferences are NO ASIANS, BLACK MEN, BI MEN, BALD MEN.  STRICTLY NO SMOKERS!  i am not a fan [removed] you are married then you would nave to have something irresistable about you. 

Leicestershire, England, United Kingdom

Hi there,

I am a married woman looking for NSA sex.

I am lucky enough that my husband likes me to have "fun" ;) even joins in sometimes!


There seems to be a lot of picture collectors and some very good talkers, but not many "walkers" on here!

And definitely NO Bi Men!

Please, only make contact if your serious

Woodmansterne, Surrey, SM7

New to the game - Curious straight, black female looking for couples (pref mm - straight/gay/bi) for fun times

London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

Fun loving, spontaneous, humorous female looking for some fun and games with like minded females. You lovely men thanks for your interest but really only after a lady! Got a great man at home.

Northampton, Northamptonshire, England, United Kingdom

hi im a bi curious fem looking to meet other fems and couples possibly.

I want to explore that side alot more and i have ways to verify myself 

So come say hi!

Birmingham, West Midlands, England, United Kingdom