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13 hours ago
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I am a matuue cd with good O&A skills, very sub,well mannered,I learnt the hard way that polite girls never spit on the floor., I have served men from an early age and always been used to being told rather than asked many men seem to like the fact that i am a moaner and that i cry easily,,I do gag when i am require to take deep throat,I try to give satisfaction and if i don't then a spanking can be expected,i enjoy the company of the older married man who knows how to keep a girl in her place,  I enjoy chatting on these sites but unlike many my main aim is to meet and to serve,Although still married i live an entirely seperate life which allows me to meet and to stay away overnight,Although i love the company of other girls i am on site to meet men, i keep getting matched to other cd's and bottom guys,It is top men,married,single,old young,vwe, and small that i am hoping to meet, so cum on you guys, stop just chatting and winking, lets meet so you can live out your fantasy,make me moan, make me gasp,make me swallow, Cathy
Update to my profile, I know this is a chat site but to a girl like me Oral means going down on my knees, Surprise is the look on my face as  i struggle to swallow, Decadence is smiling with a small dribble of white cum on my red lips and a moaning woman is me when i am on all fours, having the breath knocked out of me,feeling my head forced into the pillow with every thrust and still having the breath to cry "Harder",  Cathy


It was my pleasure to Cathy and can’t wait for the next time. We will have to find an easier way to keep in touch, what do you think darling.
A girl who knows what she wants and luckily gets it a lovely person to message just never had the chance to meet xx


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