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Straight Male, 76
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Swingers in the 70's and 80's but had to stop when HIV came along as we always had unprotected sex and decided it was bareback or nothing.

Wife swapping as it was called then was our thing for the first few years and with my wife on the pill and my having had a vasectomy we were in demand from other couples who wanted bareback sex without fear, as most couples where the wife was not on the pill had been using condoms for years.  Some men were shooting their load in my wife within a minute or less and the wives couldn't get enough of the feel of my bare cock inside them and really pushed hard against my thrusts to get the full benefit.

Eventually, we tried threesomes and advertised for single men to join us. One of the main reasons for wanting other men to fuck my wife was that she very seldom reached an orgasm with me, as I had a small cock and suffered from premature ejaculation and although I could make her orgasm using my fingers and tongue she admitted that although she had almost reached a full orgasm with other men when we were swinging with couples, she had never had a full blown orgasm when have just penetrative sex alone. She'd had plenty of guys with large cocks but they all came before she reached an orgasm. So we chose to go in for threesomes with men who had big cocks and claimed to be "stayers".

I felt strongly that she should get full enjoyment from having sex and culminating in a really good orgasm before the guy came in her. She made it quite clear to the guys that they wore a condom while they made her come and as soon as she'd got her satisfaction they could take it off and finish inside her. If a guy came to soon, it was not going to be in her and he missed the chance of shooting his load in her pussy and although he could take a break and try again and if successful a second time, she wouldn't benefit from a full load in her pussy as he'd spent himself earlier into the condom.

Funny how she liked a lot of cum inside her even though she couldn't always feel the spurts as they unloaded themselves in her pussy. She did tell me that it made her feel good that if a man had given her great satisfaction she wanted to have as much of his "essence" as she called him inside her. She had perfected the art of tightening her vaginal muscles so she could get a guy to cum forcefully inside her and as deep as possible. Even when a chap had finished she would grip the base of his cock between her thumb and forefinger and as he pulled his cock out to squeeze any remaining spunk out of his cock as it left her pussy.

Watching her respond to a complete strangers touches, caresses, kisses and penetration assured me that I had made the right decision. She was enjoying it and was making sure he was getting maximum satisfaction from the time they spent exploring each others bodies and knowing my wife would eventually be filled with his sperm laden semen, something that made me pleased that the act of copulation had meaning for two people brought together in a moment in time, never to meet again.

I couldn't get enough of watching other men with my wife and the icing on the cake was when it was my turn and slipped inside her cum filled pussy.  Wow, the feeling is beyond description and although I have had sex with other women who had already had sex with someone before it was my time, nothing beats the experience of sliding inside your wife and feeling the other chaps semen inside her.

My wife's preference in men is non-smoker, circumcised, hairless body, clean and preferable shaved genital area, gentle approach to having sex, someone who is happy to not use condoms, slim build, above average penis size, happy to have sloppy seconds, able to give a woman multiple orgasms before he does.


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Age: 40 - 60
Distance: 50 miles