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Our local West Midlands reviewers went to visit Coventry club Ceasars and check out what's on offer...

Having visited the same Midlands swinging club for a number of years we decided it was time for a change and so we went to Ceasars Nightclub. Ceasars [sic] is located between Birmingham and Coventry, and only a couple of miles from the motorway network, so it's within easy reach of many of the UK's major cities. For anybody thinking of travelling from further afield, there are a couple of hotels or B&Bs just down the road from the club. The management of Ceasars suggest you mention that you're visiting the club when you make your booking.

Before you go...

Before going to any swinging club for the first time, we have found it's well worth checking to see if the club has its own web site. Ceasar's website can be found at www.ceasarsnightclub.com - or you can follow the link from Swinging Heaven's clubs and parties page.

Ceasars hosts fetish, swinging, Greedy Girls, TV and BDSM events. Some of these are arranged by outside organisations and need to be booked in advance with the respective hosts, while others are arranged by the club itself. All forthcoming events are shown on their website, including details of the opening times, dress code, entry fees and any other rules for the night. There is also an online calendar which runs around one month in advance.

For us, and possibly many others, making plans around childcare or work is difficult, so the calendar, although good, could perhaps benefit from working still further in advance. The night we chose to visit Ceasars was a swinging evening (for couples and singles), including a 'Greedy Girls' evening. The latter was something that neither of us had attended before, so were interested to see what went on.

On the night

The opening hours on the Saturday we attended Ceasars were a little disappointing for us, as entrance times to the club were quite restrictive.Visitors had to arrive between 9 and 11pm and leave by 2am.We felt that the short timespan in which to arrive at the club could put off some potential visitors who aren't exactly local.

Wanting to make the most of the evening, we arrived shortly after the doors opened, and although the club was fairly empty, it did fill up remarkably quickly - and it remained relatively busy until we left. Being at a new club can be a daunting prospect, and so it made it easier for us to find our bearings to arrive early and to be able to look around before the majority of visitors turned up.

Terms and conditions

As with most swinging clubs, all visitors to Ceasars Nightclub must join as members. This is a simple process of filling in one form, and showing two pieces of identification - however, as they explain on their website, if you want to visit and become a member, you need to apply in advance by phone or email - no membership (ie, admittance) will be considered if you just turn up on spec. Once membership is granted, this permits entry to any of the events hosted at Ceasars Nightclub. Couples and single males have to pay a £20 annual membership fee, and single ladies pay £10 per year. The various events also have an entrance fee which varies depending on your status (couple or single) and also which event you wanted to attend. Some of the entrance fees are reduced if you contact the club or hosts in advance, which we feel is an excellent offer.

Finding the club

We already knew where Ceasars Nightclub is situated, and so we quickly found our way to the carpark. On the main road there is just one discreet sign, and as the website mentions, the club is set back from the road.

It really is - several hundred yards back from the road, along a driveway which has seen better days. The location is perfect for those looking for a discreet place to visit. Once you are in the carpark, there are several floodlights, and large notices warning of CCTV in operation.We didn't see any carpark security staff, but then the club is in a remote rural location.When we spoke to the staff inside the club, they did say that if anybody requested it, they could be escorted safely back to their car at the end of their evening. They even have a battery and jump leads, on the off-chance a guest's car suffered a flat battery!

The club itself

The building that houses Ceasars was once a 'vanilla' nightclub, and the original DJ's booth is still there and remains in use. The central dance floor, however, has recently been replaced by a large, purpose-built bed. In fact, if the cages, crosses and other BDSM furniture were not visible, you could be forgiven for thinking you were still in an ordinary nightclub.

The main part of the club is one very large spacious room, with plenty of seating around the main bed area. There is also a fully licensed bar, where soft drinks, spirits and bottled beers are available at city-centre bar prices. For the earlybirds there was also a good two-for-one drinks offer which lasted until 10 pm.

Furthest away from the club entrance are a couple of beds and sofas sectioned off with drapes from the main area of the club, and lighting levels here are low enough that people in these areas don't feel as if they're on a stage. Although there were people standing by the drapes watching the evening's activities, nobody went past them. This, we found out later on in the evening, is one of the club rules.

One of the beds is fully enclosed with a wooden wall which had a number of 'peepholes' for people's viewing pleasure. Sadly, total privacy for those wanting to play isn't an option, so if you do decide to have fun, you should remember that you may be seen by other guests in the club. Tissues, wipes and waste bins were located close by all of the play areas.

Additional facilities

There is also a well-appointed play room with a number of beds, stocks and horses for anybody wishing to dip their toes into the MEMB ERSHI P PRICE S world of BDSM. This room was empty when we were shown around, and we didn't see any ropes, paddles or the like, so it does look as if it's a 'bring your own' set-up. Another of the club rules is that people who enter this room can do so in relative privacy as the doors stay closed, and only those participating in the play in this room are welcome - so no voyeurs.

Back in the main club area, there is also a large projector screen showing hard-core movies throughout the night. Plenty of seating is available by the screen and there's a large wooden dance floor for those wanting to shake their ass - the DJ was more than happy to play requests.

The staff we met throughout the evening were all pleasant and approachable, and when the MC of the Greedy Girls event briefed the club members on the etiquette for the evening, the staff members were all individually introduced. He also gave out clear instructions about the use of condoms. This was a reassuring point for people new to the club or to the swinging scene.

As it was our first time at Ceasars, we were given a brief tour, during which we asked a number of questions, all of which they answered very thoroughly.

Preparing for the evening

If you arrive at the club in what would be considered 'normal' clothes, throwing the babysitters or nosy neighbours off the scent, and want to change at the club, there are plenty of lockers for your belongings. These are available for a small charge, and you get the keys from the barstaff. There wasn't a separate changing room, so most people changed in the toilets. These were clean, tidy and had a range of toiletries available. The website does mention that showers are available, however, we didn't come across them ourselves. For anybody wishing to smoke, there was an outside area which could be used.

Staying fully clothed while walking around a swinging club was a new experience for us. Often we are used to wearing much less, such as a towel or just underwear. Maybe that's one of the reasons why everybody seemed to be so polite and respectful towards each other...

The atmosphere

Although a good venue can make a club worth a visit, the guests at the club can be the one factor that could determine any return visits. On the night we went to Ceasars, there was a good mix of singles and couples. Age range is often difficult to judge, but mid-twenties through to late fifties would cover most if not all of the people we saw. The majority would probably fall into the thirties to forties age-bracket. One point that we feel we must raise is the courtesy and politeness from everybody we met and spoke with. Single guys can often be accused of being predatory in swingers' clubs. At Ceasars, we can say this was definitely not the case. Also, starting up conversations with people you've never met before can sometimes be awkward - but we found the exact opposite.We were so busy chatting to some of the other guests, we had to leave quickly to avoid being late home for our sitters.

Keeping your strength up!

Possibly the most surprising sight during our evening at Ceasars was the complimentary buffet. Nothing had been mentioned about this on the website, and when we spoke to the staff about it, they said buffets are laid on a couple of times a month. The food was plentiful and went way beyond a couple of sandwiches and a sausage roll. There was even a choice of hot food, pizza, and samosas. The chef worked really hard all night! Even with the Greedy Girls being an arm's length away, he only had eyes for the food. A true professional!

So we've now experienced our first night at Ceasars Nightclub - something that was long overdue - and despite our initial reservations, we enjoyed our time there so much, we may even become regular visitors

Membership Prices

Annual membership:
Couples £20
Single males £20
Single ladies £10

Event prices: Greedy Girls Evening (a team of regular girls lead the fun)
Single males £30
Couples and single ladies FREE
Impulsion (a good intro evening)
£15 per person on the door or
£12 if booked in advance

Saturday Night Out
Single males £40
Couples and single ladies £20 a head

Thank F**k it's Friday
Single males £30 -
couples and single ladies FREE

Rules to remember
Dress code for swingers:
Men - shirt with collar, trousers (not jeans) and shoes (no trainers)
Ladies - smart dress to tease and impress

Dress code for fetish nights:
Fetish, rubber, latex, glamour/eveningwear, uniforms, fantasy, period dress, cross-dress or smart black. If you arrive in street clothes you must use club facilities to change
Single males permitted to all swinging events, provided they respect the rules of the club and adhere to the dress code
Strictly over 21s only
No 'guests of members' allowed - all visitors must join as members
As there's a bar, you are not permitted to bring your own drink to the club
There is zero tolerance of drugs

Contact details
Ceasars Nightclub, Kenilworth Road,
Balsall Common, Coventry CV7 7HD
Tel: 07990 707141
Email: clubinfo@ceasarsnightclub.com
Website: www.ceasarsnightclub.com