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Our reviewer has once again been strapped into his seat in front of the screen and, despite his sometimes impassioned pleas to be allowed out, we refused to release him until he came up with the following...

Amateur Shag Fest

Despite its obviously low budget, Amateur Shag Fest - quite a short disc - isn't too bad. The film features the antics of two girls and six men in one big room.

I think that I am not alone in saying that English accents seem to make a film more realistic and accessible, and this production benefits from a range of English dialects - they could be the people next door.

There is a nice, relaxed opening sequence of the girls getting dressed for their adventure, and while the brunette has the almost obligatory shaven look, the blonde has a nice light covering of hair - good to get a bit of variety for a change.

None of the participants appear to be either models or actors - I apologise if they are - but this, again, is a bonus point. Also, the film appears to be unscripted, so there is some spontaneity... however, this also leads to a few awkward moments when no-one seems quite sure what to do next!

It's pretty certain that only one camera was used to shoot this, and if there has been any post-production editing, then it can only have been to make it an '18' and not an 'R18' - which is a pity. So, while the interactive selector offers a choice of six scenes, it really is just one long shoot with a few cuts.

Foot-fetishists will probably enjoy this film - there's a prolonged toe-sucking interlude, which is clearly relished by the blonde. Both girls seem to really revel in the cum-overfeet finale shots. If feet are your thing, this will get you going for sure. I'm sorry to have had to refer to the girls a merely 'the blonde and the brunette' but there are no credits given on either the disc or the sleeve. If an R18 cut exists, it would be better.

This sells for around £9.95, which is a claimed reduction of £10.00 on the RRP. At £9.95, I give it a 6 out of 10 for its natural, relaxed homeliness. At full price, it wouldn't get such a high a score.

I rate this as 6 out of 10
Note: you need a Region 2 or multi-region player to watch this.
Produced by Liquid Gold and distributed in the UK by Electric Distribution
Retails for around £9.95


This film is essentially a long, outdoor, wetfantasy shoot, starring the very beautiful Amanda Hughes as she enjoys a fiveday camping holiday. It starts with a teasing montage of clips, both wet and dry, to the accompaniment of some rather weird Indian and Gaelic music. Luckily, in later scenes, the music disappears and the sound of the river is allowed to create a natural babbling ambience.Who isn't drawn by the noise of a waterfall or a weir or rolling waves for that matter?

Day one: Amanda sets off on her holiday and after erecting her tent, decides to wash some of her clothes in the nearby river. She then elects to wash the clothes that she is still wearing during a very sexy self-fondling dip. At the end, complete with that great smile of hers, she slowly and provocatively strips at the water's edge. The second day brings a shower in a waterfall. There is no strip but some nice transparent underwear shots and she soaks her brown mane.

On to day three, and this section begins rather disappointingly with a swim in the river wearing only a very loose summer dress - not enough kit for real wet-look enthusiasts - but this improves greatly as our heroine falls asleep while sunbathing nude. She dreams of soaking situations and the Indian music returns. This is not surprising, as all of the dream sequences are taken from Indian films.Would Bollywood be so successful if it weren't for the wet look... could this be what the mass bathing in the Ganges is really all about?

After waking, Amanda, dressed in a lovely tight suit-skirt with stockings etc, goes spear-fishing and, daft but true, finishes up in the river up to her neck.

Day four provides a brief interlude where the lady crawls out of her tent into a deluge of rain. At least she is wearing proper shoes at last, and there is some very nice posing as she does a partial strip.

The final day gives rise to the best sequence of all in terms of quality, but also in terms on girls on film. Our camper is sitting on the grass, quietly reading a book, when, for no obvious reason, she is attacked with water guns and buckets of water by six other smartly dressed young ladies.

Having been thoroughly drenched, she makes her escape by running to and then into the river. However, she is hotly pursued by her tormentors and there follows a raucous seven-girl water-fight in mid-stream, followed by a group strip. This is now the end of the holiday as they walk, mainly naked, from the river.

There is also an appealing thread of humour running through the film in the form of a regularly appearing voyeuristic rabbit (not the usual sort of rabbit that this magazine deals with) - could say he's a 'happy bunny'!

As this was originally shot some years ago for video and has been converted for DVD, it does lack specific features, such as scene selection, that one now expects on a disc. But apart from that, there are some lovely images of girls just getting wet - and if this is your thing, you'll definitely find this erotic and stimulating.

I rate this as 7 out of 10
Produced by Artscene Productions
Running time: 60 minutes
Available in some retail outlets, but more easily obtained online at www.artaqua.co.uk - where you will also find an extensive catalogue of wet look and messy titles
Price £25.00

Erotic Strip Dance

This 85-minute 'funny' is from the famous Alexander Institute and is based on Susan Bremer's The Art of Sexual Dance. Ms Bremer claims to be 41 years old when she presented this film - but I leave you to judge for yourself.

Introduced, as it is, as lessons to make a woman feel good about herself when she is on her own, it may have some merit.

However, for sexy movement, you'd be far better off watching Aerobics Oz-style. There is also a danger that an inexperienced 'older' woman could injure herself if attempting some of these 'subtle' moves on her own (so my Pilates teacher maintains) and, to be fair, they're routines that do need to be practised in a modicum of privacy, alone. Struggling to be positive, the film does use a group of women of widely - yes widely - differing body shapes as well as ages, but the overall impression is of Daisy trying to kick-start Onslow in an episode of Keeping up Appearances.

Why bother? Let's just be honest and brutal. This is not up to the usual standard of the Alexander Institute, which is normally pretty good. This sort of dance is not easy to teach and, mostly, comes naturally or not at all. Most people can't dance and would look foolish even trying to emulate these recommendations. Leave this sort of movement to the pros. If she followed this course to its conclusion, your average middle-aged lady would be more likely to raise guffaws of laughter than an erection.

Not only do you get a DVD, you also get a CD of so-called erotic dance music. It lasts for over 55 minutes, which is at least 55 minutes too long and is an extraordinarily badly synthesised mixture of lift-music, bad '70s soft jazz and the tunes that they left out of Lawrence of Arabia. It makes you want to either reach for The Arctic Monkeys or throw your player (or the CD) out of the window.

The DVD has sound and menus in English, Spanish, German and French and subtitles in English. The interactive menu has a few features on 'Sexuality Info' but nothing special.

As ever, the DVDs from this company warn, in bright red lettering:

'ALWAYS PRACTISE SAFE SEX'. I can assure you, if you followed this regime you would certainly be safe from having sex.

The going price is around £14.95 - allegedly a saving of £10.00 on the RRP. Even if it was only £4.95, I couldn't give it more than 2 out of 10 - even for the undeniable comedy value.

I rate this as 2 out of 10
Produced by the Alexander Institute
Needs a Region 2 or multi-region player
Running time approximately 85 minutes
Retails for around £14.95

The Gomorrah Club

The Gomorrah Club does have a sort of storyline. It's about a woman reporter (the rather lovely Ashley) who investigates the swinging club-scene for the very first time. The film features quite a long cast list of reasonably well-known actors and looks as though it may have been shot in a real swinging club - or at least in some very similar venue.

The promotional blurb on the disc promises 'oral, threesomes, lesbian, DP and inter-racial' and it does indeed deliver on all of these counts.

Scene 1 involves the initiation of a new member - a black guy - and while it probably goes on too long, isn't bad at all. The second scene features a pretty good menage a trios (MFF) but, again, it's a bit on the long side.

Scene three is the best on the disc. There's a good lesbian take with a lot of licking and '69' and extensive use of a golden vibrator, and this is followed up by an entertaining MFFFF event.

In the final part, our intrepid reporter leaves the club having declined to become involved in any fun and games, but obviously turned on by what she has been watching. This results in her picking up and taking home two male strangers that she meets on the street. A good finale with, among other things, double BJs and DP.

Apparently, an uncut, hard-core version of this film can be sourced over the net from RelishXXX.com and it would work much better as an 'R18' rather than the '18' we reviewed. It's almost a very good film, but there is something missing.

A further small problem with this offering is the dire background music - but then I suppose it's the pictures not the sound that really matter in this kind of thing.

If this is the 'Gomorrah' Club, I wonder if the Sodom one is any better. It retails at £9.95, at a saving of £10.00 from the RRP. At this price it's worth 7 out of 10 - but at full price it wouldn't be... but maybe the 'R18' version would.

I rate this as 7 out of 10
Produced by Tongueincheek Limited
Runs for about 93 minutes,
Retails at £9.95