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Liberty Elite looks like the kind of place that you'd pull into to ask for directions ... to Liberty Elite! At least that's how it was on a Saturday night, navigating a dark Leicestershire dual carriageway until the hotel/club came into view. As Sam Bal and partner found, navigating the club itself was a lot more fun - with just the right amount of darkness...

The fact that Liberty Elite was set up by a successful property developer goes some way to explaining the club's general design and decor. There's a feeling of newness on stepping through the club's portals into reception, with a muted white-beigey ambience which immediately induces calm. It's a little like being invited to a house party, absorbing the new surroundings and anticipating what lies ahead as the evening gradually unfolds.

Reception formalities

On arrival, the friendly staff deal with the entry formalities, checking your proof of ID, and explaining that full annual membership costs £50 per couple. The young pair in front of us are newbies and are told they can enjoy the club without taking out full membership. For £40 they can decide if full membership is for them later on.

Once through reception, we enter an innocuous-looking bar with warm lounge space that still gives no real indication that we're in a swingers' club. But then this is the chameleon effect of Liberty Elite, as it gradually mutates from hotel to bar to club.

One can appreciate how this insidious transition makes newcomers feel at ease in the club. As we settle into comfortable lowslung chairs with our drinks before us, my partner and I engage in the popular social sport of 'people-watching'.

Club dress code

The club's dress code asks that guests 'dress to impress' - and they do! Gents are in generally 'cut above' smart casual and we've already seen two bottoms sporting the label, 'Versace Couture'.

With predictable feminine choice, ladies opt for something between cocktail dress and outright 'Minx Effect'. This pleases me, not just for the visual pleasure, but because my partner had earlier been clutching down her tartan skirt wondering whether it might be too short (as if!). It's nice to see that the same skirt has now ridden up several appealing inches, signalling that she's a lot more comfy now that she's identified with Liberty's sisterhood.

Bar amenities

There's an elongated socialising space with tables and chairs opposite the bar - which is buzzing. But we prefer the intimate spaces of the lounge area, which houses a fireplace and is configured for closeness, with chairs in small semi-circles. It makes socialising very easy and it's not long before we chat with the couples around us and procure the next round of drinks. The comprehensive drinks list means the range covers everything from champagne to cocktails, so you don't bring your own drinks with you.

At this point it's probably worth issuing a warning to hardened swingers - you might not get around to it! It's so easy to lounge back and socialise, that it's quite possible that your agenda might shift subtly.

As the night wears on, this perception is challenged by a steady stream of guys in towels and girls in lingerie who periodically walk past us. Some have emerged from the adjacent Jacuzzi, while others return from some upstairs fun. Either way, it's clear that it's time for us to explore.

Investigating the club

Towards the end of the bar, a new space opens up, and it's here that guests can indulge in all manner of unrestrained restraint fun, with dungeon equipment all around. Even here, there isn't that seedy, 'used' look that afflicts some club dungeon set-ups. It's clean and airy and the bright red leather that adorns the centre-piece 'throne' chair makes it look as if the club's just taken delivery of it. Momentarily pausing to watch a couple grappling with restraints on the nearby bed, we make a mental note and head back to the bar, past the dance floor.

Speaking of notes, the club didn't have dance music on the night we were there, just muted muzak. This caused some frustration among some of the couples that we chatted with because the dance floor isn't just a token one, but quite a large area where there's potential fun to be had. However, there is dancing at the club, particularly on its busy theme party nights.

The good news is the club has just announced the commissioning of interior designers to produce a new-look disco area, and two new adjacent play-areas.Work is scheduled to commence within the next eight weeks. This will see the installation of a new DJ console and state-of the-art sound and lighting systems.

Furthermore, a renowned national sculptor has been commissioned to produce unique erotic statues and works of art to set the style in this area of the club.

Loosening up

On leaving this area, our next stop is the bedrooms upstairs, where it's easy to glide in and out through unlocked doors, behind which laid-back couples take sex in their stride. By now our bar mood is lost, and nakedness is the only solution.

In the changing areas, lockers are provided and we use the locker key provided by the receptionist. Lockers, like suitcases, can always be bigger - although I do point out to my partner that perhaps her long leather boots might be responsible for some of the crush.

A more welcome crush awaits us in the spa where, once we've deposited the towels we were wearing, we decide to take the plunge. This is quite a significant decision because we're normally Jacuzzi-phobic. However, earlier on when being served drinks by the amiable manager, Mark, we were told that the spa uses state-of-theart filters which rank among the best in Europe. This is corroborated by the distinct lack of 'spa-smell' that you get in some places. This, combined, with the general upkeep of the club (girls - you should see their bathrooms!) made it easy to take a dip in the inviting waters, and most enjoyable it was, too.

Emerging (a lot later) from our dip, we use the adjacent shower and look properly for the first time at the surrounding space. It's a vast, dark cavern with makeshift beds all around. More specifically, it's full of couples fucking. Our 'when in Rome' attitude kicks in and finally we spot a semi-free bed. It's semi-free because a thirtysomething guest is sprawled out on it thoroughly enjoying her partner's tongue.

It's apparent that in this room couples, of all ages, prefer to keep the fun between themselves and are not too concerned with the swapping aspect. Of course it happens, but there was a sense that it wasn't as overt as in some other clubs, and for a couples' night, the atmosphere felt pitched about right, particularly for new couples.

To optimise the fun it's a good idea to book one of Liberty Elite's hotel rooms for the night, especially after taking advantage of the bar fare. This is exactly what the new couple in the reception queue on our arrival did. They might have been undecided about committing to full membership when they arrived - but they've certainly added to Liberty Elite's swelling ranks now!

At a Glance Facts

Entry is by membership only. This can be done at the door when attending the venue for the first time
Re special events, temporary membership at a modest cost might be imposed - check for details and costs which will be posted on club's events calendar on its website:

Entrance costs are in addition to the membership cost - see the Events Calendar and Special Events page on website
Full annual membership - £50 per couple
First time visitors - £40 per couple
Any subsequent visits will attract the full membership and entrance costs, as detailed above and on the Events Calendar page on the website

Restricted Visitors:
£50 per couple per visit
This is the inclusive price for one-off periodic visits to the club. This is not available on Club Theme Nights or Special Club Nights (Christmas, New Year and Midsummer Parties). Restricted Visitors have no members' privileges eg, not eligible for club special offers, cannot bring guests into the club and cannot access Members' Only Area on forum

Single gents:
Note - all single applicants are interviewed over the phone prior to attendance at club
Full annual membership - £100
Temporary membership on first visit:
A temporary membership charge of £25 is made in addition to entrance fee. Upgrade to a full membership for an additional £75.
Upgrades must be done within two months of the first visit date

Single girls:
As with single gents. Email or telephone first for interview over the telephone
Entrance cost:
This is additional to the membership cost, and can be found in the Events Calendar and Special Events page on website
Full annual members - £25
Membership runs for one year from the date of joining. This fee also includes the entrance cost of your first visit

Executive suites: £55.00 per night (with en suite bath and shower)
Superior suites: £45.00 per night (with en suite bath only)
Use email or booking form to make your reservation. Debit or credit card details needed to confirm your booking

Liberty Elite,Watling Street (A5) Lutterworth, Leicestershire LE17 4HU
Phone: 01455 552237
Fax: 01455 203588