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There we were,wondering what we should do for the weekend,when the Editor phones up and says, 'Are you free on Saturday? How about going and reviewing a swingers' club for the magazine?'

After a quick check with my partner we agreed, and started planning our outing to Pleasures in Kent. I had heard of it before, while chatting online. Someone mentioned it as a place they had visited, so I had already had a quick look at the website.

The website certainly gave a good impression. A nice friendly style, some guidelines on behaviour, and some decent photographs of the venue were encouraging. The club has a number of different types of evening, with a general singles and couples night every second Friday (although check the website for exact dates), and a couplesonly night every Saturday.

The preliminaries

The venue wasn't too far from us either, needing just a 45-minute run down the M20 from South London. All we had to do was decide what to wear.We've got a lot of outfits we wear for the Fetish Clubbing scene, but again, a check on the website suggested that I at least, should tone down what I usually wear! For the guys, smart casual was suggested, and for girls 'dress as sexy as you want' - which always works for me!

I sent off an email to say we wanted to come along, as we're pretty new to all of this, and got a pleasant reply back giving a bit more advice, and also saying that if we wanted to drink we should bring our own alcohol along, but that soft drinks would be on sale.

Location, location...

The club is open from 8 pm till 3 am on a Saturday, but previous experience suggested we should aim to get there about 10 pm to allow some time for it to fill up. So we set off a little after 9 pm on a wet and murky night. The directions were pretty good, getting us pretty close. The only change we would make to the directions is to add that you need to drive for two miles from the last turn-off to the house.We decided we'd gone too far the first time, and turned back, but a quick phonecall soon sorted us out.

The venue is a private detached house in its own grounds, with off-road parking. It's nice and quiet, and far enough away from other houses that you wouldn't need to worry about upsetting the neighbours! We parked up, and rang the doorbell, and were promptly greeted by one of the organisers, who took our names, and our money. Then, as we were new, they arranged for a guided tour of the place.

Indoor facilities

The venue is a combination of rooms inside and outside the house. In the building itself there is a bar and dancefloor area; a number of themed rooms to play in; and showering and toilet rooms. You can then walk through a conservatory area (the only place where people could smoke), and into the garden to a number of other rooms. The facilities here included two large Jacuzzis, a sauna, then downstairs to a variety of rooms and cubbyholes. Some of the rooms could be locked and were private, others could be locked, but had viewing windows. Finally, at the end of the corridor was a small dungeon area for the more adventurous, and a play-swing for the more athletic!

So what were our first impressions? Well, the venue looked as good as it had in the photographs, which is always a plus-point. Also, there was much more room to play, and more places to go than I had expected, allowing people to spread across the facilities in small groups to play, without it feeling too crowded. The bar area was quite crowded when we arrived, although the service at the bar was quick, and the soft drinks were inexpensive. Overall, the place looked pretty busy, which we liked. The staff we spoke with said that a lot of the people there were regulars, and the age range was from mid-twenties up to late fifties, with most people probably over thirty. The only thing we didn't like was the music. It seemed to range from Diana Ross to hard rock, which was a bit jarring.

However, the music in the garden rooms was much more sensual, and left my partner with a wish-list for the car on the way home!

The evening unfolds

We're pretty new to all of this, so were interested to see how the evening would progress. One of the staff suggested that things would start to hot up around 11.30, and sure enough, after eleven, people started to drift away from the bar. This was a bit disconcerting for us, as we were soon among the few people left in the bar. But once we decided to have a look around, we discovered where everyone had gone. Most of the rooms in the house were now filled with couples and groups of people enjoying themselves!

In one room, two couples were separately getting down and dirty, while in another room at least four people - or maybe it was six - were having a jolly fun time together.Wandering down to the rooms in the garden, there were two people in one Jacuzzi having a nice chat, while in the other one, three couples were getting to know each other quite intimately. One woman was giving one of the guys a blow job, which was no mean feat, given he was sitting in two feet of water!

House hospitality

One of the features of the evening was the large buffet that was spread out in the bar, so we wandered back to the house and tucked into some food. This was certainly worth doing, as the food was delicious.

However, as you will have gathered from the review so far, we hadn't indulged in any naughtiness ourselves. One of the tricky parts of visiting a new swingers' club - or any club for that matter - is can you quickly get to know people well enough to want to take things further? It was obvious that at Pleasures in Kent there were a lot of regulars and naturally they were talking to each other. However, no-one approached us to chat, which was a little disappointing. We're not unattractive, and my partner is pretty sexy in her stockings, suspenders short skirt and see-through top, so we thought someone might want to chat with us. But unfortunately it wasn't to be the case. So round about 1 am, we decided to head for home.

Summing it up

So how would we rate the club? Firstly, what about the downside? Well, like a lot clubs, you would need to be prepared to get conversations going yourself. As there were a lot of regulars, people naturally got together with their friends, so if you are going to visit you mustn't be shy - you'll need to be willing to work the room to get conversations going if you want to play. And on this particular evening we didn't actually see any one we wanted to play with.

On the plus side, the venue was very good, and certainly lived up to its billing on the website. The amount of space and the variety of rooms meant there were plenty of places to go to play, as a couple or as a group. There was a wide variety of outfits in evidence, ranging from very plain gear to some pretty sexy stuff. There were even a couple of people in PVC and rubber outfits, so in fact you could definitely be a bit adventurous with what you wore without

raising any eyebrows. Another big plus-point was that people actually got down to doing some swinging and having a really good time. That doesn't always seem to happen at other clubs! The staff were also very helpful and really put us at ease.

Do we have any ideas for the club? Well, we thought it would be a good idea to try and get newbies chatting to other people. Not everyone wants to give up their time, but perhaps some of the people would be willing to help newcomers break the ice. Or, as there was at least one other couple who were new, perhaps we could have been introduced to them. It would all help to get newcomers onboard. However, I think we are going to say this about most clubs, as it what most newbies comment about.


So, would we recommend people to go there? Our firm conclusion was that you really should give it a try if you are reasonably local as, like most clubs, you will need to go a few times to build up the relationships to have some fun. But once you've found people you like, you could expect a lot of good horny sex. It's a fun venue with even more possibilities if the evening had been warm and dry rather than wet and windy.

As this is the first of a number of reviews we plan to write, we thought we would do a star rating (out of five), so you can compare venues more easily. On that basis, if you know a swingers' club you think is sexy enough for us to 'mystery shop' send an email to the Editor, and we'll add it to the list. It's a tough job but someone has to do it!

Additional Information

If you want to attend the Friday parties you will need to book

No booking needed for the Saturday couples-only nights

Sleep-over accommodation is available - but not for all events - check the website or phone for availability

Venue Location 4*
Rooms 4*
Facilities 3*
Staff 4*
People 3*
Down and Dirty 4*
Website (Accuracy) 4*

Couples £30
Single guys £40
Single girls £15
Contact: 07753514077
Maggie & Steve