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This month a regular army of testers SH testers have given of their time and energy, and proved their dedication to the cause to bring you their verdicts on a mixed collection of kit...

More Sex in a Can: Fleshlight Inserts

Reviewed by 'Luckier'
Mocha Mouth Super Tight Ribbed
Since I reviewed the Pink Fleshlight for last month's issue, I have been lucky enough to be sent (thanks to another four inserts to try out, and I guess my conclusion is that there is not one that is necessarily better than the others - it's all down to personal taste, and to what particular sensation you are looking for. But if I was asked which is my personal favourite among the five I now have, I would have to say the Mocha Mouth Super Tight Ribbed is the one I enjoy most. That is probably down to the fact that in my 'real' sex-life, I enjoy the sensation my penis gets from oral sex more than anything else. And, as that is what gives me the most satisfying orgasm, it was no surprise that the first time I played with this insert, and (actually), every time since, it has made me cum pretty quickly - which is unusual for me as I can usually enjoy long, slow and unhurried masturbation.

Pink Butt Ultra Tight
The Pink Butt Ultra Tight is also excellent if you like the sensation of anal sex. It's as realistic as the real thing to touch and penetrate and, although I have read some reviews online where users complain of the tightness of this insert, I found that to be the pleasure of it. But then again, it won't suit everyone - we all have different opinions after all. Perhaps it's because my penis is what I would describe as a 'manageable' size that I didn't find it too tight, but then again, if you use enough lube, size shouldn't matter! But if I was to recommend one, it would still have to be the Mocha Mouth. It really does deliver guaranteed satisfaction!
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The Beadazzled Anal Tool

A beginner's anal vibrator
If there are any male readers who are thinking about experimenting with anal sex and prostate stimulation, the Beadazzled Anal Tool is one I highly recommend. It was, in fact, one of the first anal toys I experimented with, and one I still use to this day. Advertised as a great beginner's anal toy - it really is. There is nothing quite like this for anal stimulation, and as soon as you start playing with it, you will be taken to an unbelievable height of orgasm, and if that is what you are looking for, this is one of the best anal toys to help you achieve it,. It's also a brilliant way to discover whether anal sex is for you or not.

What I liked about this one was the swirling tip and beaded area that feel so very nice, for rimming yourself, upon anal entry and during penetration. If you think you would enjoy anal play (or you already do), this toy provides tremendous satisfaction, with remarkable comfort and ease. Certainly, the controllable revolving movement of the tip and the multiple speed vibrations will give you brilliant results that perhaps you didn't think possible - and will undoubtedly bring you to a beautiful head! It may almost make you lose control due to the sensations it creates. It works on three AAA batteries, so if you do decide to give this a try, make sure you have plenty of spares under your pillow - once you have started playing with this, you will want to keep it to hand to use again and again! A must for guys who enjoy self-sex.

Buzz Bunny

CurvierBunny took a look at an introductory Rabbit for girls:
Thinking of taking the plunge and buying one of the many 'Rabbit' vibrators out there, but just not sure it'll be for you? May I recommend the 'Buzz Bunny' as a great 'taster' to the joys the Rabbit can bring! It's a small vibrator that slips on your finger (and it's adjustable, so should fit comfortably on your finger or that of your partner). It has a removable, bunny-shaped sleeve made out of soft jelly, and you can experiment with the sensation of soft, buzzing bunny ears on your clit before you shell out lots of cash for a proper rabbit vibrator. Small, reasonably quiet yet powerful enough to be enjoyable, this is an excellent little vibe for solo play or for use during sex. If you find the jelly rabbit sleeve isn't for you? Not to worry! Simply remove it and you'll find a small, hard plastic vibrator underneath, and that may tickle your fancy more. The pros are many, and the only 'con' I can think of is, for me, the best stimulation came from rubbing the rabbit's smiley face against my clit, and in hindsight, this felt a little bit wrong! However, generally speaking this toy was a joy to sample and I look forward to using it again!
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The Brush Bunny

It had often occurred to me, when switching on my rechargeable toothbrush, what a cracking vibrator it would make - but obviously you don't want to be setting about your tender, sensitive parts with an oscillating brush. In a way, therefore, it was no big surprise to me when someone came up with a nifty, soft, medical-grade silicon attachment to slip over the brush for just that purpose.

As the accompanying blurb says, 'External use only'... and it sleeves on to the brush just tightly enough so you can feel confident it won't slip off, being suitable for use with most main-brand rechargeable electric toothbrushes.

The Bunny has, as its makers promise, 'ingenious ear design', and you can see as soon as you switch it on that the ears vibrate in quite a promising way for such a little beast. They also recommend a water-based lube - and I'd agree that this enhances the overall sensations.

If you're used to the acclaimed ministrations of the original 'Rabbit', the Brush Bunny is obviously going to be a bit of a poor relation, but with a bit of 'burrowing', BB will deliver. It's a plus that he's a discreet little passenger in your spongebag and can go anywhere with you, but since electric toothbrushes are designed for functional dental cleaning and not recreational use, you need to be careful not to overdo it and knacker the battery by overheating! Having said that, for £9.99, he's a very pleasurable travelling pet or bathroom buddy.
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Rabbit Super Vibe

Reviewed by Maxine
This is a really versatile and utterly gratifying Rabbit! Made from pink latex rubber, it has been produced to a high quality to be fully waterproof, and is operated through its sixteen functions and ten speeds by a very smooth control panel. You can choose between the rabbit bullet and the 27-cm shaft - or both, which are individually controllable for speed of vibration and rotation - either clockwise or anticlockwise.

At the risk of extolling this sexy beast too much, the fact remains that it does the business for vaginal and clitoral pleasure equally well - and so very smoothly [our reviewer's original appraisal was 'out of this world', but we have to keep our feet on the ground. Ed]. Requires three AA batteries (not included).
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I didn't know where to start with this thing, so it's lucky that it comes complete with a comprehensive instruction leaflet that must have been written by the same illiterate imbecile who writes the instructions for Ikea from the safe confines of a padded cell and without the use of any implement sharper than a crayon! However, the problem is that at least with Ikea you can ignore the instructions, employ a lump hammer and some six-inch nails and end up with some sort of assembled bits of wood that, if you're lucky, may loosely approximate to a piece of furniture. There is no such guarantee with 'Clone-a-Willy'.

As all men out there know, you can't ever be certain of achieving that 'perfect' erection on demand, and this is precisely what you are required to do with this kit. A stark warning is given in step 3 of the instructions: 'When Ready to Mold: You have a MAXIMUM of only 2 minutes to mix the Molding Powder and Water AND insert your erect penis. Be QUICK!' 'Nuff said, eh guys? Anyway, that's what I thought before I tried it. I am man enough, as my 'clone' would prove - had it not already been devoured - to admit that my presumptions were wrong.

The advice given to 'Have someone help', 'Be prepared', and 'Use a penis pump/penis ring'. is sound stuff, and this thing really is a great laugh - especially as a gift for almost anyone - a boyfriend, a girlfriend or a couple.

The kit even comes complete with a tiny plastic thermometer to get the melting temperature spot on. (Interesting little fact, one of the main reasons why chocolate is so erotic, is that the standard product melts at precisely human body temperature!)

I only have one criticism of an otherwise fun product, and that is that it is produced in America (hence the American spellings) so the 'chocolate' component is really a chocolate-flavoured substance - rather more like a Hershey Bar than our far superior proper European CHOCOLATE! But I'm being picky and pretentious here. Have a go, but make sure you read, re-read and re-read again all of the instructions before you start.

Price. Rather expensive, at round £24.95 - for what it is.
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Born to Buck

As always in this magazine, we tell the truth. And we have to say that none of our staff or reviewers have had the nerve, stamina or pain-threshold to really test this monster. It is from a range of butt plugs and man rammers, made from what is claimed to be super-sensitive ultra-smooth Hardtex material, that vary in size, design and colour.

The one that we are currently using in the SHM office as a doorstop, is 10 inches in length and has a maximum girth of a little over 9 inches. Some witty editorial in the advertising blurb says: '....pick the one that's right for you and never look back.' Not looking back is probably wise advice for the faint-hearted! This potentially lethal weapon also has a strong cord attached to the base - we're not quite sure if that is to hang it up with or as a safety measure in case there's a risk of it getting lost.Whoever you are, a lot of lube would be advisable.

Currently available for around £19.95 a saving on the RRP of £15.00.
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Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock System

This is a very comprehensive and well made strap-on system. While the 'harness' and attachments are clearly intended for FF situations, it could also equally well be used in a MF situation where, maybe, the male was having erection problems. But we tested it in its primary role of FF fun.

Firstly, you need the harness. In our case we tried out the 'Ultra Harness 2 and plug' which is made of a fabric and vinyl construction. There is a newer model on the market - the 'Ultra harness 3000' that is all leather. Functionally, they are identical. They both come with an easy to attach plug that acts as the fitment for the various accessories, are open-crotch for quick and comfortable switchover from one to the other, and have adjustable straps to accommodate up to a 44-inch waist. After fixing the plug to the strap, you need powder lube (not supplied) to attach the dildo of your choice. Once you've done this, don the harness, adjust for fit and comfort and you're ready for action.

There are almost twenty different accessories available, including a double-dong plug, a rider ball and a doublepenetrator for those who like front and back entry at the same time.We just tried out the 6-inch and 7-inch standard dongs. We have to say, the whole system was quick and comfortable to put on and the accessories were easily interchangeable. The overall effect is close to that of a real shag - but with the benefit that it can last a whole lot longer and can be more easily controlled to give maximum pleasure to the recipient.

There was only one real complaint - while we both achieved what we set out to - several times in fact - we felt that the dongs were just a very tiny bit on the soft side. But they are well sculpted - some even come with moulded balls - and once you really get going you almost forget that it is not the real thing.

All in all, it was such fun that we've used it several more times since writing this review and will continue to do so.
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