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There's a new kid on the block and it's called The F Club - London's newest, and, they say, biggest and most glamorous swingers' club. A couple of our SHM staff visited the club for a party evening in May 2007.

Easy to find, the F Club is situated just minutes from Wandsworth High Street in South London. It's tucked away in a business complex and can therefore afford the luxury of 24-hour secure parking for upwards of 200 cars.

We arrived at the start of the evening - around 9.00 pm - and within half an hour people began to pack in. As the F Club is for members only, you have the peace of mind that there is a screening process that includes proof of ID and address.We were met and greeted by very friendly staff who gave us the new members' tour and we were impressed.

Guided tour

The club's foyer leads into the 'Blue' Bar/Lounge with its cedar dance floor - that would see some very erotic gyrations later in the evening. Earlier, however, this zone is a social area where people meet and greet and to get to know each other. There is a soft drinks bar and guests can bring their own booze, which the sexily dressed and pleasantly chatty staff label and store in the ample fridges or shelves, and will dispense for you during the evening. You are not permitted to bring in soft drinks, but prices are similar to pub - well, London pub - prices at £2.00 for water, £2.50 for Red Bull and £1 for juices and sodas.

The staff worked conscientiously all night, collecting glasses, emptying ashtrays and remaining incredibly friendly. No one knows yet, what will happen when the Tony B Liar's smoking ban is due to come into force in July, but there is an ample area outside for those addicted to the weed and, currently, there are two smoking areas - one near the entrance and one at the rear.

Moving on through the club you will find a cosy and subtly lit harem room full of cushions and drapes. Then there is the ubiquitous medical room - tastefully done with an examination table and curtains - and one could almost expect Lara Stone (Casualty) to rip the curtains aside and stride in at any moment.

Further down the corridor is a dark room with fondle holes, beds and all that you would expect. (By the early hours this room was being put to good use.)

For your entertainment

There is then a very well equipped and spacious dungeon, complete with spanking bench, a love-swing and various other BDSM accoutrements, not least the spanking wheel from the film Preaching to the Perverted, designed by Luke Morgan. Opposite the dungeon, is the cinema playroom. Erotic films are played throughout the night on a sixfoot screen, and the room is equipped with double beds, couches and private 'cubicles' that, by about 1.30 am, were all occupied and being given some serious use.

We were told that there are plans - not yet finalised - for a room with Jacuzzis, shower and changing area, including hairdryers and mirrors for make-up etc.When this is completed, the club-goers will want for nothing by way of facilities.

The evening warms up

By around 10.30, there were about sixty people in the club. They were mostly couples but there were a number of single women and single men. Another influx of people at 11.30 pushed the number up to around 170, and all of the rooms were busy.

However, it wasn't until after midnight that the club seriously got going and people really opened up. The dark room, the harem, the cinema and the dungeon were all fully occupied and buzzing with activity.

There was a range of people - we met all sorts, from single women in their late 20s to 30s. Most clubbers were couples, ranging in age from about 30 to 55. There were also a few middle-aged single men. Everyone attending had made the effort to dress up either smartly, in burlesque style or in fetish gear. One man was turned away early on for wearing jeans - so the dress-code really is 'smart or sexy'.

There were also quite a few novices who were looking for a third partner to experiment with (95 per cent looking for a woman). As there was a high proportion of single women, this didn't seem to be a problem.

Party nights

The F Club hosts three to four parties a week in the evenings, and is also considering some daytime functions. I also like the idea they have of introducing a newcomers' night.

Well run - as I'm sure it will be - this should be a real hit.

In summary, although only still in its early stages, this is a very professionally, well-run and friendly club, and we will certainly be going back there in the near future - not to do a further review, but to enjoy what promises to become a seriously good venue.

Membership costs

There is a one-off joining fee which includes membership of the Members' Area on the club's website
3Couples/single males £30
3Single females £15

Entrance fees

3Couples/single males £25
3Single females £5

Fridays and Saturdays

(please note, only a limited number of single males are allowed to attend parties on the 3rd and last Saturday - the first two Saturdays are strictly for couples and single females)
3Couples/single males £40
3Single females £10
3Dress code smart or sexy or theme

Days and times of opening

3Thursdays 7pm to midnight
3Fridays and Saturdays 9pm to 3am
31st and last Saturday 10pm to 6am

Address: Wandsworth, London SW18
Telephone: 07918 881254/07778 758888