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Christmas at the campsite

"After Two nights of fun the summer bookings increased"

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Author's Notes

"Totally fictional although one of my friends on here will hopefully enjoy"

Christmas at the camp site.

We decided to send invitations to all this season’s campers on a first response basis. To a grand pre-Christmas event, of 3 nights.  M.J and hubby were first to respond almost by return email. She definitely wanted a pitch. Our response was did they want a static van or use their RV.

M.J came back with they had updated their RV and there would be spare beds If needed.

Linda and I got together to arrange space heaters for the barn. Tricia and Lexi sorted the food and event price. The theme was obviously Christmas outfits. The more revealing the better.

We would open the site on 19/12 for 3 nights, giving us 4 Christmas on our own, well that’s what we planned.

Couples even 3 & 4 some’s booked and arrived. They set up their pitch and set about preparing for a full on sex fest. M.J walked into the site shop. Oh my what a vision to behold. Her red and white fur trimmed outfit, extremely low cut her cleavage was a joy to behold, the top of her aureole’s exposed. Her erect nipples only just covered. Her nipped in waist held by a basque or corset. The boning showed through the skimpy material the hem stopped above the join of her legs. The red lace panties trying hard to cover her pussy and failing. The matching red suspender straps supporting her black sheer stockings pulled taught on her feet red heeled shoes, at least 5 inches. A picture perfect.

“Hubby’s outside, he’s a little nervous as his dress is a little shorter than mine.” M.J giggled.

“Impossible!!!” I exclaimed.

M.J walked to the door and called her hubby to join us.

He rushed in to the shop nervously aware of being seen. M.J was right his Santa dress was cut lower with his black lace bra above the neck line of his dress. It reminded me of the 60’s style dresses that were topless. The hem line was even higher, his black lace panties were bulging and his black suspender straps attached to lace top stockings. I could see his pre-cum leaking through the lace of his panties.

“Meet Mary Christmas, Carole.” M.J uttered.

“Hello Mary, how are you?” I asked.

“A little cold, nervous but hugely turned on.” He answered.

“Never mind Mary, let me say hello properly.” M.J uttered.

Next move was she was behind the counter with her tongue down my throat. Her right hand was under my skirt and her left caressing my right breast. It didn’t take long for her to get my cock out of my panties waist band.

“Mary remove my thong I want this lovely hard cock in my pussy.” M.J ordered.

I heard the sound of Velcro parting as Mary removed M.J’s thong. M.J had my panties pooling at my feet. She leant forward presenting me with easy access to her pussy.

“Mary, stand in front with your panties down I want spit roasting by you two.” M.J told him.

As Mary obeyed, M.J took hold of my cock and aimed it at her pussy.

“Mmmm, that’s lovely, Mary get your cock in my mouth and both of you make sure we all cum.” M.J told us as she reached out for Mary’s cock.

We timed our strokes to both be on the in strokes together. M.J knew how to use her pussy muscles, and put them to use on me. It wasn’t long before I felt the tingle to announce my orgasm, I had wanted to last a bit longer, but I couldn’t hold back.

“I’m cumming!! I exclaimed.

“Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm.” M.J mumbled.

I pumped my cum into her incredible juicy pussy.

“Am I interrupting here?” Linda asked as left her office.

Briefly releasing her hubby, Mary.

“Yes take Carole’s place and get your cock in my pussy, there is still room for another load of cum!!! ” M.J exclaimed.

I slipped out and picked up my panties, Linda was removing hers and already standing proud. She slid into M.J’s pussy easily as my cum was providing any lubrication.

I heard M.J sigh as Linda’s pubic bone met her cheeks.

Linda succumbed to M.J’s muscles and was soon spurting her cum into M.J to mix with mine.

Once again M.J released her hubby.

“Mary get behind me and add your cum to the others. Now you two get in front so I can lick you clean. Linda and I stood facing each other slightly turned towards M.J. Her tongue licked us and sucked in turn like a vacuum we were completely cleaned of our cum and her own juices. M.J licked her lips.

“Thank you girls, tasty as ever, but you two better rest, because over the next few days I’m going to have as much creamy cum in my holes as I can coax out.

Next to arrive was a couple, he was in jeans and sweatshirt. She in a mid thigh skirt with stockings or perhaps tights. 3 inch heel black patent shoe a tight jumper emphasising her firm chest.

M.J looked at them.

“If you’re looking for somewhere to make a deposit in the sperm bank, its right here between my legs. I’ve just secured 3 loads already.”

I realised who they were, back in chapter 5 they were two guys in the shower block. This could be interesting. They looked at each other and nodded. The gurl stood behind M.J unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She eased her lacy boy shorts down and off leaving her lower half clad in suspender tights. Her cock was rigid and was soon disappearing into M.J’s slippery pussy. While the gurl was inserting herself into M.J her partner had lowered his jeans to his ankles he was sporting an impressive cock framed by black g-string panties and also suspender tights. Offering his cock to M.J she hungrily accepted it into her mouth. They both had a bit more staying power than the three of us, but they hadn’t encountered M.J. They cock in her pussy was soon spilling its load into her.

As she pulled back she sighed and told M.J.

“Please don’t swallow all his cum, I want to snowball you.”

“Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm, mmmm.” Was all we could hear until her boyfriend started grunting as his seed spurted into M.J. When he slipped out his girlfriend was there waiting as M.J stood upright. Tongues were wrestling as they swapped the cum in her mouth. She managed to extract M.J’s breasts from her bra and tweaked her nipples. We could see the cum leaking from M.J’s pussy running down her legs. The youngster who had just deposited his cream in her mouth, knelt down crawled between M.J’s legs and began cleaning her pussy of the juices seeping out. Eventually M.J groaned deep from her throat as a huge orgasm ripped through her body. She shuddered and gasped. Hubby Mary and I held her up and assisted her to a chair while she recovered, her exposed breasts heaving. When her breath returned to nearly normal she uttered

“Thank you so much everyone, I hope we can do that again when we have all properly recovered.”

When we were all suitably resplendent we directed both couples to their respective pitches. It was no tents this time of year. We hadn’t been alone for too long before more couples started arriving. Some dressed ready for Christmas, others waiting till the evening.

We prepared the food and took it to the barn, our guests started arriving soon after we opened. With the space heaters working on full coats and gloves etc were soon discarded. It looked like an Ann Secrets party, the scantiest, sheerest items of lingerie left absolutely no doubt what their true gender was. An hour after the start we locked the door to keep it a private party. Swapping was rife husbands playing with other wife’s or husbands, wives with other husbands or wives. Our two girls in blue, were actually girls in pink. Extremely sheer babydoll nighties with tiny and I mean tiny. Maxine and Silvia Crawled on a bed each and positioned themselves on hands and knees.

“Anyone interested in some fun?” They chorused.

There was plenty of interest. Lexi laid on her back under Maxine’s face. I got behind Maxine and eased her tiny thong aside and slid my now rampant cock into her pussy. Maxine dipped head taking Lexi’s cock into her mouth. The young couple had taken positions on Silvia. Both were wearing dainty lingerie. Like Maxine, Silvia was sucking one while being penetrated by the other. I never got to know their real names, they booked in as John and Jane Jones. They called each other JJ or darling.

M.J and Mary approached Tricia and Linda soon the group of four were writhing on another bed. M.J was being Double penetrated and Mary was getting another blow from her very red lips. Tricia was on her back with his cock deep in M.J’s pussy. Linda completed the M.J sandwich also deep in M.J. She couldn’t shout or scream as her mouth was full of Mary and Tricia was holding her wrists to help her balance. She couldn’t push Mary away, from the look on her face she had no intention of doing so.

Our little orgy lasted a little over and hour, the real females had their pussies licked clean several times causing them multiple orgasms. While their pussies were cleaned their breasts and nipples were given loving treatment.

They all redressed and returned to their beds. The young couple John and Jane now in their dresses were offered a night cap by M.J and Mary. If I was a betting girl, I’d wager they all ended with more than just a night cap. Probably no night cap, just another cum fest.

The following morning Jane teetered into the shop followed by John.

“Good morning, girls.” I greeted them cheerily.

“Oh good morning.” Jane responded first, John managed an exhausted greeting.

“Did you sleep well?” I asked, I already knew the answer from just looking at them.

“Hardly at all, M.J is a wonderful voluptuous woman, but her love of sex is incredible.” Jane started.

“Yes we had only just got into their RV when she was down to her bra and panties.” John added.

“If you could call them bra and panties, tiny triangles of cloth only just covered her breasts and pussy.” Jane added.

“No sooner than she was almost naked she undressed us in turn, Mary helped. Pretty soon we were all wearing bra and panties, laying on a huge bed in a fantastic RV.” John informed us. Linda and Lexi had joined me.

“M.J had the three of us hard in minutes and spent the rest of the night mounting us and taking us to the edge, before changing over. It was probably about 5:30 this morning before we could gather our clothes and get back to our van. Now we need some food for breakfast please.” Jane finished.

“I’ll ask Tricia if she has anything cooking.” I told them.

Linda and Lexi remained chatting while I returned to the kitchen.

I returned with two bacon baps which they devoured as if they hadn’t eaten for weeks.

“How much?” John asked when finished eating.

“On the house, can we help you with anything else?” Linda asked.

“Oh yes please, I’m hoping you still have some stockings and a suspender belt or two. We can’t find stockings in our own village store. We had go to  another town to find suspender tights and after last night they are almost in tatters.” Jane almost pleaded.

“Of course we have, is it for you both?” Linda enquired.

“Both please, actually I rather like that black high waisted one with the 6 suspenders.” John responded.

“I’ll check the size.” I added. “It’s a 14, is that any good? It does lace up at the back.” I added.

“I’ll take her to the changing room.” Linda offered.

Off they went to try it on.

“Now what would you like Jane?” I asked.

Jane leant forward. “As well as a couple of suspender belts and 6 packs of sheer stockings a mouthful of your cum, after all John is about to have his mouthful of Linda’s.” She whispered.

“We had better deal with the second request first.” I suggested.

Jane was on her knees and my panties down so fast. I was holding on to the counter top as Jane’s head bobbed back and forth as her fingers caressed my sac and my rose bud. Jane was good very good. My sap was rising as fast. Jane gulped as my first spurt hit her throat, she continued swallowing until I slowed to a dribble. Jane eased my panties back up to my mid thigh. She stood up licking her lips. I adjusted my panties and skirt. As we started to sort through the stockings by colour. Jane was choosing suspender belts. John and Linda exited the changing room, Linda was adjusting her skirt and panties, John was pushing something that resembled cum into his mouth.

“It’s a very good fit.” John uttered licking his lips.

“Mmmm, I’m sure it is. Now how many pairs of stockings and other suspender belts do want to buy?” Jane asked John.

“I’ll have 6 packs and if your having the red with black bows and the  black with red bows, I’ll buy the white with pale blue bows and the pale blue with white bows. John replied, “Oh and the high waisted corset please.” She added.

“I think I’ll lace her in it this afternoon ready for tonight’s “festivities” Jane told us. She had a glint in her eye.

They paid for their goods and left. Maxine and Silvia were next in the shop they had bought on line a vibrating strap-on and required some batteries. While Silvia was sorting out the batteries, Maxine had spotted a Christmas red erotic bra and panties set. It was a peep hole bra and split crotch panties, both were held closed with ribbons.

“Hey babe, this set is stretchy, we can take turns wearing it.” Maxine called across the shop, holding up the set.

“Perfect, wearing that I’d better buy two sets of batteries.” Silvia replied.

Both girls giggled, which in turn started us giggling.

Lexi and Tricia joined us to discover the reason for the joviality. When Lexi saw the red undie set she announced.

“I was going to buy that outfit to wear on Christmas night.”

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t know it was reserved.” Maxine spoke nervously.

“Oh don’t worry, Lexi won’t need any lingerie on Christmas night.” I interrupted.

Lexi looked at me.

“Is that a promise?” She asked.

“Yes my love and neither will I.” I told her, as I put my arm around her pulling her close. “I’ll buy in another set for you, if you think that fabulous body of yours needs it. Personally I think it doesn’t.” I whispered so the others couldn’t hear.

“I love you sweetheart.” Lexi whispered back.

That evening passed much like the previous evening. Maxine and Silvia turned up with the vibrating strap-on and gave a demonstration to Jane and John who loved it leaking copious amounts of pre-cum that M.J devoured and took them both to a complete orgasm, swallowing it all. Linda and Tricia had their cocks sucked by John and Jane. Mary, Lexi and I got into a triangle to suck on a nice hard cock presented in front of us. I was fortunate enough to have Lexi’s cock also her pussy to lick.

The following morning all the couples packed up and left for their homes.

M.J checked she still had two weeks booked for next summer.

“I might have to visit this site before that.” She told us. As she climbed aboard her RV it was obvious she was commando. Mary is going to be exhausted before next summer.

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Written by Tvcarole

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