Cross Dressing
7 Apr 2019

On Friday, I had a very important meeting with my Manager and an outside agency. For such occasions, I love to wear some sexy underwear; its such a massive turn on and keeps me concentrating (maybe not always on the meeting) lol.

One of the secretaries (Clare) is aware of what I like to do, it’s a long story how she found out, I might tell it sometime.

For the meeting I went shopping for some new underwear, as normal I ended up in M & S. Strangely there were not many suspender sets however, I did find a lovely black set with matching knickers. The lady serving asked if I would be purchasing the matching bra, not this time as it would show under my shirt, she smiled. At the same time, I got some lace topped stockings to make it an all knew outfit.

I got up early on the Friday to make sure everything was perfect, I was soon stood in my bedroom dressed in my stockings, suspenders and panties. The feeling is sooooooooooo sexy and such a massive turn on, was a shame to cover it up with boy clothes.

Once I got to the meeting, there was a little delay and I was chatting with the Clare; she asked if I was wearing my normal outfit. Of course, I said, do me a favour Clare, I will walk away and back again, can you check to see if you can see the suspenders. She said, you are fine, can not see anything but you are walking a little oddly. That’s because I can feel the suspenders pulling and its turning me on. She said, you tart lol.

Most of the day my cock was either hard or semi hard and was leaking loads of precum into my panties. Its was so lush walking around the office feeling the sexy underwear under my clothes.

When I got home, I could not wait to get out of my boy clothes. It took about five stokes of my cock before I was spurting cum into my panties mmmmmmmmm

Can’t wait for the next big meeting…