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Re kindle a friendship part 2


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Following on from part 1 which I thought may have been too long !

Heres what happened next .

He took me by the hand and led me upstairs. We entered the bedroom . Lovely big bed and very nice bedding. I know people may not be interested but it creates a lovey atmosphere.

He got on the bed and asked me to join him .

It was lots of kissing and cuddling which I love . He was rubbing his hard cock against my stocking covered leg.

I reachrd down to touch it . He laughed and then said he'd last longer this time .

I asked what he wanted to do ?

He said that he was a bit worried that all the pleasure was going his way .

I assured him that he didnt need to worry. I was enjoying it immensely.

This seemed to break the ice as he said he'd like me to suck him again bit he'd really like to make love to me . Thats the words he used !! OMG . Im in heaven . He wants to " make love " to me .

The only problemwas Id left my bag downstairs with my lube so there was a bit of a break as he rushed downstairs to retrieve it.

As soon as he got back I got the lube and put it on the bedside cabinet . I then went down on that lovely cock to get it hard again . Afzer a few minutes I asked was he ready for me . He nodded.

I got the lube and put it around and inside me then put some on his cock .

He lay on the bed and I took hold of him and guided him in as i sat on him .

It.was lovely to hear him say " Oh fuck thats amazing " as he entered me .

I took over and moved up and down on his gorgeous cock until he asked if he could do it from behind .

Sounded good to me so I got of him and positioned myself with my bum in the air.

It took him a couple of goes before he entered me but then the " making love " was forgotten!! It was serious fucking.

He was holding on to my hips as he was fucking me hard and fast .

Calling me names ... whore ... dirty bitch.

Telling me how he loved my tight bottom .

Faster and faster until I heard him say " Im cumming " . Then holding onto me as he came inside me . We stayed in that position for a minute or so until we relaxed on the bed as his softening cock popped out of me .

The lovely thing was that he didnt let go of me . He held me and carried on kissing the back of my neck . It was amazing. He even asked if he could do something for me but I told him to just keep holdingand kissing me.

Obviously there came a time when we had to get back to reality and get dressed but he was still so lovely and when I was leaving he held me close and said he'd love to do it again . So now I have to wait until we can organise another meeting. Until then Ill keep thinking about him x

Written by Alancue7

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