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Turning a life around

"Don’t leave your undies on your washing line over night"

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Author's Notes

"Fictional erotica"

Part 1.

It was going to be another hot night, my bedroom windows were open to try to let some breeze in. I didn’t know what else I would let in. I was laying on my bed in just a babydoll nightie with sheer panties dozing. It was about 2-3am when I was woken by a noise. Someone was climbing through my open window. I laid still, my eyes barely open. The figure was now inside, moving towards my chest of drawers. I heard them being softly opened and closed. As the person slid open my lingerie drawer I heard a sigh. Then a so slight Mmmm as they held up a diaphanous pair of panties, in the dim moonlight and squinting I saw them hold my panties up to their nose and face.

Should I confront them, should I pretend sleep, it appeared they were going to steal my panties as the person was pushing them into a trouser pocket.

Now the intruder was holding up one of my bras, that to went into the pocket to join the panties. When my new suspender belt, it still had its price tag attached,  was about to be joining my other lingerie in the pocket I knew I had to stop them. I wasn’t scared, 6 years of self defence training. I slid silently out of bed. I had no intention of doing permanent harm but I also had no intention of allowing my lingerie to be stolen either. From my training I knew exactly where to strike and did. If I hadn’t been ready the intruder would have hit the floor with a loud thump and probably have really hurt themselves. My one strike had them unconscious but breathing, I carried, half dragging, I laid my intruder on my bed. The easiest way to stop someone from trying to escape is to tie them up or remove items of clothes. I didn’t have any rope to hand. I opted for the trainers off. They’d seen better days. The torn jeans followed by his boxer shorts. No socks. Whilst removing the jeans I retrieved my bra and panties. I had a few gadgets one being a cock ring with a difference. I carefully slid it over him, settling it locked behind his sac, yes it definitely was a male. This cock ring had a secret. When the person wearing it became, how shall I put it? Aroused. Tiny needles on the inside would quickly subdue it. Suitably secured I began removing his jacket and shirt. While he was still unconscious I took all his clothes and put them in my en-suite shower. Just a quick pull of the power cord and they would be soaked. I noticed while he was naked the tan lines of a bikini bottoms and bra top . Interesting.

He slowly came awake.

“What happened, what the fu.” He started to speak.

“Moderate your language young man, you’re not in position to argue.” I told him.

“Where’s my clothes, why am I naked and what’s this on my, um. This thing on my”. He started again.

“Careful, of your language.” I warned him.

Stretching the truth I then continued.

“You passed out while you were rummaging through my underwear drawer. You landed awkwardly and with the possibility of you vomiting I removed your clothes. Interesting tan lines.” I added.

I guess he then noticed how I was dressed in a very skimpy babydoll and panties. It certainly was something stirring his interest as he suddenly cried out.

“Oh that hurts!!!” Grabbing his crotch, that only increased the pressure.

“Get it off, now.” He tried to get off the bed, but moving only made the pain increase.

“I will take it off, but first I want to know why you came into my house and why you have the tan lines from wearing a bikini, and why a pair of my panties and a bra were in your trouser pocket.” I informed him.

“For a fit bird, you’re a bit simple.” He started

“I can make this easy or painful for you. So show some respect.” I interrupted him again.

“Sorry, but I have been watching this house for days and I’ve often seen your knickers and stuff on your washing line. I wanted a closer look. I saw you go out earlier, but didn’t see you return, so I thought the house was empty.

I climbed in to look for your underwear.”

“You thought you could steal some. The suspender belt you were holding when you passed out was brand new. I interrupted again.

“Um, that wasn’t my first intention, but when I felt the silkiness of your panties I was just in awe and overcome. Could you please remove this, it’s hurting. I promise not to try to escape.” He was close to tears.

“Ok lay on my bed, with your legs spread, and you hands holding the bedstead.” I ordered.

He lay back and held the bedstead, I quickly secured his right hand with a stocking I had tied there while he was unconscious.

“What the.” He started.

“Language, just lay perfectly still or you might be in severe pain.” I told him. Securing his other hand.

“Oh no please don’t do anything nasty. PLEASE.”

“Just lay very still.” I unlocked the ring and removed it.

“Oh thank you.” He looked relieved.

“Now tell me about your tan lines.” I instructed him.

“If you release my arms I will.” He replied.

“Let me put it another way. Now tell me about your tan lines, or the ring goes back on.” I instructed him more forcefully.

“Ok, ok. With this heat wave I went to the river to cool off, I only had my sisters bikini to wear. I wore it and when I got out I fell asleep on the river bank.” He concocted quickly.

I picked up the ring and unlocked it ready to replace it.

“No please no, don’t put it on again. I tell you the real reason.” He started.

“I sometimes wear girls underwear when I can, I feel great when dressed. I often go out to secluded places and just wearing a bra and knickers I sun bathe. My last lot of underwear I had hidden was found and removed. I needed some more and seeing yours drying in your garden, I was going to steal them off your washing line.” He revealed.

“What else do you do when wearing them.” I asked brandishing the shiny ring in his sight.

“I beat off, you know stroke myself until I shoot my cream.” He answered.

As I was listening to him I had picked up the pair of panties he had been trying to steal and laid them across his thigh. I saw his cock twitch as he felt the touch. He couldn’t help but give out a little whimper of pleasure.

“You like that don’t you?” I asked.

“Mmmm, oh yes.”

I wasn’t long before his cock was pointing at his chest.

I wrapped my panties around his growing cock and stroked him.

“Oh yes, that’s wonderful, nobody has ever done that for me before.” He gasped.

Seeing his clear sticky pre-cum appearing I had another thought. On my bedroom chair were yesterday’s hold-up stockings, I stopped stroking him and picked up the stockings. I rolled them up each leg in turn, before returning to stroking him, this time with my panties wrapped round his cock. It felt harder than ever now.

His passion now was at the peak, he was writhing on my bed. His arms secured. With my right hand engaged stroking him, my left crept into my panties to rearrange myself as I too was getting a little uncomfortable. Keeping him just short of his orgasm I asked.

“Would you like to wear some more of my undies?”

“Ooh, mmmm, aah, hmmm, yes please.” He was really quite breathless as he replied.

“If I release you, will promise to allow me to help you dress?” I asked again.

“Absolutely, I would cross my heart but.” He indicated with his head he was tied.

I stopped stroking him and opening a different drawer I took an extremely skimpy teddy with 4 suspender straps, it also was open crotch. I eased it up over his body his rampant cock now visibly throbbing and leaking. I detached the straps and fed them over his shoulders and reattached them. Taking a pair of my older bra inserts I tucked them into the cups.

“Oh this feels wonderful. I feel like, well I don’t know how to say it.” His enhanced chest was now really heaving.

I released his arms.

“Oh thank you.” He realised suddenly the teddy was crotchless and he was still  sporting his erection.

“I think I had better take care of this.” I told him.

I sat on the edge of my bed, he stood slightly to the side. I reached up and clipped his suspender clasps to the stockings, although they were hold-ups.

As I sat looking at him I’m sure his single eye winked at me. I’d tried to ignore his tumescent man hood, but I couldn’t. My tongue flicked out and tasted the shiny juices bubbling from that one eye. Next I had him deep into my mouth, I licked, sucked and swallowed. My burglar held my shoulders for balance. He didn’t last long before he announced he was about to cum. I held his hips as he pumped his cum into my mouth which I swallowed, I do love the taste of fresh cum.

He staggered back as he slipped out of my mouth.

“Wow, that was a first for me.” He gasped.

“Have you never had oral before?” I queried.

“Not from a real girl, or perhaps I should say woman!” He exclaimed.

“Oh well I’m sorry to disappoint you, but you still haven’t so you have something else to do first.” I told him.

I eased my panties down and stood. Stepping out of them as they pooled at my feet. I sat him on the bed and stood in front of him, the tent in the front of my babydoll nightie obvious. I lifted the hem and presented him with his prize.

He took hold of my cock and tentatively licked my mushroom dome, tasting my pre-cum.

“Ooh that’s sweet, and you smell so nice.” He uttered just before he pulled my hips towards him. His lips slid down my cock, his tongue swirling around taking to new heights of pleasure, oh this boy was good, very good. His resting on my hips eased around to locate my rose bud. !!!Oh he has done this before!!! He found it and it tipped me over the edge.

“Mmmm, oh your gooooooood, aaaah yes.” I gasped as my sperm spurted into his mouth.

All due credit he didn’t spill any, he just swallowed it all.

“Thank you that was fantastic, I can’t remember the last time it was that good.  I suppose you have to leave now.” I told him.

“I don’t have to, unless you want me to.” He uttered.

“Let’s lay down together, I’d love you to tell me how you got so proficient in giving oral pleasure, and I’ll tell you why I live my life as full time cross dresser. Oh and I’m Carole.” I told him.

“I’m Ben”. He replied

Ben told me it started soon he commenced work. He was on his way home, and was taken short. (He needed an urgent wee) parking his motorcycle he almost ran into the gents. He managed to unzip his leather trousers and his release was heaven. Shaking off the last few drips. The guy standing next to him spoke, saying a guy in leather trousers really turns him on and showed him he was sporting an impressive hard cock. He also noticed the guy had something bright red around his cock. Ben continued, realising it was also very lacy. The man offered to take hold of his cock and stroke his bum through the leather trousers. Before long Ben was being stroked, continuing soon he was hard and he really mean hard. One of the hands  was almost a blur up and down Ben’s  cock his other hand was caressing the leather of trousers. He told me he was on the brink of shooting his load the guy must have recognised ben was about to cum. He bent over and took ben’s cock in his mouth and sucked all his cum out. As he did his own trousers fell down exposing his bright red knickers with a white suspender belt underneath and tan stockings. Catching sight I nearly squirted another load.

Just then the outside door creaked. They both straightened up and the guy pulled up his trousers covering the underwear he was wearing. Ben zipped up his leather trousers and left, not before the other guy told him. ‘Same time tomorrow’. Ben just nodded. Walked past a chap entering, who nodded. Ben returned the nod and left. Ben went on to tell me the image that burned into his brain was of the guys underwear. He had to get some and try some as soon as possible. Short continuation Ben spent the next several years, borrowing his

mums and female relatives underwear visiting cottages, during that time he got sucked, and given hand jobs. He eventually gave hand jobs, it was quite some time before he sucked someone. His first time he spat out the cum, but after he started to like it. He was caught by a friend with some panties he had liberated from a laundry basket. His friend was also into wearing knickers and they met once a week, Ben wore a bra and knickers his friend only knickers. They would play with each other swapping body fluids. Ben went on holiday alone, on arrival he purchased a pink bikini. He wore it on the beach where he got his tan lines along with regular oral sex. When he returned home his friend was no longer around, nobody would talk about him. All the underwear Ben had amassed was no longer available. He had kept it in his friends parents house.

Ben’s mum kept a close watch on her own underwear, never leaving anything around for Ben to borrow.  By then the urge to dress was overwhelming and noticing my underwear on my rotary line decided to steal some and hope it fitted.

“The rest is what I told you earlier. What are you going to do?” Ben asked.

I noticed that during his story he had started to get hard again.

“First I’m going to help myself to another tummy full of your delicious cream, then we are going to sleep, tomorrow we are going to get your personal clothes and move you in here with me. Your male work clothes you can store in another room, when you get home from work, you will remove all your work clothes, shower and shave. I will get some cream to remove your body hair.

I will put out clothes for you to wear in the evening, you will learn how to apply makeup and coordinate your clothes. Weekends you will dress fully.” I told him

“I might have to work some weekends.” Ben replied.

“That’s ok but after work it will be the week day routine. Is that ok?” I asked.

“Perfectly, thank you, now I need to thank you properly. With that he held my face as he kissed me, sliding his tongue through my open lips. One hand stole down over my breasts which made us both gasp with excitement, moving on he sneaked it under the hem of my babydoll, finding his target he teased and fondled me until I was fully aroused. He moved down and took me fully into his mouth. His magic tongue was once again making its presence felt.

“Steady, I’m going to explode.” I was now lying flat on my back my babydoll over his head. I had one hand resting on his head, the other tweaking my boobs. When his finger found my rose bud and teased the opening I started raising my hips. He had dribbled some of his saliva mixed with my pre-cum onto that finger. He pushed.

“Ooh” I gasped.

He pushed a little more.

“Ooooh, mmmm.” I’m really enjoying this.

His finger delved deeper.

“Aaahh, yes, yes, yes. I’m cumming.” I almost screamed at the pleasure.

As his finger was fully inside me, I felt the tingling sensation just before my explosion, I pumped and spurted my cum, he hungrily gulped down, once again not spilling any.

I collapsed back totally spent. He lay next to me stroking my boobs through my babydoll.

“You will have to show me how to get these, they are wonderful.” He smiled as he spoke.

“Later, it’s Friday, no work tomorrow, and you will need a very close shave. After I’ve had my breakfast.” I told him as I gently squeezed his semi erect cock that was exposed through the open crotch teddy.




Please leave a comment, if you want a second chapter.

Written by Tvcarole

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