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5 way fun with our best naughty friends and Mrs N's black boyfriend.

"Further developments with our Black Bull"

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I arranged to meet our naughty best friends Saturday evening. We seem to enjoy the dynamic of an extra guy so decided to invite our Black friend J along too.

J and the other hubby have same initial so I will call the other hubby.

 “jon” for purposes of the story.

As a little back story the night before I said to Mrs N that I had done so. Awww she said. “I’m a bit disappointed as I want him all to myself, I love it when we he gives me a massage so I will miss out on that and she pugged a bit”. 

To be fair as a cuck I felt I had let her down a bit as obviously J  is someone she is enjoying his company. Anyway I pushed on with the meet, I hate letting people down and knew once in the zone it would be fun.

So our couple arrived first and we resumed old friendships and waited for the guest of honour to arrive. Mrs N did as J requested and wore a naughty nurse outfit. She looked absolutely gorgeous in it when she walked in the room. Also in J’s honour I had placed QOS fake tattoos on the arses as he said he was comfortable with that particular fetish of mine.

J as usual was nice and prompt. And we settled down for a chat and then once everyone comfortable started a naughty card game we play to get the party started. It’s a strip and forfeit game. I was naked after losing 2 rounds to show I was not a shrinking violet and the guys soon followed suit. Ladies were suitably allowed to keep their sexy undies on. Then came some forfeits culminating in J having to go down on the ladies and sniff their panties. At that point I said card game is over, let’s play. M suggested we get upstairs. She was obviously hungry to get that big black cock that J was waving around in our Lounge. Fuck it was impressive.

On the way we stopped off in the bathroom. It has no window and when you close the door is very very dark indeed. A bit like the naughty zone at a club. Soon everyone fondling and feeling. Suddenly a mouth thrust in my face and an expectant tongue on my lips. I’m pretty sure it was Mrs N wanting a snog but not totally sure and she enigmatically told me after it wasn’t her LOL.

Jon wasn’t very keen on stopping in there and ushered us out as quick as he could and made for upstairs. Foreplay started with me getting under the queening stool and offering my tongue to whoever wanted to sit on my face. Mrs N was first and she sat there and wiggled her pussy on my face and immediately started to cum and filled my mouth with her hot cum.  Yummy. That was quick I thought. Someone is getting excited.

To be honest foreplay did not last very long as Mrs N was absolutely desperate for cock and what followed exceeded expectations. Firstly J as agreed rubbered up. He’d bought his own and lay back on the bed and Mrs N climbed aboard. I love that moment when you see your woman put their leg over. Jon immediately reached out and inserted his fat cock into her and she sat back on it, groaning with pleasure. I went round to the front and said feel free to kiss. Soon she and James in a deep snog which I love to see. He broke away and lustily told her how gorgeous she is and how much he enjoys her pussy.

As I watched Mrs N start to ride that beautiful cock M, the other female took charge of mine and Jon’s cock and started to double gobble us, taking both our dicks in our mouth. I guess this went on for a few mins. It was hard for Mrs N to break away from her lover I think but at some point she had to share J with M. Next time it will just be him and she can have him all to herself which I think she is very keen to do after 3 recent meets with her BBC lover.


For the next 20 to 30 mins or so we constantly swapped. Us 3 males taking it in turns to fuck the 2 willing sluts.  One moment with their arses hung out over the side of the bed and another moment on their backs with us constantly exchanging them between us lucky men. The final act was for me to fill M and for the other hubby to clean up and lick my spunky mess out of her quivering fanny, orgasms sweeping through her.

J carried on Mounting Mrs N and Jon came out from underneath and lustily mounted his mrs in a passionate reclaim. There is no better lube than another man’s spunk and he rode her until with a loud bellow shot his spunky mess up her. Now it was my turn to clean so I hungrily dived down and licked up the filthy feast.

J was by now getting close. The grand finale’ was he removed the rubber and slapped his hard cock on the QOS displays and then the girls fanny lips. Fuck I wanted him to insert his cock up mrs N and spunk her but he was a good as his word and unloaded over their bums. This was cue to commence cleaning duties again. Fuck his spunk tasted good. I can’t believe how good it was to be honest and I hope next time to get it from the honey pot. We’ll see eh. J says he will get tested for next time and if Mrs N is agreeable might go bareback.

So that is how things are developing with our black friend. Seems to be going well and when we’ve talked after,  Mrs N seems fine with another visit and perhaps another massage and more is in the offing.


Written by Naughtystaffs

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