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Balcony Bonking

"Andy adds another load for me to clean up"

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"more to cum!"

We spent another night enjoying each others company having a good few drinks and ending up on our balcony at the end of the night having some beers & rum n cokes.

I suggested a game of spin the bottle, Michelle said, “you know where that will end up don’t you”.

“Hopefully with you full of cock and cum”, I replied

“Mmmm that sounds nice”, Michelle stood up and lifted her long tee shirt then bent over in front of us and wiggled her arse showing her fleshy pussy lips and puckered arse

I reached out and rubbed my fingers along her slit which was beginning to get moist in anticipation of what was going to happen. “You’re getting wet I told her, I can’t wait to see that pussy full of spunk”.

“Come on let’s start the game, Andy said.

I inserted a couple of fingers inside Michelle’s now wet pussy and frigged her cunt a few times and pulled out my fingers and held them up so Andy could see how wet she was, then put them into my mouth and sucked off her slimy juices as Michelle sat back down and began to spin a beer bottle.

It landed on Andy and I thought might as well go straight to it, “wank your cock in front of Michelle’s face”.

Andy stood up and dropped his shorts, “might as well leave them off” I told him as he stood in front of Michelle and began to pull his foreskin backwards and forwards in front of Michelle’s face.

As he wanked Michelle kept flicking out her tongue until he pushed a bit closer and Michelle opened her mouth and sucked Andy’s cock into her mouth. She now pulled his arse cheeks towards her and sucked him deep as Andy gasped and began to fuck her mouth with his hard prick. Michelle was making sloppy slurping sounds and taking him deeper into her throat with each thrust. As Andy’s cock came out it was covered in saliva as Michelle gagged each time his cock went too deep into her throat.

We had played some fast games of spin the bottle but this was the first time it had degenerated into full blown sex after the first spin!

Anyway no stopping it now but I knew if Andy carried on fucking Michelle’s throat he would be shooting his cum very soon and I wanted to see him fucking her wet & willing cunt and filling that with spunk.

I lent in and pulled Michelle’s head back away from Andy’s cock and began to kiss her sucking her tongue tasting Andy’s precum on her tongue and the slightly salty oily taste that comes with it. I was soo hard now and stood up and pushed Andy back into his chair and said, “come on let’s at least have a few more spins before we all enjoy getting fucked”.

Spoilsport Michelle added, “go on then spin it again, I hope it lands on me as my pussy is so wet and I want to put on a bit of a show for you two”.

In reality I gave it a very short spin and stopped it as it landed on Michelle, “will you look at that, how convenient”.

“Now watch this”, Michelle said as she picked up the bottle pulled back her chair and opened her legs as she picked up the beer bottle off the table and began to rub it up and down her fleshy pussy lips that were now wide open and dripping wet.

She inserted the neck of the bottle into her widening pussy and began to push it in and out as it went a little further in each time it got to the neck of the bottle, Michelle kept pushing it deeper until her pussy opened even wider and accepted the neck into her ever widening cunt.

She kept pushing and began to groan as the bottle now pushed deeper and her cunt accepted the main body of the bottle and her cunt lips were spread wide open with her fingers now at the bottom of the bottle and still pushing it inside her pussy.

Almost the hole bottle was now deep into her cunt and she squeezed her cunt muscles as she now pulled it back out to the neck of the bottle then pushed it back in and began to build a rhythm and fucked herself with the bottle.

It is so sexy to see this when she does it and I knew she would come soon as she loves her cunt stretched wide open and filled completely.

I looked at Andy who was watching and wanking his hard prick as Michelle now openly fucked herself with the bottle and began to rub her clit and beginning to gasp as he fucked herself faster and faster. She began to tremble soon and opened her legs very wide and pushed the bottle deep inside her and held it there as she rubbed her clit as she began to cum.

She moaned she was coming and I kissed her to help keep her moaning and groaning noises down as she held the bottle deep inside her cunt and came hard.

What a fucking sexy site as I stood and up and pushed my dick into her mouth as she came as she sucked on my cock and came on the bottle.

“Fucking hell”, said Andy as he stood and wanked his cock near her face and began to shoot strings of hot spunk over my cock and Michelle’s lips as she opened her mouth and began to allow Andy to shoot his spunk over her lips and open mouth, this was way too much for me and I groaned loudly and also began to shoot my spunk into her mouth as Michelle finished her orgasm as we shot our spermy juice onto her cheeks, lips and mouth, all now coming loudly together.

Andy’s cum was now in her mouth along with mine and I shot the last of my spunk across her lips and cheeks and looked at Michelle now covered in spunk with it dripping down her cheeks, her lips and chin.

“She pulled out the bottle and put it on the table and pushed the spunk on her face towards her mouth and sucked it off her fingers as she did so.

“Mmmmm come on then you dirty bastard, do what you want to and kiss me”.

I bent down and began to kiss her as Andy knelt down and opened Michelle pussy lips and began to suck her clit pushing four fingers deep into her pussy making Michelle squirm and shake as I could now taste that salty oily residue of spunk as we kissed. I could feel another orgasm begin to build inside her and she grabbed my head as we kissed and swapped juice as Andy sucked her clit and finger fucked her pussy and Michelle began to shake and squirm and suck my tongue hard as another orgasm consumed her as she came again.

She shot jets of come into Andy’s mouth and I could hear him slurping and her cunt squelching as she came in his face and fingers. Andy kept finger fucking and sucking until Michelle pushed me away and grabbed Andy’s hair telling him to stop.

We both sat back in our chairs and I looked at my wanton wife with her legs wide open with spunk still on her face and her pussy lips red with her cunt stretched wide open and looking well and truly fucked.

“Fuck me Michelle that was so fucking horny”, Andy said.

“Fuck me was it”, I added.

“Mmmmm,” come on then then let’s take this into the bedroom so you can both fuck me again”.

“I am going to go and clean up a bit first though”.

“Let’s have a shower together and calm down and take some time to enjoy each others bodies then”, I added .

We enjoyed some fun together in the shower, no fucking just playing and keeping things sexy until we dried off and all got in bed for some enjoyable sex and twos up for Michelle!

Written by Creampiewife1962

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