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Breaking in my new secretary

"Slutty secretary taught a lesson"

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I have a new secretary in the office (J), she's 21, a size 8 with lovely 32g pert titties, I noticed them in the interview and had to give her the job. She has proper "daddy issues" and bored me about them during her first day, if it wasn't for the tits and the fact that I knew she would be sucking my cock by the end of the week, I would have reconsidered my recruitment decision. She gave me her mobile number for "emergency contact" and we spent the first night messaging each other, I was asking what she was wearing and she would send me selfies back in the mirror, the last one was her top pulled up to show the bottom of those titties and her thong panties, she looked incredible. Later on that night, I got a message from an unknown number, apparently J's boyfriend had been snooping through her phone and saw the messages that we had been sending each other, the message he sent me was threatening to come into the office to speak to me, I chuckled to myself and ignored it. After the sales meeting the next day, I asked J into my office, she sat down and I went into my desk and pulled out my phone, I scrolled through till I found the boyfriends message and put it down in front of her. "do you want to explain this to me J?" She looked at the message and her face froze "I'm sorry, my boyfriend is really jealous and doesn't like me speaking to other men" She looked embarrassed and started to blush, I could see she was getting upset. "listen its fine J, don't worry about it, he's obviously a silly boy, forget about him and come for lunch with me today" She nodded and rushed out of the office and back to her desk. Lunch time arrived and I went out to meet J, we went to the bar across from the office and found a booth, we ordered and started to chat, I could see that J was still upset about earlier, she started to tell me about her boyfriend and how he treats her badly, she rattled on for a good ten minutes about him till I had to stop her. "listen J, why don't you teach your boyfriend a lesson, go into the toilets, take your panties off and give them to me" She looked shocked and blushed "no I can't do that, what if he finds out" "he will find out J, I want him to" She looked at me and then got up from the table and walked to the toilet, she came out five minutes later with her panties rolled up in her hand and gave them to me under the table, I put them inside my suit jacket and smiled at her. "now when you go home, I want you to get undressed next to him, and show him that you've not got any panties on, for the rest of the week, I want you to get dressed showing him your panties and when you get home show him that you're not wearing any" She nooded in agreement and giggled "and where will I keep the panties when I take them off?" "after the morning meeting, you'll come into my office and take them off in front of me and leave them on my desk" She agreed and we finished lunch and returned to the office. Every morning that week, J would come into my office and move behind my desk, she would lift up her skirt and pull down her tights, take off her panties and hand them to me, I put them in the top drawer and she giggled at me "this is so naughty, I love it" I would just wink and pat her on the ass on the way out We got to Friday and she came in as usual, she lifted up her skirt and she had a pair of black hold ups on instead of tights, she looked amazing standing in front of me I asked her if her boyfriend had asked about the lack of panties each night, she said that he hadn't noticed and was still being a dick to her. "well we need to send him a stronger message then don't we?" She looked confused, I asked her to book a room in the hotel around the corner for tonight, she asked who it was for and I said us, we're going their tonight. "no we can't, he's taking me out for a meal tonight to say sorry" "look J, you've been flirting with me all week and giving me your panties, this is happening tonight, he can have you back after he has learned his lesson" She looked hesitant "I've seen how you've looked at me, you want my cock inside you, don't worry about your boyfriend, just think about yourself" She nooded and went back to her desk to book the room, I took out my phone and the set of her panties and placed them on the desk, took a picture of them and sent them to her boyfriend He messaged back straight away, threatening to come to the office, I sent him a message back saying that I'll send J home tonight with a present for him inside her pussy, he'll be able to taste my cum. We got to 5pm and J came to my office, she looked flustered and I asked her what was wrong, she said that her boyfriend has been sending her begging messages asking her not to meet with me and she was having second thoughts about it. "were fucking tonight J, he needs to be taught a lesson and well I always fuck my secretary, you're mine now" She nodded in agreement and we left the office together and walked across to the hotel, we got into the room and I pinned J to the wall, I lifted her skirt up and felt her shaved pussy, it was so smooth and inviting, she let out a small moan as I rubbed my finger along her slit, she undid her blouse and let her tits fall out, with my other hand I opened her bra and let them fall out into my mouth, I licked each nipple to get them nice and hard as my finger explored her inside. "I want you to taste my cock" She nodded and moved across to the bed, she was standing in just her hold ups, and I sat on the edge of the bed, she got down on her knees and unzipped my bull cock, she admired it for a second and opened her mouth and put her tounge out for me to place it on it. She looked me in the eye as she started to slowly suck my cock, warm deep strokes as she worked it well, I grabbed my phone and video called her boyfriend, it took a few second to connect and then I was greeted by his snowflake face, he was about to ask why I was on the phone when I turned it round to show his girlfriend sucking my bull cock. "J, tell him who's cock your sucking" "it's yours boss and its delicious" She winked at the phone and I hung up "he's going to be furious" I said as I watched her head bob up and down my length "I don't care, I need this in me" I picked her up off the floor and bent her over the bed, she spread her legs and rubbed her young clit as I positioned my cock at her wet entrance. "fuck me hard boss, I want to feel you for the rest of the night" I threw her phone to her that was in her bag "phone that fucking snowflake of a boyfriend, I want him to hear this" She did as she was told and put him on speakerphone, I could hear him crying on the phone to her, begging her to stop and come home I told him that she was coming home soon, after I had cum inside her and with that I drove my cock into her tight wet pussy. She let out a loud moan as I started to fuck her, she was telling him how big I was and that she could feel her insides stretching to take me in, I could hear him crying in the background, she started to laugh at him, calling him a pussy and telling him that he'll never be as big as me. I flipped her over and lifted her on top of my cock, she was bouncing up and down on me and rubbing her clit "touch my tits boss, they are yours now" I quickly obliged and she hissed into her phone "he's touching my tits, he's making me cum, you never could you fucking pussy" She continued to bounce as I lay back and enjoyed feeling her tight pussy wrapped around my cock, she started grinding down on me so I lifted my back and pelvis so I was deep inside her "fuuuuccccckkkkk I'm cumming" I could feel her gush all over my cock, she collapsed on top of me, I could feel her pussy grabbing hold of my cock as her orgasam subsided. "has he done you up the ass yet?" I asked as she lay on top of me "no, he's tried but I've always said no" I grinned as I grabbed her off of my cock and placed her on the desk next to the bed "tell him I'm fucking your ass right now" She hissed at him on the phone "he's in my ass, I can feel him, he's so fucking big" He told us to fuck off and hung up the phone, we both laughed as I squeezed into her tight little ass, she let out a small yelp as she struggled to take me all in, once I was in, I rocked back and forth and got into a rythem, she was telling me to fuck her ass harder, I duly obliged and heard my balls slap against her "oh God, I can feel you inside me, my ass is sore but keep going" She was a proper slut, I wanted to cum inside her ass but decided that I wanted to finish in her pussy and send her home to her furious boyfriend. I removed my cock and turned her round "be a good secretary and lick my cock clean, it's been in your ass and I want to cum in your pussy" She licked her lips and devoured my cock with her mouth, it was warm and wet, I put my hand on the back of her head and said to her "I'm going to fuck your face now, keep still so that I can put my bull cock down your throat" She nodded and I started to slide it deeper inside her mouth till my balls were resting on her chin, she looked like a proper cock slut, her hand was on her clit rubbing as fast as she could, I felt her cumming again as she wrapped her lips around my cock and let out a moan "right, get on that bed, I'm cumming in you" J jumped up and lay down on the bed, I lifted each leg over my shoulders and entered her again, she was dripping wet and I easily slid right inside her, she wrapped her arms round my shoulders and started taking dirty to me as we fucked "oh God, you are so big, I want you to cum in me, your little secretary, your slut, I want to have your cum inside of me" A couple of stokes later I could feel my cock erupt inside of her, shooting streams of hot sticky cum deep in her pussy, I let out a moan as she rubbed her clit for me, I moved my cock out and a dribble of cum started to run down her pussy I grabbed her phone and took a picture of her and my deposit and sent it to her boyfriend. J quickly got dressed and thanked me for the fucking I gave her, I told her to hurry home as her boyfriend will want a taste of a bulls cum, she giggled and waved goodbye. J didn't make it back to work on the Monday, I got a very polite resignation letter explaining that she had decided to take some time out and spend time at home, clearly the snowflake hadn't enjoyed his cuck experience, I still have her number and she sends me pictures and messages but doesn't get paid for the privilege.
Written by ConfessionsofaBullBanker

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