Written by Anonymous

3 Apr 2019

I have to say my husband grabbed the idea of being a cuckold by both hands. I've always known he was Bi from perhaps our third date if memory serves me right, well it was a long time ago, lol.

I was a good sub wife, so I let him watch me getting fucked by real men, when I say real men I mean men that didn't cum in 5 seconds and had a cock that I could tell was inside me without asking! Finding a guy with real men credentials was a hit and miss affair, but I got the hang of it eventually. But finding a real man who didn't object to my cuck hubby cleaning us both up after was a rare thing. Until I found a regular guy who was also my boss. I was a bit naughty because I was actually fucking him for a few months until I let my cuck know!

My boss was a big man in more ways than one, he was 6ft 3 and had a big build. And of course big cock. Not only big but thick too, which is how I like them. He knew my husband was a cuck, I told him. But he didn't want him to be present until he said, also there would be rules for us both.

To be continued.....

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