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Chance meeting

"His intentions were clear from the outset"

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My wife Jean arranged an evening meal with her long term friend Jill, so I wasn’t surprised that she was going all-out in the glam department, knowing how they competed.

She wore a knee-length dark floral skirt, aubergine blouse with a revealing neckline, white nylon slip and black underwear, including sheer black stockings and suspenders.

She drove off to meet Jill and left me with the memory of her thighs, gorgeously framed by white lace and black stocking top, as she swung her legs into the driving seat. I could feel my cock swell as I remembered the sight and thought what a great she would be for any lucky voyeur in the pub.

Around 7:45,I received a text saying Jill hadn’t turned up but instead of saying she was coming home, she asked if I fancied a bit of observation from a discreet distance, as a guy three tables away had his eyes fixed on her legs.

“Have you given him a panties or stocking tops flash yet?: she replied that she hadn’t and would delay that until I got there.

I parked at the pub, walked inside and ordered a large Pinot then, looking towards the back of the room I saw Jean, playing out her role, checking her watch as she waited for her friend.

Three tables away sat the guy in question -eyes still glued to those gorgeous legs.

I sent her a text that simply said “ok go for it”

As I looked, she crossed her legs slowly and provocatively, while the poor voyeurs cheeks reddened as he became noticeably turned on.

In obvious view were her stocking tops and the lace edge of her nylon slip.

She inched up her skirt and adjusted her suspenders, displaying her delicate white panties.

I was nearing the point where a trip to the gents toilets and a wank would be necessary, but just then the guy left his seat and approached my wife - leant across and asked her something; she nodded with a lick of her lips and a flutter of false eyelashes.

He returned with a bottle of white wine and slid beside her on the bench seat.

They chatted and laughed while I did my best to look disinterested.

When their glasses were empty, he returned to the crowded bar and my phone chimed with a text.

“He’s getting a bit daring now - do I call a halt? I must admit I liked his hand on my thigh”

I just said “go for it love”

He returned and as predicted, became more adventurous. His had ventured up her skirt and she cooperated by parting her knees.

I saw her suddenly jerk her head back and knew he’d made it inside her panties. They kissed and she was grasping his swollen cock through his trousers. Then to my surprise, they stood and headed towards the door.

Assuming the show was over, I drained my glass and went out to my car. It was a ten minute drive home and as I swung into the drive -imagine my surprise to see my wife’s car parked under the window.

I went inside - “This is Justin love - you don’t mind him having a nightcap do you - oh and a drink” she giggled, obviously tipsy”

Justin greeted me a little nervously and said he really should go. But why had he come back with my wife? Surely not for the “nightcap” in the truest sense of the word.

I shook his hand and told him I realised what was going to happen and that my wife and I had discussed it previously.

He sat opposite us on a small footstool but his discomfort was rewarded with the views he had straight up Jean’s skirt. She realised the show she was providing and slid back on the sofa whist grabbing Justin by the hand and pulling him towards her. Her legs were now spread, displaying all her charms beneath her skirt and Justin took the hint and launched himself at the gusset of her wet panties, which he pulled aside and began licking her clitoris with great enthusiasm. She pulled him up until he was standing, unzipped him then released his growing cock, which she took eagerly into her mouth.

He was groaning - she was groaning and I knew it wouldn’t be long until they screwed like crazy

She whispered into his ear and led him upstairs . I followed, not sure how I ought to react but I knew it was turning me on. She lay on the bed in her stockings, panties and bra with her sexy white slip hitched up. He slid his hands up her legs until reaching her panties and slid them off.

Once more he was fearing on her pussy and clitoris, with my wife urging him by holding on to his head. He rolled to one side to retrieve the condom he’d brought upstairs and handed it to her, whereupon she rolled it down along his hard erect penis.

He toyed with her clitoris until she virtually begged him to penetrate her but he had something else in mind - this was a strawberry flavoured condom and once she realised, she began running her tongue from the tip to the base before taking him fully into her mouth. She pumped it vigorously until he lifted her head saying, “I’d rather cum inside you if you’ll let me”

She shot a look towards me and an upraised palm as if asking what I thought. I nodded and she pulled the condom from his cock, sucked it back to full hardness and fed it into her eager pussy.

He was as eager and progressed from a slow deep push to a full thrust, which gained momentum as she dug her nails into his back.

He gave a loud groan, then shot his large load into my wife who was already leaking her juices. She picked up the nearby panties and wiped his cock, then unbelievably, gave them to him as a memento.

We each had a glass of wine while Justin confined his sheepish apologies.

What an evening! - and all to satisfy a “dare” from her mate Jill, who had done the same a couple of weeks previously. Now it seems my wife wants to get into more regular swinging, so who knows what the future holds?


Written by dinkydoo8850

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