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Cuckold with a difference

"A surprise look up on our profile leads to wife being dominated with a difference"

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After our last session with the Americans who literally fucked and stretched the pair of us to the limit, my wife more so, those guys knew exactly what they were doing!, whilst reading some of the comments on Carl's profile, we weren't their only conquests by the looks of it as several private pictures popped and comments from couples  showing the fruits of thier relentless fucking with their oversized cocks!  we looked through a selection of stretched gaping pussys that had been recently ravaged by these men

After that experience we decided to stop seeing people but that same old saying came back to the fore, ‘One last time’ , it would be months before that day happened and what a day it would be!.

We'd often spend a Friday or Saturday night in bed  online with the laptop looking at our profile and reading any comments until one really stood out. It was from a lady who said she'd met us at one of peters parties and remembered quite vividly what she did to my wife, A sudden realisation on my wife's face as it  went bright red, WOW I thought, she remembers, I however was stood outside the door so couldn't see but could hear everything! Especially her screams as she was roughly taken , not just by this woman, but some of the other women with her plus a few  men that night . I've wanked myself thinking of that moment many times over the years recalling the sounds i could  hear plus that smirk look she gave me when she left that room showing me the strapon my wife had recently been forced up her then leaving my wife at the mercy of the other women and men in with her.

It had been about three plus years. She saw our profile was still active so thought she'd see how we were, more importantly, if we still went to those kind of parties. I watched as my wife typed ‘ NO, but you never know’?? 

A long pause then she typed back, ‘ well it would be great to see you again , let's meet up and chat,  I wasn't invited to that meeting, I guess because she wasn't interested in men in that way , just the punishment she made them endure as she took their wife's in front of them whilst they were restrained , so I'd be surplus to requirements in any case?  My wife told her we now came as a pair which was a little reassuring after what happened with Ann,my first wife, all those years ago, another long pause then a short reply , OK we'll talk about that when we meet, I'm sure we can find a use for it.

IT! From this reintroduction it looked like she'd already made plans for my wife . I remembered she wasn't a great fan of men  by the way she teased me after fucking my wife into several orgasms just feet away from me, so intrigued if not a little weary at that remark and her now possible intentions.

“OK, I'll pick you up next Saturday for a quick catch up and see where that takes us”. Well I found out later that ‘ where that takes us’ was a hotel bed to get reacquainted! . My wife still enjoys watching me squirm with excitement as she described what happened. This unexpected greeting from this woman from a past meeting certainly got my wife aroused  as I was ordered to take a tablet saying she had a use for me. A bit of an understatement as when I came back into our bedroom she had changed into one of her ‘ retro ‘ pink thin nylon  baby dolls which just covered her hips and pantyless, her heavy breasts hung seductively down, nipples hard, standing out into the thin material,her order was precise with a sound of urgency ‘ please fuck me, I want you now’ This didn't sound like my wife at all, whatever that woman did with her that night had  left a lasting impression and a burning desire, one that would be fulfilled again but for now, all she had was me.  I got onto the bed and quickly mounted her in the missionary position, pushing my now pill induced hard on into her surprisingly wet, velvety pussy, I couldn't believe my luck as she's not been this amorous in a long time, it had been a while as I fucked her  best I could with my relatively meager cock compared to the likes of Carl or the Jamaican, however it was enough as she dug her nails into my back as I pumped away until I  shouted out ‘ I'm cummming’ that was normally the que for her to push me off before I could cum inside her, she was evidently still seeing a bull So I wasn't allowed,  tonight though, she held me tight so I couldn't get off her as my sperm flowed freely into her in a pathetic  attempt to inseminate her. Whatever she was remembering, it was having a profound effect on her, at the time I was unaware they'd been texting each other so I guess by now she was totally sexually frustrated and desperately needed to vent them out by using me, Now I'd get to fuck my own wife, fully, twice more that night, as they say, Never look a gift horse in the mouth! I certainly wasn't! By the morning my back was covered in  scratch marks as she lost control and gripped me tightly as her orgasms ripped through her, were they the result of my fucking or what that woman reminded her she did with her at that party? However my treat wasn't over as I was woken up the next morning by my wife's demand for more sex. This was unprecedented and I certainly wasn't complaining! Wife now on all fours looking towards the wardrobe mirror, I knew exactly what her intentions were as I moved in behind her and pushed my hard cock into her now sloppy pussy showing some evidence of last night's sperm deposits.we fucked like rabbits, her tits, hung down from her chest, swinging back and forth like pendulums with each thrust into her, she knew my little fetish! , as well as most of her bulls! morning sex is always the best in my book! , for the fourth time my cock twitched, swelled and inseminated my beautiful wife as I tried my best to deeply seed her, I was in heaven, however that would be short lived as I was pushed off and ordered to remove all my warm sticky, creamy spunk from within her, yep, the domineering wife was back! 

I got to work immediately, licking my fresh deposit that oozed slightly from her smooth pussy lips  there was no evidence of the other three either on her or on the bed sheets, her hungry pussy had retained most of it which would become evident the deeper i went, with both thumbs each side of her pussy  lips I parted them which revealed some of my earlier deposits, my tongue instinctively reached down and lapped it up, my tongue brushed over  her clit which caused her to push my face hard against her as she cried out with her first  orgasm, once she calmed down she allowed me to continue, pushing my finger deeper into her I retrieved some of last night's sperm onto my finger , a mixture of our juices with a slight hint of saltiness as I sucked it off in front of her approving eyes. A couple more scoops with my fingers retrieved more of the spunky mess I'd left in her the night before, a final lick with my tongue, flicking around the hood of her clit causing another orgasm  and it was over as she pushed me off the bed telling me “Enough” in a loud authoritarian voice. I was left on the floor as she stepped over me , used for her own enjoyment then discarded as she went for a shower too, as she said, ‘ wash the smell of man off her’ that actually worried me, it needn't had, but at the time it did. 

The rest of the week turned into my wife using me as a toy, using the penis pump one of her bulls had bought me for a joke on my then limp cock in an attempt to enlarge it, in fact it actually helped with my Ed,  also torturing my nipples relentlessly when she got the chance in an act of defiance and domination over me ,however I really enjoyed that bit but didn't let on as she played, pulled and clamped my nipples at every opportunity which caused them to enlarge when excited, they felt hard but super sensitive. 

At this point I wasn't sure if this is what Dee told her to do to me for reasons I'd painfully realise when we all met.

Saturday came and my wife was up early for a shower, and to make herself up to meet Dee as they'd do a bit of shopping and lunch.

I had to go out but when I came back I almost came in my pants.

My wife had now transformed into the most beautiful woman, a white blouse that almost covered her modestly, a thin white wireless bra snuggly enveloped her large breast and kept them in place upon her chest best they could. A black knee length pleated skirt which, if you looked, showed the faint outline of suspender straps holding a glossy pair of stockings. Her long dark hair shone in the light as she moved her head, a neutral lipstick applied with blue eyeshadow and a little mascara finished the look. How do I look?  she asked , well I was speechless at that moment but I think she got the idea. I noticed as she walked her breasts seem to wobble in a seductive way which hit my cock hard as I could see her nipples starting to make an appearance through the bra and blouse. Too much? She asked, this time I was able to reply with a NO, you look fantastic as you always do, she smiled , I guess that remark would earn me brownie points later? Dee is taking me shopping,  I'll send you a photo later, with that a quick kiss and she went out to the waiting taxi to take her to town. The next five hours had me transfixed to my phone's screen as several photos came through of her and Dee, at a restaurant, Dee dressed in a similar dress, a bit more revealing. Yes she looked every inch the sexy dominant woman I remembered smirking at me with that monster strapon hanging between her legs, still glistening in my wife's juices. It would be the later ones that showed what Dee's intentions for my wife really were. All I could do was lie on the bed, cock on hand waiting as the photos came through, one text message, ‘ you want to see more’? Yes please I replied, boy was I in for a treat.

One by one photos of my wife in a hotel room came through like a photo shoot, firstly sat on a double bed then as each photo came through another item of clothing had been removed until she was in just her bra panties and stockings , then a few selfies of her and Dee together on the bed together, arm around each other and kissing, then a  short video of Dee, telling what she was going to do to my wife, to be honest my heart was racing and my cock throbbing away as she removed her clothes to reveal her nice firm 36C breasts and smooth body. The video stopped then another ping from my phone as another video came through, this time a hand removed my wife's pink satin panties, this was new as she wasn't wearing those when she left! then a hand up to her bra and expertly removed that one handed,pulling her bra off as her tits flopped down.

Dee’s fingers brushed over her nipples and pinched them causing my wife to moan out, then her hand back down to  my wife's waist as her panties were roughly pulled down to reveal her now wet pussy, teasing her clit with her fingers which brought the response she wanted, the last thing she said on the video was ‘ now she's mine ‘  the phone went down onto the bed and a buzzing sound could be heard with Dee telling her she would be her slut when she'd finished with her, now just a blank screen, all I could hear was my wife being pleasured by this woman again! This was quite clever to be honest as she was replicating what she did at that party all those years ago and having the same effect on me seconds later the video stopped. A text message over an hour later came back saying I've finished with your slut wife, she's mine now! , you can have her back until I need her. Well this was different I thought.

That did the trick as I'd been slowly playing with myself, rewatching what she allowed me to, my wife being pleasured by this dominant woman. I came, a couple of jets of sperm flew through the air, obviously helped by the teasing that woman did to me then dribbling what little sperm I had left over my hand totally satisfied at what just happened and what might happen in the future if my wife took up her offer, however she'd have no choice in the matter 

Part 2 

The ultimate cuckold

Coming soon

Written by Christine63

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