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Day at the beach

"Day of fun in the dunes"

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Day at the beach Although we’d talked about it, we’d never managed a day at the beach together before. A few weeks ago, we managed to sneak away together and take advantage of the sunny weather. I’d never been on a naturist beach before and was really looking forward to being totally naked in the sun in front of other like-minded people. We put our towels down and enjoyed an afternoon of sunshine and a bottle of wine. I was amazed at the number of single guys who felt they needed to walk within 20 meters of us whilst having a sly look at us. Ed just laughed and told me to look at the dunes. There were loads of meerkats looking down at the naked women on the beach. Quite sad really. Nothing happened on that visit but we were talking about what goes on in the dunes and I got quite wet thinking about the possibilities. Two weeks later we were back and I had a plan. We set out little area up and opened the wine. Ed lay back to enjoy the sun and I surprised him, with a chastity cage dropped on his chest. He groaned as I told him to put it on. I then announced it was time for a walk to the water’s edge. He protested but did as he was told. It was quite funny watching his embarrassment as people noticed his predicament. We got back to the towels and it wasn’t long before a swingle appeared at our feet. We got chatting, mainly about what we were in to/looking for etc. He asked if we’d like to go into the dunes with him. Seeing as he had a good body and nice cock, I agreed. Didn’t even think to give Ed an opportunity to discuss it. I picked up a towel and walked into the dunes hand in hand with Chris (as I found out on the way). Ed duly followed on. We found a hollow in the dunes where I laid my towel down, got on my knees and proceeded to suck Chris’s cock to an impressive hardness. By now we had an audience of two more swingles, both stroking their cocks and giving me verbal encouragement. One moved closer and next thing I know; I’ve got two cocks in my face. Lucky girl lol. I needed fucking and standing up told Chris to lie on his back. I then lowered myself onto his hard cock. I rode him for a while and the fact I was being so wanton in public pushed me over the edge as I had my first, noisy orgasm. Another cock was thrust into my face and being the polite girl, I am I gave him a BJ while riding Chris. The third guy was by now behind me, playing with my pierced nipples and running his finger up between my bum cheeks and fingering my hole. I decided it was getting time to end proceedings so climbed of Chris and got on my knees. I announced that I wanted a cum shower. All three guys then stood around me wanking themselves. They all managed to more or less cum together, spraying my face and tits. I scraped some up with my hand and looking at Ed, licked it off before smearing the remains all over my front. Thinking that was it, I thanked the guys. Ed however had other ideas. He said it would be a pity if I had to do a walk of shame back to the beach covered in cum and thought it a good idea if they washed me down first. Next think I know, I’m on the receiving end of a golden shower as the three guys hosed me down. Having had their fun, they thanked us and left. I then told Ed to lie down on my piss and cum soaked towel and proceeded to pee over his caged cock. I then made him walk to the sea where we washed each other off before returning to our one dry towel and finishing off our sunbathing before leaving for home. I’ve a funny feeling it won’t be our last trip to the beach this year now I’ve had a taste of al fresco fun Dee xx
Written by Anonymous

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