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Devan ruins the wife

"Cabana boy creampies Michelle"

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Author's Notes

"Michelle decides she wants him and he enjoys her too"

We had enjoyed a few days now on holiday in Jamaica and Michelle had enjoyed being fucked and filled with cum by Fitz but she told me she had seen the young guy who cleaned our room called Devan and that she fancied him as she had seen his dick swinging inside his shorts, it looked huge and she wanted to set a trap for him so she could fuck him and feel his massive dick filling her cunt with spunk

She knew what time he cleaned our room and she planned to be in our room when he came in to clean.

Her plan was for her to be lay on the bed playing with her cunt and tits as he came into the room, the rest she would adapt as it happened. I should wait in the loo and she would call me to the room when ready so I could watch Dev ruin her cunt.

After a few drinks we went back to our room and Michelle went inside I stayed in the loo waiting.

The rest is from Michelle then after I went into the loo until I came out and went inside our bedroom and watched it was very horny.

Michelle was lay on the bed when she heard the door handle turn and Devan walked into the room. Michelle was lay back naked on the bed with the covers pulled to the left hand side, she was playing with her clit with one hand and twisting her hard nipples with the other. She gasped as Dev walked into the room and pulled the cover back over herself slowly so Dev could see everything.

He mumbled an apology and turned away as Michelle told him it was okay and for him not to go as she would let him clean the room. Dev turned and Michelle pushed away the covers opened her legs and asked Dev if there was anything he saw that he fancied. She said he stopped and looked at her on the bed and asked what she meant.

She told him she wanted him and he could have her if he wanted. Dev looked at Michelle and told her he couldn’t as it was against the rules, so Michelle sat up and told Dev to come over to the bed which he did.

As he now stood opposite Michelle’s big tits she pulled down his shorts and out popped his big black prick which was kinked to the right as Michelle pulled back his foreskin and a drip of precum came out of the end of his cock. Devs dick was so big Michelle’s fingers could not stretch round it and meet. She had two hands around his dick and there was still room for his bell end to push past her hand as she sucked his dick into her mouth sucking off his precum.

She wanked and sucked his cock dribbling and spitting his precum down her chin onto her big tits.

As I was not getting a call but could hear what was going on I came out of the bathroom and told Dev not to worry and for him to carry on. As his big cock was firmly planted between my wife’s lips and she was sucking and dribbling cum down her chin onto her tits.

I encouraged Dev to move down Michelle’s body and he knelt between Michelle’s shaved cunt and he began to rub his big dick up and down Michelle’s fleshy cunt lips and clit and wank his precum into her pussy lips.

Michelle lay back and told Dev to fuck her and she opened her pussy as Dev began to rub his large dick up and down Michelle’s large fleshy pussy lips and then push his large prick inside my wife.

His massive prick stretched Michelle’s wet cunt wider and wider the deeper it went until his big black prick was fully pushed inside Michelle. Her cunt was stretched around his cock as he withdrew his prick then reinserted it up her cunt as she gasped that his cock was filling her cunt and for him to fuck her cunt with his big black prick and fill her cunt with his spunk.

He continued to fuck his cock deeper and deeper into Michelle until his large cock was stretching her cunt and also nudging her cervix. Michelle played with her pussy as his cock was ready as she wanted it to erupt spunk deep into her pussy and fill her cunt with his virile young seed.

We had not taken any precautions for a long time and we had never expected any issues as Devs cock fucked her cunt

Dev now was fucking his large cock into Michelle and as I watched he fell on top of her and began to fuck her cunt really hard. She opened her legs and allowed his cock to spurt up her cunt as his balls banged against her arse.

It was wonderful to see her cunt accept Devs spunk as he must have shot four to five spurts of his hot young virile spunk into my wife and as I watched from behind I could see his cock spurt his sperm inside her as he shot his spunk up my wife’s cunt.

Dev began to withdraw and Michelle pulled him back inside her cunt as she rubbed her clit, she wanted to cum and as she rubbed her clit she managed to cum again as Devs cock was shooting hot spunk deep inside her cervix.

Devs spunk filled Michelle’s cunt and womb and began to dribble and flow out of her cunt as she came on his prick. His sperm now drizzled past his cock as it filled her cunt and Michelle pulled Dev into her as she kissed him and sucked his tongue as Dev shot the last of his spunk into her cunt.

Michelle kissed Dev and sucked his tongue as the last of his sperm invaded her cunt and he stopped thrusting and spurting his cum inside her.

As they kissed and loved each other after they had both come Michelle pushed Dev off and as his prick plopped out of her cunt his spunk dribbled out of her cunt and formed a pool around her arse. I put my fingers under her arse and collected a pool of Devs spunk onto my fingers and rubbed it over her clit and pushed it back into her cunt as I then lay down on top of Michelle inserted my rock hard cock inside her as she kissed me then whispered into my ear how much she had enjoyed Devs young prick as it made her cum and did I enjoy watching this young guy shooting his spunk inside her making her come and filling her cunt with his spunk

I thrust hard into her and began to jerk inside her as I shot my spunk into her and we kissed hungrily and sexily.

As I finished spurting inside her I fell on top of her and we kissed.

Michelle pushed me up and looked at me and asked if I had enjoyed watching Dev fuck her.

I told her I had and wanted to watch her fuck him some more.

Dev was now wanking his semi-hard cock and as I got off and sat down, Dev moved towards Michelle’s head and wanked his cock into her mouth. She opened her mouth and began to lick his dick as he wanked it into her mouth.

I looked at her very red and wide open spunk filled cunt as she sucked Devs big bent dick as we enjoyed some more afternoon delight, 😋

Written by Creampiewife1962

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