Written by Nick & Eva

16 Jun 2018

When Eva came home from work after I had watched her two latest ‘events’ on her sun lounger, she was a bit subdued. She had actually invited Clive, our next door neighbour, down to join her, although she had denied him the ultimate. As I say, she was subdued but, when she realised I wasn’t going to hit the roof, she became more confident.

We talked about it …… we made love, very passionately I might add …… and we talked some more. Eva said she had wanted Clive’s spunk spurting inside her, but she had to make do with it over her body as she thought that would be cheating on me. Yes, I wondered about her definition of cheating too. By the Monday evening, I had effectively given her the green light to fulfil her lust as I had agreed to turn the camera round so it faced the bed in our back bedroom, adjusting the focus so it would capture the whole bed. It was now approaching autumn last year, so Eva’s opportunities to sunbathe outside were becoming scarce, but she took to sitting outside in a chair in the garden whenever the weather was fine to see if Clive appeared at their bedroom window.

It was several weeks before any action happened, the anticipation was excruciating for me and I would check the computer each evening when I came home from work on Eva’s days off. Eventually, in late-November, I came home one night to find a new video file on the computer. Eva simply smiled at me and suggested we watch it together after dinner. I wish I could tell you about our evening meal that day, but I don’t think I noticed as my mind was totally on what I would see later.

The video started with Eva switching on the camera and standing back to look at it briefly, before leaving the room. There was then a delay of about 5 minutes before they came in, and there was some action going on out of shot which was obviously them kissing. I had sound this time, which meant I could hear the action and ‘fill in the blanks’ not covered by the visual action. The thought that my wife, who was now sitting beside me, was kissing another man felt very strange. After a short delay, they climbed on to the bed, both removing their clothes as they settled in the middle of the bed.

Clive kissed Eva, and he was stroking the side of her face. He reached down to start stroking her clit, and she parted her legs wide so he could slip a finger inside. Her response was to grab hold of his head and kiss him passionately. He mauled her tits and slid several fingers into her cunt …… she stroked his cock (oh, nearly forgot to mention, he looked a decent size and it was standing very stiff). Eva orgasmed noisily as he sucked her nipple whilst vigorously finger fucking her.

I was a bit surprised that it was Eva who said she wanted him inside her, and he kissed her again passionately, before climbing between her thighs. I wish I could have seen the moment he parted her labia, that would have felt like the ‘ultimate betrayal’, but I had to be content with the view of my wife with one hand between them clearly guiding his cock, and his buttocks gently thrusting forward to impale her. She had both hands on his shoulders as he began pumping his cock ever-deeper, and I could tell she was enjoying by her gasps and moans. He stopped fucking Eva briefly once to allow her to calm down, before starting to raise her arousal again. His mouth was all over hers, and he also bent forward to suck her nipples from time to time. I thought my god he has some stamina for a guy in his sixties.

I wondered whether he would have second thoughts about cumming inside her, but I assume they had made a pact beforehand, and he simply announced he was cumming. Eva wrapped her legs behind his back, also holding his shoulders firmly, and he climaxed noisily with cries of “oh fuck …… oh fuck …… oh fuck”. As they calmed down, Eva looked over his shoulders directly at the camera and blew me a kiss with the tips of her fingers.

Maybe the first time is always special, but Eva has fucked Clive several times since then, but I still enjoy watching that first time. On subsequent occasions, they have used different positions, and I most enjoy those when she is on top as I get a better view of him penetrating her. Best of all is when Eva goes reverse cowgirl, because I can see her clitoris above his cock and, when she bounces up and down, I see her labia spread wide at the moment he thrusts in. Yummy!

I didn’t think too much of it in the early days but I suppose this makes me a cuckold, Eva is taking her pleasure with Clive and I am supposed to grin and bear it. I don’t mind that much as I know Eva is highly sexed, so having 2 men to fuck her is ideal. She doesn’t verbally abuse me, so I suppose I should be grateful for that, and I don’t know whether she has told Clive about the camera. He certainly hasn’t shown any signs of looking directly at the camera, so I suppose she hasn’t.

Also, I don’t know whether Clive’s wife, Celia, knows anything, probably not, and that aspect makes me feel a little uncomfortable. Assuming their sex life has waned, perhaps it is OK for him to seek his pleasure elsewhere, but I prefer not to think about the wider aspects. All I know is that Eva told me as soon as she started having sex with Clive, and this has resulted in me having my own personal supply of porn …… really good porn with real people involved, and they are having real orgasms.