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Fitz Fucks Sarah as Alan Mauls Michelle

"See Michelle fucks Alan for maul"

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Author's Notes

"More good times to share"

As Michelle came out of the bathroom in her robe she came over to the settee on the patio and sat down and had a drink. She had had enough by that time as it was late and she had enjoyed several cream pies. We both watched as Sarah now sucked Fitz cock clean of juices and his big dick began to swell some more. I can only think he had taken some pills as his stamina was as impressive as his big dick.

Sarah sucked him hard as her husband Alan and us watched Fitz take his cock and begin to fuck Sarah’s mouth making her gag.

Alan had now taken out his dick and was wanking it and I said to Michelle she should go and help him with it. She knocked back her drink and knelt on the floor in front of Alan and held his cock and took it away from his hands and looked him up in his eyes and popped her mouth over the end of his cock and began to suck it into her mouth. Wanking his foreskin up and over his bell end as she sucked him. A little precum dribbled out of the end of Alan’s cock and Michelle pulled down Alan’s uncircumcised foreskin and let the drizzle of precum run down his cock as she looked up into Alan’s eyes extended her tongue and licked his cum onto her tongue knelt up and began to kiss Alan sucking his tongue and letting him taste his own pte-sperm.

This must have turned Alan on as he grabbed Michelle behind her head and they kissed sexily sucking each others tongue as Fitz now fucked Sarah’s mouth with his cock.

Michelle stood up and put her leg over Alan’s and put her hand down between them, took Alan’s cock and inserted it into her well fucked cunt and sat down on it as I watched her pussy swallow up all of Alan’s dick deep into her cunt.

She sat on his cock which was now buried deep inside her and began forward and backward movements riding Alan’s rock hard dick as he fucked her cunt. In reality she was fucking his cock and Alan was beginning to moan and groan.

Michelle now rode Alan as Fitz pulled his cock from Sarah’s throat knelt down in front of the chair, opened Sarah’s legs and began to push his big hard dick up Sarah’s tight cunt.

We later found out that Sarah had not had any children and her pussy was not as big as Michelle’s and as Fitz fucked it deeper she couldn’t take it all the way in and had to tell him to stop pushing it so far in as it was hurting.

By this time Alan was deep into fucking my wifes very wet cunt and she was kissing him as he began to shout he was cumming and Michelle rode him even harder milking his hot spunk deep into her pussy as she rubbed her clit. I watched as Alan’s spunk ran out passed her cunt down his cock as he spurted his spunk up into her wet cunt. Michelle tried to rub her clit and cum but she couldn’t so she contented herself with enjoying Alan’s orgasm spitting his spunk up her pussy.

I watched as she kissed Alan and sucked his tongue as he spurted as she milked the last of his spunk into her cunt and she sat on his spent prick.

We now watched Fitz fuck Sarah as she took as much of his cock as she could rubbing her clit and groaning she was cumming as Fitz fucked her cunt. Fitz kept fucking his dick into Sarah as she came but he couldn’t cum again.

He kept fucking Sarah as she orgasmed on his cock until she began to calm down. Fitz then pulled out of Sarah and sat down with his cock sticking up hard.

Shame to waste I said to Michelle and she got up knelt I’m front of him and began to suck his cock and wank it sucking off all the juices bending over as we watched Alan’s spunk drizzle out of her well fucked cunt lips and down her legs as she sucked Fitz cock.

Sarah got up and went over to Alan and began to suck his dick clean of his sperm and Michelle’s love juice as I watched my wife suck Fitz and Sarah suck Alan.

Fitz began to groan and moan he was going to cum and it wasn’t long before we watched him shoot some sperm into Michelle’s mouth as she opened her mouth looked into Fitz eyes as he shot a little more spunk into her mouth.

She closed her mouth around Fitz cock sucked it deep and swallowed his spunk.

She got up and we all adjusted our clothes and made some introductions. A bit odd really but when the passion takes over who cares what happens.

I filled our drinks up and we began to chat and get to know each other. It turned out Fitz was a local and enjoyed fucking holiday makers and if Michelle and Sarah was anything to go by they enjoyed fucking him.

Fitz rolled another joint and we had a bit more to drink. Sarah and Alan decided to go back to their room and asked Fitz if he wanted to join them and he duly did.

Me and Michelle went back into our room where we spooned and fell asleep, until next morning.

This holiday turned out to be very enjoyable and we spent more time with Alan and Sarah but being the slut she is Michelle enjoyed some more nights out with the locals too.

Cream pie wife anyone?

Written by Creampiewife1962

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