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Follow on from a true encounter

"Next step in our lives"

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Hi all , I wrote a true encounter than happened in a night club where a black guy took my wife an gave her best sex ever.

So we got back home around 3 in the morning my wife just slumped on bed exhausted, I just lay there pulling my little dick could not get it out of my head, The next morning I asked if she was ok, her answer was iam in heaven, I said yes I think iam an we both laughe. I then started to ask questions have u ever been with a black guy before, yes a few was her reply. I Knew her sister had but not my wife. Her sis used to tease me bout having a tiny dick my wife was the one who told her. I then asked wife were they all as big as him in the club. He must have been a good 8 inch an also so thick like a can of coke.

My wife said he was so dominant an assertive, he fucked me in the arse 1st. That’s something we had never done, it was so bad but so good. Have u done this before with the others ? I asked.

Black guys like married white women sign of there power an control to do them in the arse. So what’s next? she said I want u there, you to watch, serve us and you to be naked this turns me on so much, she said. To see this huge man that you are standing there helpless, with your little mushroom facing us. She would sort this out for us and find the right man to be continued. She did in France while on holiday nude resort place called cap d arge. It was there that I found out what SPH was, this was a place where you were nude all day but dressed at night, well sort of. I remember our 1 st night. My wife went out in black high strap shoes and a shirt a tiny pair of knickers. There were clubs and bars on site all walking distance. It was so busy so we began to explore , we were walking through this gang way and there was a bar to our left very busy we could not get hardly past. We stood and watched, after bout 5 mins a guy came behind my wife an started to dance holding her hips touching her all over. He had his fingers inside her pulled them out an started to lick them while looking at me, I was so turned on it was like anything goes. After that we done a bit of shopping that’s when she bought a hat for me saying i am a cuckold, and she bought a ankle chain say queen of spades. Well I wore it into the club. I was not only the one, there were others wearing them. When I was looking I noticed there was a lot of black guys i. Well we were having a bit of a laugh and we were getting very merry. These 2 french black guys came over I said to wife do u like? oh yes one was huge built 6ft6 the other still about 6 ft3. The smaller one spoke quite good English and after about 20 mins it got on to sex. They asked her if I was bi in french as my wife speaks it quite good, me i don’t speak a word. I smiled cause my wife was smiling she said in french Have a grope see what he does. So a couple hours went past and we went back to their apartment for yet more drinks. By now my wife was naked and so was the big guy. That left me an other guy so he got naked and again I thought shit these guys were huge. I said iam ok , no said wife get them off, no iam ok, Help me she said to them. Before I knew it there I was, the guys looking and laughing at my size. I felt so humiliated but turned on wife said you do drinks, so off I went came back to see wife having the 2 of them. She was screaming with delight then after about 20 mins they both cum. It looked like she been badly used. The smaller guy said put your wifes knickers on, which I did and both turned to each other and smiled. They started on the wife again this time must have been 45 mins wife just lay exhausted , I got more drinks as they were trying to wake her up for more .She just lay there helpless she was worn out, they asked me to wake her and as I did one of them grab my balls. Said u have no balls there tiny, then said get down an suck mine, I started 2 suck his dick, he then took my knickers off an started to play with my arse. No no iam saying, but the other guy was holding me down as well. Next I know the pain, I looked up an looked at wife, she saw it all, she just lay there shocked. They were calling me names slapping when they had done. I just lay there facing up out of breath, I looked down and my cock was in my balls. To cut it short the guys, left to go out on town again and asked us to let our selves out and they took our clothes for a joke. That is what we come for I said fun. My wife looked at me an said that I was not the man she thought I was, them guys totally humiliated you she said in front of me. Look at you 6 ft plus big man with no cock or balls. I was still lay there with cum all over my cock in my balls. We got up to go, the guys had put money and clothes in another complex they had left a note saying so. We had to walk back naked which I know it’s a naked resort but most are dressed at night. 2 months later after that, things were never right, we parted company ,

Thankyou for reading

Written by Londonessex75

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