Written by The hubby

27 Sep 2019

Hi I'm dave and 37 and my wife is alison 37. This all started on our way home in the car after we had been to the cinema. I suggested we stop on our way home for a bit of fun in the car and alison suggested we stop in the car park near a local county park. We pulled into the corner and started kissing alison opened her top and I suggested she take her jeans off. She slid them down with her knickers and let them drop into the foot well. I put her chair back and started to suck her nipples after a few minutes she parted her legs and asked me to finger her. I put my hand between her legs and she was soaking I fingers her for a minute before looking up to ask her to get in the back. When I looked up at her i could see her looking out of the car window. To my surprise there was a man there wanking watching me finger my wife. I jumped back to my side of the car ready to drive away but to my surprise my wife put her hand between her legs and continued to rub herself watching our spectator wank himself off watching her. After a few minutes he started to cum shortly after he then put himself away and disappeared in to the woods. I could hear my wife was about to cum and sat and watched her have a very intense orgasm she picked her clothes up and asked me to take her home. When we got into the house she immediately grabbed my cock and pulled it out and started to suck it. She stood up and took her Jean's and knickers down for the second time within a hour and asked me to fuck her from behind. When I started to fuck her she started to talk about our spectators cock how thick it was and how much he had cum it was too much for me hearing her talk like this and I shot my load in her in minutes. Since that evening whenever we fuck she talks about other men fucking her she has even pointed other men out that she would like to fuck. If I ever object she just says you know it turns you on thats why it made you cum so fast. I do like the new dirty talking wife in bed and we are definitely trying new things but I think it's only a matter of time bbefore she does what she wants.