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My wife, Lily introduced to my 'shy' friend

"I told my sexy wife, Lily, how shy my friend"

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I told my sexy wife, Lily, how shy my friend was and that he did not have a girl friend, but as soon as I brought him home to our place and they met they hit it off immediately, and they hardly stopped talking, and soon she was urging him into the marital bedroom (privately, without me) (but I had a secret hidden microphone in the skirting board, under the bed) and he got into his stride and was so good at sweet intimate talk and foreplay that I heard my wife saying "OOOOOOOOH what are you doing to me, I am SO wet, SO ready. For Goodness Sake put your big cock in me NOW, PLEASE fuck me, PLEASE, NOW" Then I heard sounds of them moving and him sighing as he entered her cunt, and my wife breathing very heavily, as the bed springs began to groan loudly, and a steady rhythm developed. He proceeded to fuck my wife for ages, with her sighing and saying "OH God, you are SO lovely, keep fucking me, never stop......OH you are SO BIG......fuck me darling..Fuck meeeeeeeee" Then he began to speed up and I heard him say "I am going to cum soon........are you ready?" My wife replied, " NO, please NO, keep fucking me" (I had NEVER heard her say that, usually she had always soon had enough with me and always said "Get on with it, and finish now, your time is up ") SO, he kept fucking her faster and faster till my wife yelled "SHOOT now, shoot all you spunk in me...I want ALL your spunk…………………give me ALL your spunk, NOW……NOW…….. PLEEEEEEEESE" And he came with a roar, and my wife obviously orgasmed yet again, and practically sobbed with delight. They then cuddled, and felt relaxed together, but within an hour I heard them stirring again, and heard my wife say in amazement "You are going to fuck me again, aren't you, you Darling REAL Man?" and he did, all over again. About 4 a.m I heard my wife get up to go to the toilet, then return to bed, and almost straight away they were in each others arms again with him fucking my wife really HARD again for a long time, as though they had not had sex for ages. Again at 7 a.m they both woke up, and he proceeded to fuck my wife yet again, spunking deep inside her willing cunt one more time. He left at 8.30 a.m to go to work, my wife having made arrangements for him to return the next week, same time, and leaving my wife naked in bed, while I saw him out, shaking his hand and me thanking him for coming (and cumming, in my thoughts). My wife called me into the bedroom, telling me he was "WONDERFUL, SO virile, SO big" as she pulled her cunt open and insisted I look at all his spunk oozing inside her cunt, while I merely wanked myself off, and she told me in detail what a fantastic night she had enjoyed, and how many times he had fucked her (I already knew, of course, but my wife was unaware of my listening to their intimacies). My wife also informed me that I would probably no longer be able to touch her in any way, as she now preferred a much bigger cock and more exciting fuckings henceforth. Therefore she had decided I was from now on to sleep in the guest room, as the marital double bed was now reserved for my wife and her boyfriends only. I would be allowed to watch only IF a particular boyfriend agreed (my `shy' friend ALWAYS had her privately), and I would be allowed to wank whenever I wanted, in fact she would INSIST that I always look deep into her pulled open cunt and wank whenever her boyfriends had finished spunking inside her. "Taking care of yourself using your hand" is how my wife put it. "While I tell you in detail exactly what happened, each time, ha ha".
Written by walter2000uk

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