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Karen gets used and I get a show

"My mare Karen enjoys a good servicing from a young stud"

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Author's Notes

"Hope you enjoy the story. Please leave us a comment at the bottom. We both love reading them and it really excited Karen to be more and more adventurous."

Fella’s if you’ve not had the joy of seeing your wife being fucked by another man yet, you need to get onboard! There’s nothing quite like seeing your Mrs face as she takes a nice big cock. I’m pretty average and although can put a smile on her face on the bedroom, nothing beats seeing a beefy piece of meat open your beloved up! Make sure the guy you choose has a decent lunchbox and knows how to use it, if he’s an alpha male bull too, that always helps! Our last meet was certainly all of these…

I was getting ready to take the kids to school as he turned up on his way to work. We’d chosen Dan because of firstly his looks - tall and tanned, cropped light hair, beefy but in good shape and a few tattoos. He was 35, married and was an estate agent (you can’t have everything). Confident and self assured. Secondly, it was what he had hanging between his legs. From his photos on swinging heaven and messages we’d been sending, I know Karen was in for real treat. A thick, uncircumcised, hung cock awaited her! Accompanied by a pair of huge balls, all covered in nicely trimmed dark pubic hair. Karen was salivating at the thought of his visit.

Karen had spent the morning getting ready for her servicing as I got the kids ready for school. She took a bath and shaved her (my) beautiful pussy smooth and her legs too. She applied her make up and put on a light summer dress with no underwear on. He pert middle aged breasts still looked great as she approached 40 and a bum that looked amazing.

I answered the door and Dan greeted me with a big smile and a hearty handshake. He was wearing a tight white shirt and tight navy trousers that did nothing to hide his muscles or hefty bulge! I invited him in and introduced him to Karen who was in the kitchen. She immediately kissed him on the lips and he understandably offered no resistance. I had to leave to take the kids to school and left them to it. “I won’t be too long, don’t hang about on my count though!” I said.

During the drive to and from dropping them off my cock was throbbing at the thought of what was happening back at home. My balls were ready to burst!

Finally, after some frustrating traffic and roadworks, I got home. Downstairs was deserted and so I headed upstairs and started to hear the familiar moans from Karen, and the occasional grunt from Dan coming from our bedroom. The door was open and I could see Karen on her back, naked. Dan’s equally as naked body hid most of her from me and so all I could see was her long legs and feet stretched wide and between them was a muscular beefy arse belonging to our new bull, Karen’s left hand squeezing his bum cheek hard as he opened her to her full extent and a pair of thick hairy legs and a sweaty broad back, that Karen had her right hand grasped too. They were kissing between gasps and moans. It’s quite something seeing a strange man’s hairy arse repeatedly wink at you as he fucks your wife hard!

“Glad to see Karen’s making you feel welcome!” I said. “Your wife feels incredible mate!” He answered and continued his onslaught. He pushed Karen’s legs back so he could drive as deep as possible as I took a seat. Prime viewing of my wife being used. I could see his big balls between his legs, he was carrying a large load! They were beefy! He’d told me during messaging that his wife wasn’t as enthusiastic in the bedroom as he was and he needed extra attention! He said he’d not cum in weeks. By the look of those balls, that was clear to see. They looked heavily laden with sperm! Karen’s a lucky lady I thought. We hadn’t really discussed condoms. Karen had the implant and so I wasn’t worried about that, but still having another man cum inside your wife is a big deal! Letting his little swimmers invade her most intermit and deepest parts, and if it wasn’t for the a little thing in her arm, she’d soon be carrying his child! For me the creampie was all part of my perverse enjoyment. Dan sucked and licked Karen’s ample breasts. Her sexy bright pink nipples were like bullets as she was so horny.

Dan pulled out and knelt back asking Karen if she’d like it doggy. She easily turned over and thrust her arse in the air. Dan gave her arsehole a big lick. While they were uncouple for a few minutes, it gave me the opportunity to see Karen’s well fucked pussy. It was red and looked used and stretched. Glancing at Dan’s cock, there was no question to why my wife’s pussy looked as it did, and why she was moaning so much. Dan was certainly blessed with a big tool and it looked particularly thick and long, being fully pumped up. Bell end now out, it too looked swollen and angry. The whole of his groin was wet from Karen’s juices. Even his large hairy balls were shining. Fuck what a sight I thought as I finally gave in and got my cock out and started wanking it, trying not to cum too soon!

I watched as Dan’s fat helmet sliced into Karen’s wet lips once again. Honestly, it was such an erotic sight. The folds of her beautiful vagina loves inwards with his long thrusts and her lips stretched and cling to his cock as he withdrew. The sensation sending my Karen into ecstasy. Her moans were deep and pleasure clear to see and hear. He pushed balls deep in and Karen gave a long growl - I knew she was cumming on his cock. He was reaching places inside her I couldn’t and it was pushing all her buttons. As Dan’s thrusts quickened he looked at me and said “I’m going to cum soon!” To be honest bearing in mind he’s not cum for a few weeks, I was impressed by both his stamina and control as his fully laden balls swung tight below his powerful cock. I bet he was desperate to offload their contents. He was starting to fight his orgasm as Karen started to moan her words of encouragement “give me all that spunk big boy! I want to feel it deep in my cunt!” Wow I thought, she really must be deep in passion to use such dirty language and beg for his cum. His thrusts got faster and the sound of his sweaty thighs on her big sexy bum got wetter and louder. Through gritted teeth, Dan threw his head back and gave a primal, deep growl and said “here it comes darling!” With that he gave several sharp and very deep thrusts, holding himself deep inside each time. I knew when he was totally drained and he whole body relaxed and a big smile came across his face. “Fuck your wife is incredible! I needed that!” Karen later told me she felt as if a dam had burst inside her when he came as there was so much ball juice! I shot my load onto the bedroom carpet.

Dan pulled out and I expected a torrent to follow, but nothing. He must have planted his seed deep within her depths! His cock was still thick and pumped up from the fuck. Soaking wet from their combined juices. “I better get off to work!” he said, looking at his watch. Noticing how sweaty he was, I offered him a shower which he accepted. I went and got us all some coffees and Karen cleaned and tidied herself up.

We said goodbye to Dan and about 20 minutes later as Karen was making lunch she announced that finally, Dan’s baby’s were making their way out and she could feel it in her gusset.

I can’t wait for him to return soon. I told him to bring his mates too!

Written by KarenandBob

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