Written by Johnny

17 Jan 2018

For some time, I've popped onto swinging heaven stories but have been reticent to add anything. After all I'm a normal guy, married to a normal but sexy lady. Unlike many contributors I don't have a huge cock. My wife is a size 14, not the size 8 ff women often described on here.

I'm based in Portsmouth and in early December stumbled across a story on here about a handyman teaming up with a guy who wanted his wife fucked.

I then read a cpl more stories when I searched for handyman, all likely to be with the same guy.

What struck me is I was pretty sure I knew the guy but from the real world, not from here.

Anyway, some background, I'm 48, my wife Jenny is 50. We still enjoy sex 2-3 times a week, now our children are away at uni we are louder and do more things.

Only last autumn did my wife start watching porn with me. She wears stockings and I've come home a few times to find her dressed up.

Although I've often fantasised about another guy entering her, I've not even come close to asking her.

Anyway, just before Christmas and one evening I was reading sh letters, wanking. My missus was touching my nipples, and playing with my balls, however her concentration was on TV.

I worked my way through one of the letters about the handyman and came on my stomach. As I left to go to the bathroom my wife focussed on the tablet.

When I returned she looked at me, smiling. *is that our handyman! " she asked me.

Over the next few days we spoke about it a few times but couldn't realistically find a way to ask him.

So it got dropped. Around the same time my wife met different friends for Xmas drinks. Some of her friends shared the handyman. In fact we had recommended him.

Whilst meeting one of her friends, my wife got a bit tiddly and somehow his name came up. Her friend, equally tiddky confessed she had been shagging him, on and off, for a few years. They had even been to a couples spa in brighton.

Anyway, over Christmas we spoke about it more and more. I sort of confessed to my missus that I'd love to watch him with her. However we still couldn't find a way to make it happen. Problem was our relationship with him was friendly but professional.

Throughout Christmas my wife and her friend concocted a plan. Her friend arranged a trip to the spa, and by coincidence we would go too.

It was nerve racking. As we went in we were greeted by a tiny entrance and a female staff member behind a screen. It was like a mini cab office. They took our entrance fee, and handed us two towels. We were shown into a small changing area.

We had misunderstood a little as my wife had hoped to parade around in sexy underwear she had bought, but it was strictly a naturist spa. We stripped, stowed our clothes in the locker and walked into a large communal area. It was clear that sex was frowned upon. Unsure as where to go we headed downstairs to a wet area. Small pool, showers jacuzzi and steam room. We showered and slipped into the jacuzzi. It was a huge thrill as my wife removed her towel and exposed herself to the two couples in there.

No sooner as we got comfortable and the bloody jacuzzi stopped. Apparently its on and off every ten minutes.

The others got out but we waited for it to come in. The privacy allowed us to chat. The penny suddenly dropped. I'd been so wrapped up with thoughts of watching my wife with the handyman that I'd overlooked me possibly fucking my wife's friend. This suddenly added another dimension.

As the bubbles started, the handyman and my wife's friend came to the jacuzzi. It was surreal as they got in, and I shook his hand. She openly said they'd been fucking upstairs. I had such a hard on. We changed our seating arrangement. I found myself between the ladies with the handyman next to my wife. We were v discreet but the friend soon jerked me under water. With one hand I reciprocated and sought my wife's cunt with the other, however the handyman beat me to it

Just then, the jacuzzi stopped.we all froze and laughed.

OK, says the handyman, let's go upstairs

I thought this meant the open area we had walked through but we went from the basement to the first floor, then through a door. This turned out to be the sex area. Some locked doors, a mirror room and a large room. We settled down in a fairly large room. The guys lying down while the girls sucked cock. We were back with out partners.

Us guys chatted...it was another surreal moment. He opened a small toiletry bag and handed me a condom. It was too much and i came with antucipation.

I felt a little ashamed as knew I wouldn't be hard again for ages.

The girls swapped, my wife's friend disappointed at the sight of my shrivelled cock. In the meantime, I watched my wife next to me, on all 4s, so close I played with her tits, pulling her nipples hard as she loves that. The handyman soon has a condom on and entered her. She was pushing back to meet him.

My cock was soon twitching back to life, which didn't go unnoticed by my wife's friend and soon she had a condom on me and rode me.

I cannot tell you how amazing it all felt . we even has an audience.

Soon we were lying there, shattered, toucking and kissing, still with each others partner.

We spent more time in the jacuzzi and soon the place closed, well before midnight.

We said our goodbyes.

The issue I now have is we've not spoken about that evening since. I am thinking about getting some decorating done when my wife is off work with the hope they will fuck again but im really not sure. Its not a cuckold thing but I want to watch them without distraction.