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My wife and her ex 2

"Watching my wife fucing her ex and fulfilling my fantasy especially if `I get to clean up."

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Hi There,

Thanks for the comments on Part 1 in June.

As a recap:

I thought I would write a recurring fantasy of mine in which my wife renews her acquaintance with her ex.

My gorgeous wife Nicola is still a slim petite blonde with a size 12 figure (size 8 when we met) she has gorgeous 34C breasts topped by perfect 2 inch nipples when erect. She absolutely loves having her nipples tweaked rubbed and sucked. We married after less than a year as a couple at the ages of 30/32 and have had good sex life although recently on the wayne.

Nicola's ex is Dave, a lawyer who was well built, Scottish and I believe was quite dominant and had a large cock,

Nicola has mentioned Dave occasionally and recently we were discussing the Bruce Springsteen concert and Nicola suddenly said I bet Dave will be there, The Boss was always his favourite. I jumped at the mention of Dave's name as I have a fantasy of `Nicola fucking other guys and particularly imagine her meeting up with Dave again.

That night Nicola was in bed before me and looked to be asleep,,,

Are you awake still I asked, I had stripped off and was wanking while standing at the foot of the bed, I'm wanking imagining you with other guys, i'ld love to see you with other guys Nicola, can you imagine the feeling of one or two strangers taking turns with you, I'ld love to take you dogging and watch complete strangers touch and feel you in a car park, they would run their hands over your breasts, squeeze your nipples then run their hands down your body, pushing my hands out of the way they would start to play with your pussy before sliding 2-3 fingers into your pussy and finger fucking you. One of the guys would push a long thick cock through the window and you would grab it and looking straight into my eyes you would start to lick the shaft and the throbbing purple head. While you look at me your tongue would dart out and lick his pre-cum up smiling at me as you did so.

I had to stop this fantasy telling as I was about to shoot spunk over the bed..........

That's it Nicola, can you imagine the feeling of sucking a strangers cock, would you like to do that? What if it wasn't a stranger, how about Dave, you mentioned him earlier so you have obviously been thinking about him. Why don't you call him and arrange to meet him, ask him over for dinner and see what happens, He's bound to still want you and I think you said he had a big cock didn't he? I'ld love to watch you letting Dave have his way with you, playing with you and with you getting Dave's cock out and sucking him off before you let him at your pussy.

Are you still awake, can you hear this, call Dave...I'm going downstairs to watch some cuckold porn, come down and watch with me and we'll play in the kitchen and I can kneel at your feet and worship your pussy. As I turned to walk out of the room still wanking, Nicola stirred and as I got to the bedroom door, Nicola said where are you going what are you doing? just going to set the alarm I said, brain was in overdrive now, had she heard all I was saying about wanting to watch Nicola with other well hung guys, dogging and arranging something with Dave. I think she heard everything but was pretending not to have done.......

---About a week later Nicola said, oh guess who I bumped into in St Andrews today , no correct guesses from me.....Dave she said oh that's a coincidence I said as you only mentioned him last week, how is he? He's fine she said, looked well, hasn't changed at all she said. We chatted back and forth catching up on Dave's news, apparently he was doing well as a barrister etc etc. Why don't you invite him over, I said, that would be a bit weird said Nicola, of course not its just dinner with me as well, my stomach was doing somersaults and I pictured Nicola on her knees in front of Dave sucking his cock. Unless you were planning on shagging him I said, don't be a perv she said. Anyway, I persuaded Nicola to call and invite him over, She did and we arranged for the following Friday at 8pm.

I couldn't concentrate on work all week with my imagination in overdrive as I imagined Dave and Nicola getting it on, I had talked casually about Dave to Nicola all week and apparently he was about 6ft 2 blue eyed and still very fit. Apparently his cock was a good size as far as Nicola could recall she was very much dismissive about it but I saw her shiver and sigh when I asked.

The following Thursday came around and again I stood at the end of the bed, are you still awake Nicola I asked...Dave's coming over tomorrow night, I'ld love to watch you fucking, make sure you wear a dress or skirt with sexy underwear or nothing on and make sure you let Dave see up the skirtI Can you hear me, Nothing from Nicola this time, can you hear me Nicola - I want to watch him fuck you...Nicola stirred but didn't;t make any noise or say anything.

I was a bag of nerves the next day and put a plan into action after I spent a few minutes wanking in the loo at work. ....I called Nicola to say we had an issue at the office and I wouldn't be home until about midnight. But Dave's coming over tonight what shall I do, Im sure you can entertain him I said, what did you used to do to keep him happy I asked? Just enjoy yourself I'm sure you two will have fun catching up on your memories. I'll see you at midnight

In short I got my wish and watched through the lounge window as Nicola and Dave flirted then danced and caressed each other before Nicola was on her knees in front of Dave wanking and licking his cock, opening her mouth as wide as she could in order to gorge on his throbbing purple head. pushing her tongue into his eye and slurping up the pre-cum licking her lips before Dave threw her to the couch and fucked her hard, Nicola loved every thrust and twist and turn, You could hear her clearly moaning with every thrust telling Dave to fuck her harder and to come inside her which he clearly did after giving Nicola 4-5 big orgasms, he called out he was coming and Nicola wrapped her legs tightly around Dave's back before he unleashed torrents of spunk deep into Nicola's womb. I could see the veins in his cock bulge and shoot as he jetted his spunk into Nicolas cervix - which set her off on another orgasm.

They lay across each other on the sofa recovering. Nicola was slowly stroking her pussy, dipping her fingers deep into her cunt to retrieve Dave's spunk which she eagerly licked off her fingers. Wow said Dave that was fantastic I want to fuck you again, later said Nicola but not here.....At that I rang Nicola to say I would be home in 15 minutes, OK she said work all sorted? Yes I said how was your evening, I trust you looked after Dave and kept him happy, yes of course she said.

Nicola jumped off the sofa and said we'd better clean up, she pulled on her knickers and pushed the gusset into her pussy, your Spunk is running down my lips she said as they collected their scattered clothing. Well you should be nice and wet for Steve when he gets home, yes and he may notice I'm not so tight said Nic.

As they left the lounge I walked back to my car, I crept back into the house and could hear moaning and squelching and deep concentrated fucking followed by screams as they came together, Dave obviously coming and pumping more spunk into my wife's pussy, I heard Nicola running along the landing as they went into their own rooms, Dave was in the guest room and Nicola was asleep in our bed.

I made lots of noise coming into the house so they could cover up. I stripped off and slowly drew the duvet off the bed, hi Nicola, are you still awake I asked - no reply, did you have a good time with Dave, did you let him fuck you. - no reply

I lifted Nicola's night shirt up slowly and noticed bite marks on her bum I also noticed she had shaved so must have done that getting ready earlier, I reached out a finger and pushed it into her pussy, it was juicy and thick with spunk, I pushed two fingers into her and brought them to my lips, I sucked Dave's creamy spunk off my fingers , it tasted great and I pushed my nose down there then started to lick `Nicola's well fucked and used pussy. Are you awake I asked, no answer, can I lick `Dave's spunk out of your pussy, No comment but `Nicola's arse did move up allowing me better access.

I ate my way through her pussy full of spunk and fell asleep. I was woken in the middle of the night by the bed moving as Nicola climbed out. She crept out the door and shortly after I heard tell-tale slurping noises and the bed creaking next door as they took up the fucking rhythm. Dave and Nicola were both moaning and this got louder until `I could clearly hear Nicola shout fuck it up me come in me hard, well you asked for it you filthy slut said Dave, Nicola shrieked and came. Silence! A few hours later I heard Dave's car leaving and must have fallen asleep. I was next woken by something dripping on my face, it was Nicola's pussy squating over my open mouth while globs of spunk were dripped into my mouth. I poked out my tongue and gently licked at Nicola's pussy sliding along and into her cunt as deep as possible. Nicola started to move up and down fucking my tongue, I could see her pussy was bright red and covered in spunk which as she squeezed her labias oozed and pumped more spunk into my mouth. You slut I said, well is that what you wanted she said, yes it fucking was you slut, I love you, well get up here and fuck me then, if you are big enough for me to feel you after Dave's cock. I rose uo swung her around and held her down while I spanked her arse red, I then finger fucked her and used Dave's spunk as lubricant to held feed 2 then 3 fingers into her arse. I stretched Nicola out on the bed holding her hands abpove her head and while face down on the duvet I pushed my cock into her and started to fuck my beautiful wife in the arse. Nicola moaned and pushed back harder and harder, Thats it fuck me harder she cried, so you can feel my cock now then you slut, oh yes she cried, fuck me harder.

I did as instructed fucking her as hard a we could before we both came hard and I pumped my spunk into her tight ring, we collapsed on the bed and slept for hours til we woke to discuss the previous evenings events and look forward to many nights to enjoy fuckiing other partners..., I

Written by steve8

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