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My wife, Lily, and our annual Tenerife holiday

"Lily loves whoring"

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We are back in London from our Tenerife holiday again, where my wife has a boyfriend we had met in previous years at the same holiday resort each year.

 He kept phoning us throughout the year, and arranged to take us both out for wining and dining the first evening we arrived. After the meal we all went back to our apartment, and I went to get some drinks, while they both sat down close to each other on the settee.

 By the time I returned, John was kissing my wife Lily, and he was feeling her bra-less tits through her thin satin blouse. Lily was breathing heavily by now, and John dropped his hand to my wife's knee.

 Lily opened her legs slightly, and John's hand disappeared up my wife's skirt, showing her seamed stocking tops and pretty panties, and suspender belt. They were kissing very passionately now, and it was soon obvious that his fingers were inside her panties and touching her eager pussy lips.

He whispered to her, and Lily giggled, then she looked at me and said "We are going into the bedroom now. You wait in here, and look after our drinks". Then they got up and both went into the bedroom, but left the door open.

It did not take them long to get partly undressed and on to the bed together, in a deep clinch. Lily still had on her stockings and suspender belt and very high heel shoes, but her short skirt and thin satin blouse were hurriedly thrown onto the bedroom floor.

 I discreetly watched and listened as she took his big hard naked cock in her mouth, and when he started sucking her pussy, too. But soon she was on her hands and knees on the bed and he was pounding into her from behind, making her high heels twitch with every shove!

He kept this up for a long time, pushing her head harder onto the pillows with every push, till he suddenly, with a roar, shot his cum deep inside her willing cunt! After they had a rest and a cuddle, he called out to me to bring their drinks into the bedroom.

 John then said "You can stay if you like, and see how a Real Man fucks your wife and gives her the satisfaction she craves!" My wife said to me "Take off all your clothes and kneel by the bed and watch. You can wank if you want".

Which is how I spent the rest of the night, as they sucked and fucked until morning. My whore wife looks forward to having John fuck her all night on several nights during the two weeks we are in Tenerife, after John has paid to wine and dine us, and then He uses Lily like a paid Whore.

We have known John for several years now, and I am instructed to phone him every year on the first day when we arrive in Tenerife so we meet John and he takes us to different restaurants where they flirt and whisper to each other each other.

John winks at me when Lily goes to the toilet and says " I have been saving my spunk to fill Lily all night again. You wife is such a dirty fucking whore. and you are such a wimp hubby Walter, ha ha"

 I meekly say "Yes sir, John. My wife so looks forward to seeing you again and have your big cock up her repeatedly. Lily is so willing for You to use her any way you want".

 Lots of other men fuck my wife as a whore on the Los Cristianos nudist beach. This year it was at least 4 men individually every other day who I introduced to my nude sun bathing wife within our secluding circle of rocks, and within minutes each time the stranger was fucking my wife, but condoms used for complete strangers.

So 24 men fucked my wife during the 2 week holiday ,mainly Spanish, plus John fucking Lily bareback on different nights. I am not allowed to touch my wife sexually nowadays but she allows me to wank as I watch other men fucking her.

I told my wife each stranger had paid me to fuck her when I met him outside the rock circle and showed him her face picture and a condom, me saying "Te gusta mia mujer?" ("You like my wife?)", and letting him into our circle of rocks to introduce them.

Secretly, I supplied the Euros most times and watched my wife being a 'paid whore' she thought, and her doing whatever the guy wanted. I had to discreetly go to the bank before the end of the holiday to draw out hundreds of Euros to give to my wife as her ‘earnings'.

 I told my whore wife she was helping to pay for our holiday, and Lily is very happy with this arrangement, The Whore.


Written by walter2000uk

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