Written by John

25 Jun 2017

My wife, Amy, and I met when we were both 25 years of age, we had both had quite active sex lives before then, Amy losing her virginity when she was just 16, so we both felt we knew what it was all about. We had a bit of a whirlwind romance and we were married by the time we were 28, the sex was great and I fell for her hook line and sinker.

It wasn’t until we had been married a few months that Amy told me she wanted to continue dating other men. Needless to say, I was shocked, I told her that I love her dearly and I thought that, after we were married, I thought sex would only be between the two of us. However, she said she needed the buzz of other men, she didn’t want to have children yet, so she would be staying on the pill. She said she might change her mind about children at some stage, but she would let me know when that time arrived. I think the bit about changing her mind was simply to keep me onside, and she had every intention of continuing to play the field.

That was 20 years ago, we are now approaching 50 and Amy is still having occasional affairs with other men. We don’t have any children, so perhaps she was serious on that point when we first got married. Perhaps I should have started with pen pictures of us both. I am 6’ 1” tall, slim but fairly powerfully built, with a mop of brown hair. I used to play rugby but had to give it up due to injury shortly after I got together with Amy. My wife is 5’ 10” tall, long blonde hair, slim with average sized boobs, I think her bra size is 32C. Amy is a very attractive woman, lots of my friends say she is ‘a bit of a looker’, and she is a very active lover in bed. I work as a commercial heating engineer, and Amy is a secretary at a local solicitors.

I don’t regard myself as a cuckold as Amy never throws it in my face, and she only has an affair every few months when she feels the need for a buzz. Quite by chance, she discovered dogging recently. Her latest ‘lover’ had suggested they stop off at a layby on the way home, and it turned out to be a known dogging location. While they had a gentle fondle in the car, they watched a woman in her 50’s being royally fucked by numerous men while her husband looked on.

After the other couple had left, Amy’s ‘lover’ had suggested it was something she might like to try. She told me later that she was appalled at his suggestion, and told him to drive her home immediately. When he dropped her off, she told him not to expect to see her again, and she came into the house where she said she felt safe with me.

Several weeks later when she was reflecting on the experience, she confided in me that she had actually found it quite horny, the woman had clearly been a willing participant and was enjoying every minute of it. She still thought that her boyfriend’s suggestion to take her dogging was totally out of order, but it might be OK for her loving husband to escort her to such a place. No, I don’t understand women either.

I didn’t say any more about the episode, I wasn’t too sure whether it was something I wanted to do anyway. Turning a blind eye to Amy’s marital infidelity was one thing, she did after all never throw it in my face, she was to an extent quite discrete about it, and she has never suggested making love to me while she was still full of her lover’s sperm. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that, after a few years, she started having bareback sex with her lover once she had got to know him a little. I sometimes sensed when she came home from a date, that she wanted me to fuck her too, but she always showered and thoroughly removed any scent of her earlier sexual encounter before making any advances to me. I sometimes noticed that her pussy felt a bit ‘slack’, which made me think her lover must have had a big cock, but I never made an issue of it. Other than telling me she had a date, Amy would not volunteer any further information, and I did not ask.

About six months after the incident at the dogging site, during which Amy had not had any extra-marital affairs, she suddenly announced that she wanted me to take her dogging. She said she certainly didn’t want to have sex with any other men there, but the thought of other people watching us while we had a bit of a fumble would be fun, as she put it “quite a buzz”.

So, on the following Friday evening, we drove out to the same dogging site her ‘lover’ had taken her to before. It was a large layby set back from the road with a few picnic tables and several paths leading off into walks in the adjacent woods. When we arrived, there were several other cars already there, but we didn’t see anybody else. I suggested that we locked the doors for security, and we began kissing. I had noticed when we left the house that Amy was not wearing a bra, so I took an early opportunity to unbutton her blouse so I could begin tweaking her nipples, which were quickly erect.

Amy was clearly quite excited, she was pulling my mouth against her breasts, which aroused me too, and I quickly decided that I wanted to fuck her, here in the car. When I reached between her legs and slid my hand up to her pussy, I was delighted to find she had no knickers on either. She gave me a naughty smile and said “no point in wearing things that will get in the way”. She slid her hips forward to give me easier access and, when she wound her seat back a little, I found I could grasp her clit between my thumb and for finger, which quickly got her gasping. She said “oh God, I think I’m going to cum” and when I slid my middle finger into her very wet pussy, she certainly did.

I was trying to figure out how I was going to clamber across the car to fuck her - you may remember I said that I am quite a big guy – when Amy decided she wanted to get into my trousers first. She was frantically unzipping me and trying to extract my cock – difficult because I already had a raging erection – whilst at the same time ordering me to slide the seat back and recline it. Oh I do love it when Amy is in assertive mood like this! Having got me where she wanted me, she kneeled up on the passenger seat and began slurping my cock greedily. She was clearly very aroused as she was alternately licking the length of my cock and burying as much as she could manage between her sweet lips. Occasionally, she would look up into my face and say “is this good for you” to which I would reply “oh yes!”

In this position, her arse was pointed straight towards the passenger side window of the car, and I noticed there was a man outside the car, trousers round his knees, wanking his cock. I also noticed that the relatively short skirt she was wearing was bunched up round her hips, so her pussy was probably on display too which, with the level of arousal she was showing, must have been dripping. I decided not to say anything to Amy as putting on a display for other people to watch was, after all, what Amy said she wanted to do.

After a while, she said she wanted me to fuck her and, having encouraged my trousers and pants down around my knees, she climbed across the car to mount me. As she slid down onto my cock, she said “ooh that’s lovely” with a wicked smile on her face. She started to gently slide up and down on my cock, in effect fucking me, which I found very arousing.

I think we both noticed at the same time that there was another man standing by the driver’s door with his cock out wanking, which prompted us both to want to enjoy our coupling more. I was trying to pull her upper body down so I could suck her tits, which she allowed me to do occasionally, but she wanted to stay upright too so she could watch the other guys cock, so I had to maul her tits and twist her nipples roughly, which I know she enjoys.

I felt a moment of panic, when Amy suddenly pressed the button to roll the window down and reached out to grab the other guy’s cock. It was a moment when I could have instantly lost my erection, but Amy looked down at me to say “come on, fuck me you bastard” before greedily slurping the other guys cock. This carried on for several minutes, Amy had pulled the other guys cock practically inside the car, so I had a clear view when I saw it start to twitch. I wasn’t sure whether Amy would want it in her mouth, but she knew it was coming and aimed to for her face and tits, which he sprayed copiously. This was too much for me and I unloaded my sperm inside her, prompting Amy to orgasm as well. For a few moments, she became quite frantic, gasping and groaning her own orgasm, whilst hanging on to the guy’s cock which was spraying sperm all over her.

As we calmed down, she released the other guys cock and bent forward to kiss me and tell me how wonderful it had been for her. It occurred to me later this had been the first time I had actual contact with another man’s sperm, on my face and down my chest, but I realised it was not as unpleasant as I thought it would be. Amy unlocked the car doors and climbed out on my side, and I followed her to get the box of tissues out of the back seat. The guy she had just masturbated was just zipping up his trousers and he thanked her gratefully. As I passed her some tissues, she noticed another guy standing a few paces away with an ENORMOUS cock which he was slowly caressing. I’m not really an authority on the size of men’s cocks, but I guess he must have been at least 8” long with a massive girth.

Without a word to me, she turned to him and said “wow, I bet you could give a girl some real pleasure with that”. She reached down and began stroking his cock, while he started to caress her tits. My wife seemed to have forgotten I was there as she turned him round to push him against the side of our car and dropped to her knees in front of him. I realised that I had lost control of the situation, and I would just have to grin and bear it. The guy was, like me, quite muscular in build but I have to admit that my cock is much more average in size. He was 8 or 9 inches in length and Amy could barely get both her tiny hands round his girth. She had begun licking and slurping his length, and seemed to be trying to work out how she could get it into her mouth. He reached down to grab one of her tits, which he was mauling and pinching the nipple. Unlike me, the head of his cock was no bigger than the shaft, so she did manage to get the head into her mouth briefly, where she gave him a good covering of her spittle.

After a few moments of giving him her best effort at oral stimulation, Amy turned to me to ask whether I had any condoms. I replied that we had not anticipated this, so no I didn’t. She turned to the guy to ask the same question, but he gave the same negative response. Just as I thought it would all end in disappointment for Amy, she said “no matter, I want this inside me” and she turned so she had her back against the car, pulling the guy after her. She grabbed hold of the sides of her skirt to hitch it up around her waist and demanded the guy fuck her NOW.

I just had to stand back and watch as my repeatedly unfaithful wife proceeded to do it right before my eyes. She wrapped one leg round the back of his thighs and, with her pussy already being soaked with my sperm, he was able to slide into her carefully. Having said that, I was amazed she was able to accommodate his enormous weapon, which may say something about her previous lovers. I noticed that, as he was slowly entering her, she was holding her breath and digging her nails into his shoulders. Once she was fully impaled, he looked into her eyes, I assumed to see if she was comfortable, and she growled “now fuck me”. After the first couple of strokes, her other leg seemed to be barely touching the ground and she was gasping with every stroke.

She was hanging on to his shoulders, digging her nails into his back and screaming her appreciation of him. I realised she had started to orgasm shortly after he entered her and I wondered after about 5 minutes how long she would be able to sustain this continuous orgasm. In the event, he announced that he was about to cum, so I assumed he would withdraw for her toss him off. In the event, she demanded “inside me, I want it inside me”, so I had to watch her orgasm continue as he emptied his seed inside my beautiful wife. He continued to fuck her vigorously as he emptied himself totally and her screamed appreciation of him eventually became a whimpered gasping, as she hung on to his shoulders, her face buried in his neck.

They maintained that position for what seemed like several minutes, but was probably only 30 seconds or so, before they looked into each other’s eyes and kissed. He then lowered her onto the ground and she slowly relaxed as his shrinking cock slipped out of her – followed by a copious amount of his sperm. As she started to take the weight on her feet, she seemed a little unsteady and he held her as she recovered her composure. She kissed him again on the lips and said “wow, that was worth waiting for”.

A small group of men had gathered round watching the action, but they all seemed to realise that Amy was done for the evening. Sperm was leaking out of her pussy and running down her legs, so I went to her assistance with the box of tissues. It took several minutes to staunch the flow of sperm and her vaginal juices before she was able to hobble round to her side of the car and get in. Note for future reference, if there is any possibility of this happening again, make sure we have some old towels to protect the upholstery in the car.

We drove home in virtual silence. When we got inside the house, she grabbed hold of me to kiss me and apologise that she had lost control – “I really didn’t mean to humiliate you” she said. I assured her that I had not felt humiliated, it had been a new experience and I hadn’t realised how erotic it would be to see her being fucked by another man. Perhaps it was something we should have considered years ago.

She wanted to shower straight away and when we went to bed, she smelled beautifully fresh and perfumed. Amy wanted me to fuck her again, although her pussy felt very stretched and slack. I managed to cum inside her nonetheless, which she said made her feel wonderfully secure.