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One of Our Sex Parties Some Time Ago

"Fulfilled or Filled Full, you decide"

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Author's Notes

"While the girls played with each other the boys filled Michelle."

We would like to share some of our earlier sexual adventures this one is around the mid eighties and came about after the girls fancied enjoying each others company without their husbands as they had enjoyed sex with each other before on their own, whilst the lads fucked Michelle and filled her with their spunk.

We had been at a party and it was the wee small hours and our friends Mick & Deb, Mike & Steph and us had enjoyed a good laugh snogging and fingering each others wives all night. At one time as I was going into the toilet downstairs I heard moaning and opened the door to find Michelle sucking Micks tongue as she had her foot on the loo as Mick was fingering her cunt. Michelle was close to cumming so I shut the door and watched as she began to groan she was cumming as Mick pushed four of his fingers inside Michelle’s cunt as she came as they kissed and sucked each others tongues hungrily.

Mick used his thumb to flick her clit as she spurted a little juice from her pussy onto the floor as she enjoyed anorgasm

I turned and left and went back to the party and they both returned a little later. I went to Michelle and asked if she enjoyed herself and did she satisfy Mick. She said she had but that Mick said he was saving his cum for her later that night.

So here we were now just the six of us left all a bit drunk and very horny with Deb n Steph saying they were going to bed as they were tired. More like fancied fucking each other we said as they trotted off up the stairs.

Me Mick & Mike stayed downstairs and I asked Mick if he still had his balls full of spunk and if he did what should we do about it.

Michelle said she would like to feel it shooting inside her and took Micks hand and lay on the settee, very quickly Mick had his hand up Michelle’s skirt and was fingering her already wet pussy as they kissed and sucked each others tongues.

Mike pulled down his pants to reveal his rock hard prick and he knelt in front of Michelle’s head and offered it to her mouth for her to suck. She pulled back his uncircumcised big bell end and began to lick the precum from his cock and slip her mouth around his bell-end and slurp it into her hot mouth.

Mick had now pulled down Michelle’s knickers and was sucking her cunt and clit making her groan between sucking Mikes hard prick inside her mouth and throat. Mike began to fuck Michelle’s mouth and throat making her gag every time he hit the back of her throat but beginning to build up a rythm as Mick sucked Michelle’s cunt making her groan every time Mikes cock came out of her mouth and throat.

Mick now moved up her body as I watched and played with my cock as I watched my wife get used by my two mates as one fucked her mouth and the other now roughly pushed his large cock deep inside Michelle and began to fuck her cunt hard and fast as Mike fucked her mouth and throat.

Michelle began to gag on Mikes prick as he pushed it deeper into her throat as Michelle tried to hold him off, Mike shouted he was going to come and forced himself deeper inside Michelle’s mouth and throat as he began to spurt his cum inside her throat.

Michelle managed to push him away a bit and his prick popped from her mouth mid-spurt and his spunk shot over her chin as he continued coming Michelle now put her mouth over his spurting prick and sucked the spunk from Mikes cock.

As she held Mikes spurting prick in one hand her other flicked her clit and she began to cum as she began to shake and squirm as she came on Micks prick.

Mick now shouted he was going to cum and pushed himself deep inside Michelle’s cunt and began to shoot his seed deep into Michelle’s cervix, he held himself deep inside her and kept shuddering as his spunk erupted into my Michelle’s cunt as she pushed Mikes prick away and he shot the last of his cum onto her top as she came her climax making her shake and squirm swallowing Mikes spunk as Mike wanked the last of his sperm onto Michelle’s cleavage and top. Mick was now spurting the last of his cum inside Michelle as she finished her orgasm as Mick pulled out his prick followed by a large dollop of his spunk from her cunt.

As both the guys stood back I looked at my wife’s spunk covered chin and top and her pussy leaking Micks thick spunk onto the sofa and moved towards her lying down on top of her and kissing her as she put her hand below and guided my hard cock into her heavily spunk soaked cunt which was red hot and very loose as I began to thrust inside her kissing her and tasting that distinct oily musty flavour that you get from a spunk filled mouth or cunt as I began to feel that tingle begin in my balls. As Michelle whispered in my ear asking if I enjoyed watching her cumming on Micks Cock and seeing Mike fill her mouth with his Spunk as I roared I was cumming and shooting my spunk up her and added my spunk to Micks deep inside Michelle’s now very wet and well fucked vagina.

She held into me until I finished spitting inside her and asked if I would fill my mouth with our love juices and kiss her, which I duly obliged as she played with her clit & pussy until she managed another smaller orgasm as both lads watched her.

After we had calmed down and had a drink we decided to take things upstairs to see what the girls were up too.

Written by Creampiewife1962

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