Written by Steve

30 Sep 2019

Im a single divorced guy and infrequently visit a local naturist resort during the day when I have some spare time which isn’t that often .

I love being naked and occasionally get lucky if couples or even more rarely single women are there. Mostly though the vast majority are single middle aged or older guys during the day.

One day in the summer an Asian Indian couple turn up and are shown around and are soon enjoying the facilities keenly watched by the mainly men that were there. They definitely weren’t the usual type of visitor and were both about 40, slim and she was very petite and attractive. She had gorgeous small pert tits with big dark nipples, however wore bikini bottoms, as was clearly very shy.

He was shy and quiet too, skinny and a notably small cock. They kept themselves to themselves and the other guys just watched them and followed them around in a pervy way many of them do.

I however love to chat and can hold a good conversation with anyone so got chatting with them in the jacuzzi and they were asking me all about the resort as it was obviously their first time.

She called herself Primi but I can’t recollect his name and after they relaxed a bit she did most of the talking. The conversation eventually got around to me telling them what sort of sexual activity went on as they had seen a room with a tv playing porn on their tour. I told them I was single but have had some fun with women and couples occasionally there and this interested them.

I asked them what brought them to the resort and both became very nervous again. There were others hanging around and she asked if they could tell me more in private, so I took them to a private room with a double bed in and locked the door saying that if I didn’t others would just come in.

I was intrigued by them, and on the way to the room they spoke to each other in their foreign language. In the room Primi told me that her husband would tell me why they were there.

Very nervously he told me that he was failing his wife in the bedroom and not pleasuring her as a husband should. He went on to say she deserved to be pleasured and that if he couldn't she wanted him to find her a man who could, and that is why they were there.

He the said that his wife was very attracted to me saying I was good looking, had a good body and a lovely big cock. He then very nervously asked if I would make love to his wife. This was a dream come true and I immediately asked her if this is what she wanted and she nervously nodded.

I didn’t think to ask if she wanted her husband to watch , but knew I would need to now take the lead and led her onto the bed with me and started complimenting her saying she was very pretty and had a lovely body. Her big nipped were hard and I just wanted to suck them but decided to take one thing at a time so took her in my arms and asked her if she wanted to kiss.

She did and soon our tongues were probing each other’s open mouths and between breaths she said I was a very good passionate kisser.

She relaxed more and more and her hands were over my chest and arms and she was complimenting me on my strong body, saying I was much stronger than her husband. Looking over he was stood in the corner with his small cock erect and playing with himself. She saw me looking and laughed commenting to me saying he had a very small cock doesn’t he.

With that she reached down and took my bow hard cock in her hand and said wow you are very big. I am bigger than average but not huge in comparison to some, I was huge compared to her husband though. She slowly wanked me and started talking to her husband asking him to agree with her that I had a lovely big dick. He agreed with everything she said. It appeared that she loved humiliating him and he was happy to take it and his hard cock indicated he was turned on by it all.

I couldn’t wait any longer and lowered my mouth onto a hard big nipple and started to suck and lick it. As soon as I did she started to moan and pant loudly, louder than most women orgasming.

My hand ran up her inner thigh and she parted her legs wide although still in her bikini bottom, and I went back to kissing her. She then told me she would take them off for me, which was an invite for me to stop and watch.

She slowly undid the bows on each side of her bikini bottoms simultaneously as though she was a stripper. She undid them but didn’t lower the material to start with and said to me that she hoped I liked it. She then slowly lowered them to reveal her freshly shaven lovely bald

Asian cunt, and opened her legs wid again.

I just said wow that is beautiful and stared at her laying naked in front of me. She then said that her best friend loved to fuck English men, and they love her being fully shaved so she had made her husband shave her before they left home. She said she was too shy to show all the men but was happy i like it shaved.

I told her I loved her shaved and that I would love to lick her and she giggled and said she would love that. Within seconds my tongue was in her very wet aromatic cunt hole and licking her clit. She was soon moaning loud again and getting louder and louder. I knew they could hear her outside the room and the door handle was tried a few times.

I finger fucked her as well and she was fairly loose so no wonder her husband never satisfied her.

She reached a loud orgasm and soaked my face. She said I was the best and that she wanted me to fuck her and asked me to which I obviously agreed.

She then told her husband to go and get the condoms. He started to protest saying he couldn’t go out there with an erection but Primi told him to go and he went. As soon as he left a couple of guys walked in getting a good eyeful of my married Asian friend spreadeagled on the bed. She didn’t attempt to close her legs but confidently told them to go away and I ushered them out and locked the door.

Soon her husband was back and he handed me the condoms and I had one on. As I did she moved to the doggy position and her arse was in the air in front of me so I stood by the end of the bed and pulled her back onto my cock. I slid in easily and started to rhythmically fuck her hard. I was soon ramming it in her as she obviously loved it as she was now moaning and screaming for me to fuck her.

Glancing at her husband I saw him cum and was impressed with the amount of cum shooting out of his small cock. I carried on fucking her hard and she cum loudly but carried on to have multiple orgasms.

I told her I was cumming and she told me to wait and we stopped fucking and she knelt on the floor, took the condom off and sucked me like a pro. As I was about to cum she stopped sucking and pointed my cock so I sprayed all over her lovely tits.

Soon she was putting her bikini bottoms on and they soon left. They had left completely by the time I had showered and was gutted not to get a contact number and haven’t seen them since.

I would love to have another session with her, my slutty Asian wife