28 Nov 2017

I work at a large office as a senior manager at a construction firm my name is David. I had been working there a couple of years and not long after I had started there a girl called Samantha started shortly after as a cleaner. We had a few dolly birds working here and some young sluts, Sam was only 3 years younger than me, we were both in our 40's and she was attractive and had a great personality we hit it off from the start, and I preferred talking to her rather than some of the stuck up office girls that worked for me. She had blonde hair which was dyed and a cracking body, nice tits, legs and a perfect arse.

Some of the office girls were prettier than Samantha but for some reason I was attracted to her a lot more. Every time she came to clean my office she had a huge smile chatted about her family and always asked about mine, brought me coffee and almost every time she bent over to clean I often found myself staring at her legs and bum. Her husband believe it or not was 20 years he senior and not in good health. We were two people of similar age that just hit it off, I sometimes wondered if I were to make a pass at her would I get rejected and at worse reported and fired.

I fancied Sam and I think she fancied me too, the way she smiled at me and cleaned my desk around me sometimes and now and then she'd be a little touchy feely and play with her hair while talking to me. She was quirky too, she had lots of tattoos over her arms legs and feet and her belly button was pierced it was sometimes on show if she wore a tight top and a nice flat stomach but not too skinny. I really wanted to fuck her, I imagined fucking her over my desk from behind then getting her on her back on the desk with me fucking her hard and cumming in her pussy. Sometimes she would wear smart casual with tight jeans that showed off her arse and other times a short skirt that showed off her legs.

One morning I went to the gents loo and I've got a terrible habit of when I pulled the door as I enter them, I unzip my fly and get my cock out ready. I did this and Sam was just finishing cleaning in there and my dick was in my hand ready for a wee, she looked down and stared.

"Wow nice cock" she said.

"You like it?" I said.

She blushed and darted out of the toilet.

Shortly after she came into my room,

"I'm so sorry" she said.

"I shouldn't have said anything about your thingy".

"Don't be silly it's my fault, I shouldn't have had my cock out, I got a habit of doing that, I didn't expect anyone to be in there" I said.

I calmed her down a bit as she was visibly shocked and shaken a little at what she saw and I think of what she had said.

She poured her heart out that basically she wasn't getting any sex at home. Her husband Pete who was 20 years older than her had health issues and found it hard to get erect, but she found it odd as he was into porn and for an old guy he used the internet quite a bit. She also told me that she checked the history on their computer and it was always a cheating wife or husband watching the wife type of porn. She said he found it difficult to have sex as he was a larger guy and had heart problems and a back problem.

I asked her when was the last time she had sex,

"Over a year ago" she said.

"What" I said.

I couldn't believe it, if she was my wife I would've been on her with her body at least a few times a week if not every day.

She was stood right in front of me in my office and at this time there was no one else around, I held her and made a move and whispered in her ear "If you were my wife I'd fuck you every day".

I began to kiss her and she responded, I began to grope her breasts and play with her nipples, she let out a moan. Today she was wearing a short skirt, so I ran my hand to the bottom and put it inside, the sexy bitch was wearing hold ups as I felt the tops. Just then I heard someone approaching the next office and we broke our embrace.

We looked at each other and smiled and then we carried on with our work. I walked past her and groped her arse lifted her skirt up a bit and put my hand in her knickers and fingered her pussy then I smacked her arse. I then left and and thought nothing else of it.

Shortly after I was in my office when a rather large older bloke walked in,

"I'm Sam's husband" he said and closed the door.

"I've picked her up from work this morning she's in a right state what have you done to her?" He said.

"In what way?" I said.

"Look I'm going to cut straight to the chase, my wife fancies the fuck out of you.

She has done since she first saw you, she says you both get along so well, she's 20 years younger than me and I don't satisfy her, in fact I can't remember the last time we had sex. I have some health issues but it has always been a fantasy of mine to watch her have sex with another man. Sam knows this and I can't think of a better match for her than you" he said.

"Well I'm a bit surprised, but I do fancy Sam she's a great girl a lovely personality and cracking body. I'd like to help you out there, I'd love to fuck your wife, you want me to fuck her in front of you?" I said.

"Yes and as soon as, she's in a right state you've turned her right on today" he said.

Her husband's name was Pete.

"Look Pete as coincidence would have it I was about to do a site visit on a customer this afternoon that have cancelled, I can meet you guys at around 2pm, tell me where?".

"Our place" he said.

"Ok done" I said and shook hands with Pete.

"Oh just one thing David, Sam doesn't like condoms she would like to feel you, but don't cum inside her" he said.

Yeah right I thought there was no way I was pulling out, if I was going to fuck his wife with him watching I couldn't think of anything more erotic than giving her my seed in front of him and making him eat her out.

I'm a confident type of person and the next hour I had thoughts in my head what way to approach the situation.

Sam had told me he was into cheating wife porn, I was much taller than the both of them I'm 6ft 2" she's was at least a foot shorter he was only about 5ft 6". I was thinking that as this is what he wanted I was going to be quite dominant and fuck the shit out of his wife and had thoughts of taunting this Cuckold, this is what you wanted this is what you get. I left work and stopped off at a local Boots before I got to their place and bought a tube of KY jelly, if Sam was up for it I would fuck the sluts arse in front of her husband?

I got to their house and was greeted by Pete, I went in and there she was, Sam in a tight mini skirt, high heels and nude stockings, I could make out the belt and suspenders through her material, with Cuban heel seamed, she had redone her make up too, she looked hot, and slutty, she looked stunning. She was ready to be fucked, ready to cuckold her husband, ready for my cock and ready to take my cum in her pussy. Sam was sipping white wine.

“Beer or wine?” Said Pete.

“I’ll have a glass of wine please” I said.

He went to the kitchen, I went over to Sam we looked into each other’s eyes I could tell she fancied me, and then we kissed passionately with tongues. I felt up her skirt and felt her stockings and suspenders. Pete walked back into the living room with my wine and passed me my glass I took a gulp of wine and so did Sam.

“Take off your wife’s skirt and blouse” I ordered Pete. He did as he was told.

There she was in gorgeous underwear with nude seamed stockings, suspenders and a thong, she didn’t have a bra on and her pert tits were on show and she was turned on, her nipples erect.

I began to kiss and suck her tits, licking and gently biting her nipples, Sam let out a series of moans.

“Let’s take this to the bedroom” I said.

“Yes let’s” Said Sam.

Sam began to unbutton my shirt and kissed her way down my chest and stomach. She got on her knees and unbuttoned my fly and zip and took out my cock. I’m not huge just under 7 inches but never had any complaints, and it didn’t look as if Sam was disappointed.

“Wow” she said, then took a good look at Pete, smiled and opened her mouth and began to suck my cock. She pulled my foreskin back and took the head into her mouth, then licked up and down my shaft.

Pete had his little dick out must’ve been about 4-5 inches max and was masturbating while he watched his wife give me a blow job. She carried on for a couple of minutes and now and then took as much of my cock into her mouth and gagged, saliva coming from her mouth and coating my cock.

“Aagh yeah tastes good” she said, then withdrew her mouth from my cock, there was a string of her saliva and my pre-cum joining my cock to her mouth.

“Get over here and kiss your wife” I told Pete.

He got on his knees to join his wife and she began to snog and tongue her husband.

“Does my mouth taste different?” Said Sam.

“Yes” Said Pete.

“What does it taste of?” Said Sam.

“Cock” he said.

She then sucked my dick some more and alternated kissing her husband.

“Suck my balls Sam” I said.

She did as she was told and took each ball into her mouth then took the whole sac.

“Right it’s my turn I want to taste your pussy, take off her thong cuckold” Pete took off his wife’s underwear to show a sexy looking bald pussy, she looked wet and I couldn’t wait to lick her out.

I began to kiss and suck on her clit before running my tongue in her slit and poking it it in and out and tongue fucking her vagina, and I could feel her cum on my mouth.

I wanted to do something different and had a wicked thought, I wanted to show Pete how to fuck his wife but how low would she go in doing nasty things to me?

I got on their bed and lay on my back and brought my legs up exposing my cock and bum hole.

“Lick my ass Sam” I Said.

“Surely not” Said Pete.

I didn’t have to ask twice as my new lover Sam began to lick my ass, she did an excellent job of rimming my hole, flicking her tongue in and out of my bum.

It felt sexy as hell that she was eating my shit tube, “Sam now kiss Pete just like the blow job”. She pulled her face from my ass and made her face toward Pete but just before she did I said

“Fuck it, Pete get down on my ass”.

“Whaat no” he said.

“Get your fucking tongue and lick my ass you pathetic cuckold husband, do it before I force you into doing it”.

“Do it darling please it’ll turn me on” Said Sam.

Pete reluctantly began to taste my ass and rimmed me and put his tongue in my anus. Sam began to suck my cock, fuck me it was amazing, husband and wife giving me oral pleasures.

“Right enough I want to fuck you Sam” I said.

“Please I want your cock inside me now” she claimed.

We were all on the bed in the missionary position, I told Pete to hold her stockinged legs for me, she had pretty toenail art through her stockings. She also had loads of tattoos all over her body she was really sexy and quirky, why was she with this old fart?

I held my cock and put it to the entrance of her pussy, I looked to my side Pete was watching tentatively in anticipation of my cock disappearing into his wife’s married vagina.

“Go on fuck her fuck my wife” he said.

I nodded to Sam “You ready babe?”

“Yes fuck me Dave” she said.

With one gentle thrust my cock slid in easily into her moist love hole, she gasped and sighed and her eyes rolled.

I started to pump her with long strokes and could see her pussy juice coat my cock. Pete was sucking on one of Sam’s toes and tugging his inferior cock.

I then asked Sam if she’d like to try a different position, she agreed and I lay on my back and told her to mount me in reverse cowgirl. It was a great position and while holding her slim tummy with one hand the other was feeling her stocking tops as I penetrated her cunt. Pete just stood there watching and wanking.

“Get over here and lick your wife’s clit while I fuck her”.

Pete came over and began to suck and lick her clit while being fucked, every now and then I could feel his tongue on my dick, not intentional but inevitable in this cuckold threesome that would be contact.

I admit I enjoyed telling him to eat my ass and I also enjoyed that the married couple had a mouth on my ass and one on my cock in unison sharing the bull (me).

I pulled my cock out from her pussy and her husband started to immediately lick her out. I got up went to my jacket pocket which was on a chair in the bedroom and got out the tube of KY jelly. Then as Pete continued to taste my cock on his wife’s pussy, Sam looked over at me and saw what I had in my hand, she grinned sexily and lightly sniggered. Pete took his mouth off his wife’s pussy and looked up at me. I took some globs from the tube and lubed my entire length of my cock with it. Petes face went white when he saw what I was about to do.

“No you’re not are you?” He said

“Why don’t we ask your slut wife” I said.

“Sam where would you like my cock


“In my ass” she said.

I handed the lube to Pete.

“Get her ass ready for my cock”

He did as he was told and began to lube his wife’s ass ready for anal sexing.

I put Sam in the spooning position picked her right leg up in my arm so that her cuckold had a grandstand view of how to fuck a slut in the ass. I held my hard cock and gently eased it into her shit hole. The head went in first, then she gasped as she took the entire length up her anus.

I pumped her ass and just before my cock went in I noticed a little bump on her sphincter like a mini clit and I could tell from the sexing that this wasn’t Sam’s first anal experience. My wife has the same bump on her ass hole and she takes it up the ass good and proper.

As I fucked her ass I stuck two fingers in her pussy she was cumming over my hand, then I pulled them out and put it to her mouth, she sucked on them.

“I want to taste my wife’s pussy” said Pete and stuck his face and tongue in his wife’s love hole.

After a few minutes of her anal sexing I pulled out my cock and it gently plopped from her ass.

“Right cuckold come taste your wife’s ass”

This time there was no reluctance as Pete got down and took my cock into his mouth and cleaned his idea ass juice from my dick. He did a good cleanup to be fair and I had to take my cock away from him as he started to get into a real rhythm and I didn’t want to cum in the cuckolds mouth.

I told Sam to get on her knees and I was going to fuck her in the doggy position. I fucked get hard and fast and gently grabbed her hair, she had an orgasm and shook as I fucked the shot out of her from behind. I could hold back no longer and said that I was about to cum.

“Cum in my pussy I want it” Said Sam.

“What about you Cuckold you want me to pull out?” I Said.

“No cum in my wife’s pussy” Pete said.

“It’s s pity we weren’t 10 years younger I’d give her a baby” I said.

With that she thrust her ass back to meet my assault on her pussy and after about a minute I unloaded my sperm into her married pussy. Pete could tell what had just happened, we held our position for s couple of minutes while we came down from our erotic high. I pulled out my cock and Pete started to do a cleanup No2 on me. He only cleaned our juices off my cock then dove into his wife’s vagina, my sperm now dribbling out of Sam’s fanny. He lapped up all my cum from his wife, after a short while we discussed what had just happened and we all agreed that we wanted this again. I took Sam on as my lover and fucked the ass off her on our own and in front of Pete again lots of times. Other tales to tell hope you enjoyed.